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Bill Jones Diving the Tsunami
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BEFOREPhuket Thailand.  Fourteen recreational scuba divers completed a normal decent at Richelieu Rock on December 26, 2004 when an incredibly strong whirlpool swept divers deeper while separating the buddy teams. Creating unexpected havoc in a school of whale sharks and reducing visibility to poor, some of the divers began realizing that a huge wave had just gone over their dive site. All fourteen divers made safe ascents and found each other at the surface.

AFTERAt the same time at another dive site, an American scuba diver and her husband were oblivious to the extent of the disaster. Faye Wachs said she “had no idea what was going on until after they surfaced”. Their Divemaster received a text message from his wife suggesting the enormity of the situation. As the boat returned to shore, the Wachs saw bodies floating past them in this resort paradise.

Some divers at even other dive sites reported that they were below as the wave past over. They were so un-affected that they completed the dive and actually went on to make a second dive before the boat crew realized how widespread the devastation was. Some reefs suffered severe damage while others appear to be totally unchanged by the wrath of Mother Nature.

Photos to the right are the Andaman Scuba Dive Center before and after the Tsunami.

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