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Bill Jones HMAS Hobart Sinks in South Australia
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 HMAS Hobart
A project started in May 2000 finally became a reality in November 2002 when the HMAS Hobart was scuttled in 98 feet of water three miles off Warrina in Southern Australia.  It took two years to prepare the vessel for sinking in Yankalilla Bay.  Extensive work was required to ensure compliance with environmental and workplace regulations.

The ship is a guided missile destroyer, built in the United States in 1965, that provided 35 years of service to the Australian Defense Force.  The 436-foot long Hobart will develop an array of sponges, kelp, corals and fish to keep visiting divers fascinated.  The warship is intact sitting upright with its turrets and guns pointing skyward.

Certified divers with a Wreck specialty may enter the engine room, crews' quarters, the workshop, laundry and the missile launcher magazine.

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