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Bill Jones Open Water, The Movie
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Blanchard Ryan and Daniel Travis in Open Water, Photo by Laura LauLos Angeles California:  Still feeling the effects from the release of Stephen Spielberg's blockbuster movie JAWS (1975), the recreational dive industry may be in for another down-turn when Lions Gate Films presents Open Water (2004) splashing into theaters in selected cities on August 6.

Twenty divers board a boat with a divemaster and crewmembers for a hastily arranged scuba-diving vacation (obviously not a Bill Jones Cozumel Trip).  One of the crew counts the divers and declares that everyone is on-board.  “Based on true events”, the dive boat leaves two divers behind in the middle of the ocean.  The buddy-team’s only hope for survival is each other!

GQ magazine is calling it “the best shark movie since Jaws”.  Rolling Stone says “it’s the scariest movie since The Blair Witch Project”.  Entertainment Weekly claims “everyone with a heartbeat will be teased, haunted, and jolted”.

No computer graphics are used in the movie and our old friend Stuart Cove is back again bating the sharks throughout the production of the film.

Open Water will be in wide release on August 20.

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