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Bill Jones Bay Area Houston diver Rob Davie is Dead at 59
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Rob DavieFriendswood, Texas.  Rob Davie, IANTD Public Safety Diver Instructor Trainer, was killed April 22, 2006 off the coast of southern Egypt in the Red Sea in a diving accident involving an Inspiration Classic rebreather.  Davie, a decorated Viet Nam Air Force Combat Air Rescue Pilot, was also a member of the PADI family.  Commonly regarded as a rebreather expert, Davie was a popular moderator on RebreatherWorld.com.

While making a dive, following two morning dives, Davie released his weight belt and was seen switching to his open-circuit bail-out system at about 70 feet and making a rapid ascent.  He was seen surfacing and swimming toward the live-a-board's cover boat before he lost consciousness.  About ten minutes after the divers went down, the boat crew found Davie floating face down at the surface.

Davie began his professional career piloting international cargo and passenger airliners and would later serve as a police officer with the Long Beach Police Department.  In recent years, Davie was based in Houston with Continental Airlines piloting Boeing 777's on international flights.  He was also a reserve police officer for Spring ISD Police Department.

His brother Tom said at the memorial service, "There was no adventure that Rob didn't want to conquer.  Rob had nine lives, he just used them all up". 

Rob Davie is survived by his wife Sheryl, their son Sean, his brother Tom, and his mother Ethel.  In lieu of flowers, the family asks that contributions be made to Gulf Coast Search and Recovery, Attention:  Randy Faulkner, Box 362, Seabrook, Texas  77686.

On a personal note, Davie was one of those guys that everyone immediately liked.  He would greet you with a grin and make you feel as happy as he always seemed to be.  Like so many others that knew Rob, I was happy to call him a friend.

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