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Bill Jones Too Old to Dive?
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There are several standard questions that new students regularly ask me before signing up for their first class.  You probably know them:  How long can you stay down with one tank?  What do you do about those sharks?  How old can you be and still dive?

Certified divers know the answer to the first two, but many long time divers still wonder about how old can they be and continue to dive.

Mimi Chenault is a great grandmother and lives in the Colorado mountains.  For more than a decade, she has used her birthday as an excuse to try something that she has never done before.  She has been mountain climbing, riding snow cats, and recently graduated from the Littleton Colorado Citizens Police Academy.

So what's was left for her to do on her 81st birthday?  At a dive center in Englewood, Colorado, Mimi was joined by 14 of her friends and family as she challenged them to suit up, jump in, and breathe compressed air underwater.  Everyone had great fun blowing bubbles.  Mimi and several of her partygoers then engaged in scooter races in the pool.   Is Open Water class next?  When will she go diving?  Mimi joins Jacques Cousteau proving you're never too old to scuba dive.

Editor Note:  Bill Jones, The Scuba Guy, is a PADI Master Instructor and a Published and Award-Winning Writer

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