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Bill Jones A Scuba Love Story
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You Caught Me KissingLos Angeles California:   For more than fifty years, Dorothy Bridges wrote a love poem to television's SEA HUNT star Lloyd Bridges every Valentine's Day.  For this Valentine's Day 2005, she published the book "You Caught Me Kissing: A Love Story" ( Copyright 2005, ibooks, distributed by Simon & Schuster).

Dorothy, Beau, Cindy, Jeff at book signing,  2005The book is the story of the romantic saga of this legendary Scuba Diving Hollywood couple told through vignettes written by Beau, Cindy, and Jeff Bridges.  Loaded with family photos and Dorothy's poems, the book is a tribute to their life-long romance.

Dorothy Dean Simpson and Lloyd "Bud" Vernet Bridges were married in 1938 and remained so until Lloyd died in 1998, almost 60 years!  Lloyd Bridges once remarked, "My career . . . didn't happen that easy.  Thought I'd never get in the door.  But I married someone who had faith in me.  That's where a good marriage comes in".  Dorothy and Lloyd exchanged vows again for their 50th wedding anniversary.

Dorothy Bridges, matriarch of this famous Scuba Diving family, is known as "Dotty" to her friends. But inside the family, she is affectionately known as "The General".

Dorothy continues to write her Valentine's Day love poems each year.

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