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Jessica Biel Earns PADI Certification

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This site contains scuba News, Weather, SEA HUNT Trivia, and History Timeline for Scuba Divers and to people interested in becoming certified Scuba Divers.

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Sea Hunt TV Many Scuba divers today will admit that their first real interest in the sport was because of SEA HUNT, a first-run syndicated TV series originally broadcast between 1958 and 1961. In the show, Mike Nelson (Lloyd Bridges) is a crime solving Scuba Diver. In the real world, most divers just enjoy the beauty and magic of the water and aquatic life.
Sony / Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer has made SEA HUNT available at major DVD retailers.  Do not confuse these DVD's with poor quality pirate DVD's offered on some websites.

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Learn about the history and evolution of Diving with the Scuba Timeline.  See the role Clear Lake City in Houston has played in diving history.  Where do you fit in the timeline?

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