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Six-Piece Burrs
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Puzzle Name: 139 Burr
Type: Six-Piece Burr
Number of Pieces: 6
Design By: Bill Cutler (1989)
Made By: Jerry McFarland
Material: Red Oak
Size: 4 inches
Availability: May be available in 2015
Price: $35 (subject to change)
When analyzing a puzzle to see if it comes apart, one has to keep track of all the different 'states' to which the pieces can be shifted. While running the computer analysis of all 6-piece burrs, I kept track of the largest number of states that a 6-piece burr could have without coming apart. That number is 139. I took the simplest of these designs and told Jerry McFarland to make it. He came up with a great way to construct it.

This was my souvenir puzzle at the 10th International Puzzle Party.

Six-Piece Burrs
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