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Six-Piece Burrs
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Puzzle Name: Holey Astigmatism
Type: Six-Piece Burr
Number of Pieces: 6
Design By: Bill Cutler (1994)
Made By: Stewart Coffin
Material: Cherry
Size: 3 inches
Availability: Discontinued
Stewart Coffin started making 6-piece burrs with pieces which did not follow the normal orthogonal rules. This restricts the number of ways that the pieces can be rotated, so limits the number of 'assemblies'. I dug up a level-7 notchable 6-piece burr design from my computer analyses which did not have a unique solution. When made with the slanted pieces, it does have a unique solution.

This was my souvenir puzzle at the 14th International Puzzle Party.

Six-Piece Burrs
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