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Miscellaneous Puzzles
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Puzzle Name: Jerrymander
Type: Miscellaneous Puzzle
Number of Pieces: 32
Design By: Bill Cutler (2012)
Made By: Laser Perfect and Pavel's Puzzles
Material: wood and plastic
Size: 4.25 inches
Availability: Available now
Price: $40
The 32 pieces in this puzzle are all the possible combinations of a square, right-triangle, and 1-2-sqrt(5) triangle. They fit into a square in 3412 different ways. In this puzzle, the pieces are divided into four colors. The 'presentation' solution is a 4-color solution (no two pieces of the same color touch at more than a point). You must rearrange the pieces so that all the pieces of the same color are connected. The resulting shapes are unusual, as in gerrymandered voting districts.

The 4-color and connected solutions are unique with this coloring. In the connected solution, the 1-2-sqrt(5) triangles are all oriented the same way.

This was my souvenir puzzle at the 32th International Puzzle Party.

Miscellaneous Puzzles
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