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Rectilinear Burrs
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Puzzle Name: S/M 24
Type: Rectilinear Burr
Number of Pieces: 24
Design By: Bill Cutler (1987)
Made By: Jerry McFarland
Material: Walnut -or- Walnut, Maple and Cherry
Size: 4-1/2 inches
Availability: May be available in 2015
Price: $125 (subject to change)
For most burr shapes, such as the 6-piece burr, if you have no internal holes, then the first piece that moves will come out all the way. This is because the burr shape is 'rectilinearly convex'. This is not true for the standard 24-piece burr shape. I decided to design a 24-piece burr in which:

1) there are no internal holes
2) the pieces are all notchable
3) many moves are required to remove the first piece

Here is the result of several weeks of design effort, using computer programs to assist in the process. It takes 7 moves to remove the first piece.

Rectilinear Burrs
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