Bill Emmerich

Ypsilanti, Michigan

"Eagle" Emmerich


I would like to thank all of our energized volunteers for helping our campaign coverage of eastern Washtenaw and getting out the vote. 


Along with helping my campaign, you also helped the top of the ticket!  Thank you very much for all your efforts to assist all our candidates.


I know you know that I am a realist about my expectation to win, so, though it didn't happen, we gave it a good effort and remained optimistic about helping all candidates with a good turnout.  


We got the word out that Republicans are a growing force to be reckoned with, and got the vote out.  


In a way I am relieved to have that behind me. Sure, I am still on the  GOP Executive Committee, but it is too soon to consider running again.


Thank you all very much!

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Bill Emmerich




 Campaign Phone Number:  734-922-3797

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