Bill Emmerich

Ypsilanti, Michigan

Enough About Me

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I am very proud to call myself a Michigander!


I was raised in a small town in southeast Michigan, graduating all 200 from my high school class, and I think all went to college.  I earned a Navy ROTC scholarship and I selected the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor to do my studies. [I had a great experience with the Navy life as well].  I graduated as an Industrial and Operations Engineer (sometimes known as efficiency engineering).  With that, I worked on time studies, budgeting, auditing, and Return On Investment proposals and reviews.


I used computers to a great extent to crunch the numbers, and seeing the great opportunity, I got a job working with personal computers as they were just taking off.   My technical and communications skills lead to a management position with a Computer City/Inacomp, where I accepted a regional position as support manager for their brand new Chicago territory.  It was exciting to be an integral part of start-up, with an explosive growth plan.  I was hiring and training staff for the new company and franchise stores.  We grew from zero to 10, full-support stores, in less than 2 years.  One store right downtown!


While Chicago leveled off, I took an opportunity to return to Ann Arbor, and after various consulting jobs, I settled down to work for a fabulous company, for almost 15 years now,  A & D Technology, Inc.  where I am today, as Information Technology Manager.   At A&D, we develop World Class test equipment technology for battery, engine, and powertrain testing, and other high technology products for research.


My ideas matured as I became real world educated, having working in, and eventually owning private sector businesses.  Still, just a hard working guy, providing real goods and services.


It is very nice to settle into the neighborhood where I live now in Ypsilanti.  People are nice and seem to still have a strong sense of community, personal responsibility and civility.  Even in these tough times. 


I considered myself an independent thinker and voter to this day, but in reflection, I had been voting conservatively. 


I am looking forward to meeting a great many more of you in the campaigning days ahead.  Please volunteer to help me - by mentioning my name to a friend and a neighbor, and talk with a busy corner owner for a yard sign for me.


Thank you for taking the time to know me better, and remember to vote.

Bill Emmerich