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Pinetop Perkins & Billy Branch at the Hayward/Russell City Blues Festival.

Critic's Comments

"Wow! Everybody's still talking about your performance last Friday. We took a poll after the Festival and your set was overwhelmingly the favorite. In fact, many feel (myself included) that your set may have been the best in the eight years of the event..."

Banks Conditt / King Biscuit Blues Festival

"Billy Branch works miracles with a harmonica... he's one of Chicago's hot blues musicians..."

Ann Taubeneck / Chicago Sun Times

"Branch is a stunning talent, and in this writer's opinion, the most exciting harmonica player anywhere today..."

John Rutherford / Calgary Tonite

"When Billy Branch jumped into the audience the Chinese went wild and lost all of their discipline. They jump, shout, and whistle."

Der Spiegel Magazine

"Major construction went on at the last River City Music Society event... there was a groove twenty feet wide and a mile deep right in the middle of the Highland House. The men behind the demolition... The Sons Of Blues..."

Rob Robson / River City News

"Billy's ability to bring personal conviction to everything he plays sets him apart from many of his contemporaries..."

David Whiteis / Chicago Reader

"He has become the most in-demand session player appearing on at least 50 albums..."

Chris Dell / Drum Media Jazz and Blues Magazine

"Drummer Moses Rutues lays it down hard and heavy with immaculate precision while never losing touch with the feel and dynamics of the band."

John Rutherford / Calgary Tonite

"Branch can play a sweet, singing, melodic harp but stands out for sheer force of his blowing. He never worries about bothering the purists with a little R & B or funky stuff."

Roger Levesque / Edmonton Journal