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I've recently been able to acquire some old equipment from my early days in ham radio and I'm recreating the station that I used as a novice in 1963.

I started as a Short Wave Listener with a Knight Kit Space Spanner that I bought for $7 from my good friend Craig Risovi, who got me started in this hobby with help on an 8th grade science project. We later became novices together, he with the call WN9FRP (the Funny Running Pygmy) and me with WN9HVQ. Unfortunately, he soon moved to Texas and we lost touch with each other.

In addition to that Space Spanner, the station consisted of a Harvey Wells TBS-50C transmitter and a Lafayette HE-30 receiver, along with a J-38 straight key. Shortly after I passed my General and obtained more priveleges, my folks gave me an Eico 722 VFO which my father helped me build.

I've also been collecting some old keys and bugs.

Here are pictures of the various pieces. I'm currently working on a pair of Eico 723 transmitters, an Eico 720 transmitters, and a WRL Globe Scout 680. I'll add pictures of those as the project comes together...

Click on the links below to see the old gear:

Knight Kit Space Spanner

Harvey Wells TBS-50C

Lafayette HE-30

Eico 722 VFO

Dad helping to build my VFO

Some of my old gear and keys

J-38 Straight Key

Not part of the original station, an acquisition from Bulgaria

A "Learner Telegraph Set" known as a "Key on Board"

Instruction diagram for "Learner Telegraph Set

Vibroplex S/N 83017, circa 1921

Another Vibroplex, missing name-plate, but looks like a J-36, circa 1941

An old tear-drop key - as found

The tear-drop key, cleaned up