Birtcher Family Geneology

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	My brother Bob has been researching the Birtcher geneology for a long time.  He has accumulated some 6,000+ 
	entries in his database, tracing many of the branches.  This page will be devoted to a narrow section of that
	database, the direct Birtcher line.  Bob would be happy to share the rest of it, drop him a line.  The following
	information was obtained from one of our aunts:

	In the early 18th century, an 11 year old girl was shipwrecked on her way to America.  Cornelia Russell was 
	rescued, and adopted on board by a family named Newcomb.

	Later, she married a Thomas Newcomb and had a daughter named Mae, who in turn, married Hubert Newcomb, 
	relationship unknown.  Thomas died in the state of Delaware in 1793 at the age of 84.  Mae and Hubert had a 
	daughter, first name currently unknown, who married a Mr. Stephenson and had a son, James.

	James Stephenson, a grandson of Mae and Hubert, married Elizabeth Light on January 4, 1791.  Their son Hubert 
	married (name currently unknown) and had a daughter Maria, born in Delaware about 1807.

	Maria, daughter of Hubert Stephenson, married her cousin William Birtcher.  William was born about 1800 
	in Sussex County Delaware.  
	William and Maria had a son Robert James Birtcher, born 17 March 1860 in Pomeroy, Ohio.
	On 29 May 1879, Robert J married Mary Gloeckner, who was born 11 April 1858 
	in Doanville, Ohio.  They're shown with their family on the front porch of the family house in Doanville, Ohio.

	Robert and Mary had a son Frank Allen, who was born on 25 Feb 1897, in Doanville, Ohio.
	Here is another picture of Frank as a young man.  On 23 Dec 1916, Frank married
	Sarah Elizaeth Betts (b. 1898) and had a son, Robert William - my father, on 18 Oct 1917 in Nelsonville, Ohio.  
	In addition to Robert, Frank and Sarah had Walter Edward(18 Nov 1919), James Arthur (3 Jun 1921), 
	Ernest Leroy (b. 6 Dec 1922, d. 25 Dec 1922), Dora Isabel (29 Jan 1924), and Mary Elizabeth (23 May 1925), 
	shown here in 1928.  Shortly after their father died in 1927, Sarah placed the kids in MooseHeart, in Indiana.
	She died in 1929.  They are buried in the cemetery at Pomeroy, Ohio.  Here is a picture of their headstone.
	Additional pictures of my parents, their siblings, and my family can be seen on the 
	Birtcher Family page.