Our Grandson Cameron's Page
Cameron was born on November 20, 2000
I'll add pictures periodically as he grows...
(This page was last updated 9/23/03)

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Click on the links below to see some pictures of him:

Cameron, with Mom & Dad

Cam and homegrown Pumpkin; 9/03

Cam, with Grandpa Bill; 8/03

Cam, with Grandma & Grandpa; 8/03

Cameron, playing cards; 8/03

Cameron, first day at school; 8/03

Cameron, with Dad & Grandma; 8/03

Cameron, Easter 2003

Cameron, Easter 2003

Cameron, just turned 2, 11/30/02

Cameron, coloring, 11/28/02

New toy from Christy & Mike, 11/28/02

Playing with Daddy, 11/28/02

Cool new hat, 11/27/02

Modeling the new outfit, 11/27/02

Playing with Lofty, 11/27/02

Cameron, at the St Louis Zoo with Dad, 4/19/02

Cameron, with the Monkees, 4/02

Watching the Flamingos, 4/02

You big ape, 4/02

With Great Grandma Nina and Cousin Madison, 4/02

Cameron, the charmer, 4/02

Cameron, Thumbs up!, 4/02

Cameron, Going for the chair, 4/02

Cameron,with his dad Jeff and my brother Bob; 4/02

Cameron, with his mom Crista and Bob's wife Maureen; 4/02

Cameron with Aunt Maureen; 4/02

Cameron, the gambler; 4/02

Jeff and Cameron, Chillin'; 4/02

Crista, Cameron and Jeff, 12/01

Cameron, the farmer, 8/01

Cameron, fetchin the water, 8/01

Cameron and his Dad Jeff, 6/01

Cameron with Aunt Christy, 6/01

Cameron with Aunt Katey, 6/01

Cameron with Grandma Joyce, 6/01