Installing the tower in K1EV's backyard
(This page was last updated 06/10/02)
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Click on the links below to see the steps in the project:

Tower base in the hole

Initial check - first section

Jin pole used to hoist the remaining tower sections

Close up of the attachment

After several sections raised

2-Meter beam at 45-Feet

The replacement antenna - 10/15/20/40 meters

The Big Yagi, viewed from the top

The Big Yagi, on the guide ropes

The Big Yagi on the way up

K1EV with the Big Yagi

K1EV on top - closeup

A final adjustment

In place and ready to go

The 2-meter beam is back up at 55-feet; you can also see the 2-meter vertical to the right, and the 40/80 inverted vee.