K1EV's Story
(This page was last updated 02/25/04)

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		Born in Indiana, I grew up in Illinois and was first licensed in 1963 as WN9HVQ.  
		After graduating from the University of Illinois in 1971, I came to the University 
		of Massachusetts for graduate school, where I met Joyce.  Deciding that Id be 
		staying in New England for quite a while, I picked up the call WA1RFM.

		After graduate school and marriage, we settled in New London, CT where I started 
		working for the Naval Undersea Systems Center and Joyce started teaching high 
		school math.  We soon moved to Bermuda, where I worked at the Navys deep water 
		acoustic research station.  We spent five wonderful years there and started our family.
		I made thousands of contacts as WA1RFM/VP9.  We returned to Gales Ferry, CT in 1979 
		with Jeff and Christy.  Katey came along in 1983.

		I retired from my civil service job in November, 2003 and now work for a
		small engineering firm - Chesapeake Sciences Corporation, in the field of
		submarine sonar sensor development.

		Jeff is married to Crista and they have a son, Cameron born on
		November 20, 2000 and a daughter, Kennedy born on August 14, 2003.  Christy
		graduated from Williams College and is now living and working in Providence, RI. 
		On November 14, 2001, she gave birth to Ariel Hope who was adopted 
		by a wonderful couple who now live in Cincinatti, OH.  Katey is in her third year at Cornell.
		You can see photos of various folks on my Family and Friends Page. 

		I picked up the call K1EV several years ago, in honor of my dear friend 
		from Bermuda, George - W4EV.  George was my boss while I worked in 
		Bermuda.  He and his wife Frances lived behind us and were like a second
		set of parents to us.  George has moved from Falls Church, Va to Kent, CT so we'll see 
		him fairly regularly, though not as often as we'd like.  You can see some
		pictures of George on my Family and Friends Page.
		I currently ride is a 1994 Honda Gold Wing Interstate, on which I have 
		mounted an Alinco DR-135 and a 1/2 wave antenna.  Hamming at home
		involves QRP, CW, and DX-hunting, mostly all at the same time.  My favorite 
		part of the spectrum is the low end of 40 meters.  I've installed 50 feet of
		tower, one I formerly used during our stay in Bermuda.  You can see how that 
		project went on the Tower Page.  Although I now operate
		QRP most of the time, there are occasions when higher power is needed.  I've
		recently completed building an Elecraft amplifier and automatic antenna tuner 
		to go with my K2.  The amp and tuner are mounted in a separate enclosure
		so I can still pack the K2 for a quick QRP getaway.  Photos of that project
		can be seen on my Elecraft Page.  When time permits, I also like to putter
		around with older pieces of equipment - affectionately known as	"Boat anchors" 
		for their size and weight.  Photos of my current collection can be seen on the
		Boat Anchor Page.