501  NW7      lOSHWIM    14CAV 30-117

 Scenario Replay 

Dolan (US) VS Eastep (Germans)

 Eight Turn 16 AM Scenario

16 AM Turn

German Turn:

The German attacks:

1.  276/988, 276/987, 276/988, 212/316, 408 art vs 4/12 at 18-8, 2-1, 1-1 (river), -1 er Result: D2

2.  FJ 5/15, FJ 5/13, 212/423, 8Vw, 406 art vs 9/CCA at 28-14, 2-1, 1-1 (river), -1 er
Result: D2

3.  FJ 5/14, 212/320, 18Vw, 353/924 vs 28/109 at 21-10, 2-1, 1-1 (river), -1 er
Result: CA

4.  Lehr/Recon, 2/2 Pz, 26/39, 2/3, 15Vw, 766 Art vs 28/110 at 41-10, 4-1, 3-1 (river), possible surprise, 26/78 constructing bridge 
Result: No Surprise, ENG

5. 2/304, 62/183, 7Vw, 116/16, 116/156, 16Vw vs 28/112 possible surprise*** US 333 arty @ 38-9 4-1
Result: No Surprise, D3

6. 116/60, 62/164, 401 art vs 106/424 at *** US 174 arty 14-9 = 1-1  1-2(rough), possible surprise
Result: Surprised, SU

7. Lehr/130, Lehr/901, Lehr/902, 18/294, 18/295, FJ 3/9 vs 14 AC *** US 402 arty @ 34-10 = 3-1  2-1 (rough), possible surprise
Result: Surprised, D3

8. 277/990, 4Vw, 277/991, 9Vw, 402 art vs 99/393 at 25-5, 5-1, 4-1 woods
Result: 1D1

9. 12/27, 12/89, FJ 3/5, 388 art vs 99/394 at 21-5, 4-1, 3-1 (woods)
Result: ENG

10. 326/752, 326/753, 17Vw, 326/751, 405 art vs 99/395 *** US 406 arty @ 21-10 = 4-1  3-1 (rough)  
Result: SU

EOT 16AM German North

                                                                       EOT 16AM German North
                                                       EOT 16AM German South
German Player Comments:

About the only thing I usually hope for in my opening attacks by the 7th Army is a firefight or two, particularly against the 9/CCA, and maybe engaging the 28/109.  Didn't happen in this game, but not a showstopper.
   The engaged against the 28/110 was annoying, but could prove to be to my benefit depending on how well the Allies are able to adjust their defense to that situation.  The good news-bad news with the other 5th Army attacks is that I've got four Allied units surrounded, but the bad news is that it's going to delay be a turn killing them off.  I usually don't make much headway with the 6th Army attacks on the first turn, and this game is no exception.  Not a lot of punch until the SS Panzer Corps enters the fray.

Overall, I'm not unsatisfied with the first turn results.  Just how good or bad they may actually be probably won't be known until we see what happens in the 16 pm turn.

American Turn:

Movement only

                                                                      EOT 16AM American North
                                                                      EOT 16AM American Center    
                                                       EOT 16AM American South

   American Player Comments:

Guys, here's the US move.  I don't feel very good about this anymore.  I'm going to be losing a lot of units this turn.  Whether or not their loss buys me some tiime remains to be seen.There are so many holes to plug and now I'm going to be missing a lot of units that are badly needed.  Next turn brings Peiper into the fight and that is something that is going to threaten to blow the entire north up.  I hope for a couple of good drs this turn or this could be the shortest replay in history.The center is going to be very weak in the coming turns but the area near St Vith is being held with arty, never a good thing.

Neutral Commentator Player Comments:

 Dan's fear is a typical reaction for many Allied Players in DBW, but not necessarily well founded this early in the game, particularly with the mixed combat results Roger had on his opening combat. Dan did a nice job of locking up the northern shoulder for the time being. That blown bridge in front of Clervaux is going to slow down the Germans. The long reach of the Yank artillery in St. Vith will serve well on the defense. The positioning of 28/109, however, is a two-edged sword. It does prevent a surrounded attack on 28/110, but leaves 28/109 in an awkward position. Dan might have done better to just write off the Bloody 110th, as I suspect he is going to lose a unit in the vicinity of Hosingen, regardless. Next game-turn will be very important, as both sides prep for a possible Peiper breakout.


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