Deluxe Bitter Woods,

4th Edition

***2012 DBW BPA PBEM Tournament In Progress!!***

2014 Deluxe Bitterwoods Campaign Game Ladder Rules and Rungs

NEW***6 Turn 16AM Scenario Replay***NEW

Tournament Results

Campaign Game Ladder Results

BPA PBEM Events Results 

WBC Results

 AHIKS Battle of the Bulge Theme Tournament Results 

Bitter Woods AREA Rankings

Misc Information

Deluxe Bitter Woods PBEM procedure

DBW Default PBeM Error Resolution

* New* Erasing The Bulge Scenario Information *New*

L2 Design Group

***Patton's Relief of Bastogne Tournament Scenario Special Rules ***

Bitter Woods Questions and Answers

Examples of Play, Part 1

**New** Examples of Play, Part 2 **New**

Boardgame Players Association

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Upgated 8/28/2012

Game Design - Randy Heller

Game Artwork - Mark Simonitch

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