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 Scenario Replay 

Dolan (US) VS Eastep (Germans)

Six Turn 16 AM Scenario

Scenario Information

The 6 turn scenario begins on the 16 December AM turn, the beginning of the Ardennes Offensive, The Battle of the Bulge. The last turn of the game is the 18 December PM turn.


Victory Conditions: The German player wins by achieving three or more Victory Points, VPs. The allied player wins if the German player does not achieve for VPs.

Victory Points are as follows:

Capture a Fuel Dump

Capture Bastogne

Capture Noville

Capture Stoumont

Capture Stavelot

Capture Trois Ponts

Capture Eupen

Capture Neufchateau

Capture Parkers Crossroads (hex 2417)

Capture a bridgehead across the Ourthe River (hex 2722, 3023, or 3126)

Capture Spa

Eliminate 12 or more Allied units

Have lost 3 or fewer non-infantry class units.


Automatic German Victory: This occurs if the German player exits off the map (west of the Meuse River) three supplied mechanized units, one of which is a Panzer Regiment.

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