In 1884 John Kimlinger and his wife Maria, with their 3 young sons, and John's uncle Mathias Gerthen, left their native Germany and immigrated to America. They joined thousands of other Germans who came looking for a better life. From 1880 to 1885 nearly one million Germans immigrated to America. They left because of political, economic and religious turmoil. The United States offered peace and opportunity. John and his family left the small village of Baldringen, near the city of Trier,  in the Southwest of Germany. They stayed briefly in Ohio and then on to Madison, Wisconsin, where they lived for the next 8 years. In 1892 they settled on an 80 acre farm just outside of Watkins, Minnesota. That farm remained in the family for the next 55 years.

John was 45 years old and Maria was 47 in 1884. Mathias, age 66 and retired, accompanied them and lived with them until his death in 1907. The 3 boys were Peter Paul age 9, John Peter age 8, and Nicholas August age 5.

John and Maria were devout Roman Catholics with a strong work ethic. I don't know if they necessarily found the better life that they were looking for, but we their descendants, are the beneficiaries of their struggles, courage and faith.

Contained in these pages is a history of the Kimlinger family in America. We now number in the hundreds and live in at least 15 states. Peter had 9 sons and a daughter in Minnesota. He raised his family on the family farm near Watkins, MN. His children produced 34 grandchildren. John had 3 sons and a daughter. They moved to Minneapolis in 1925. He had 12 grandchildren. Nicholas moved west in 1909, living first in Tacoma, Washington and then settling in Mt. Angel, Oregon in 1919. He had 5 sons, 5 daughters and 38 grandchildren. His descendants now live primarily on the west coast from California to Alaska.





John Kimlinger and family

(photo taken about 1900, top row - Nicholas, John Jr. and Peter, bottom row - Matthias Gerthen, John and Maria)



The Kimlinger Family Farm

(watercolor from a photo)

The following pages have records of the families of John and Maria, and of their sons and wives, Peter &  Theresa, John & Katharina and Nicholas & Wilhelmina. There are pages with photos, maps, funeral cards and obituaries. There is an e-mail that I received from Antonia Kimmling of Germany in April 2001, in which she explains the derivation of the family name. Thanks to research done by Joe Kimlinger of Willernie, MN and Hermann Becker of Trier, Germany, we have a record of the 7 paternal generations preceding John, dating back to the year 1600.

Page 1 John's parents, pateral ancestors and church records
Page 2 John, Maria and family
Page 3 Peter and Theresa's children and grandchildren
Page 4 John P. and Katharina's children and grandchildren
Page 5 Nicholas and Wilhelmina's children and grandchildren
Page 6 The Kimlinger family origin and name
Page 7 John and Maria's funeral cards
Page 8 Photos of Peter, John and Nicholas
Page 9 Headstones
Page 10 Photos of John and his sisters
Page 11 John's Certificate of Citizenship
Page 12 John P. and Katharina wedding and children's photos, Katharina's funeral card and headstone
Page 13 John P. and Katherine family photos, Katherine's obituary
Page 14 John P. photos
Page 15 Nicholas and Wilhelmina wedding and family photos
Page 16 Nicholas and Wilhelmina's funeral cards, obituaries and headstone
Page 17 Peter and Theresa wedding and family photos
Page 18 Peter and Theresa obituaries
Page 19A Peter and Theresa family - wedding portraits  5 photos

Page 19B Wedding portraits next 5 photos

Page 20 WWII service photos
Page 21 Theresa, sons and Sister Theresa 1966 family photo
Page 22 Norbert and Veronica wedding, family photos and headstone
Page 23 Alois and Inez photos
Page 24 Visitors from the west 1961 photo
Page 25 Trier, Germany and photo of Kimmlinger Strasse 
Page 26 The Kimlinger Family Farm

Page 27 Watkins, Minnesota

Page 28 St. Joseph, our protector

This site was created by Bruce Kimlinger of North St. Paul, Minnesota. I can be contacted by e-mail at . Please pass on the location of this page to other family members. Feel free to download any photo you would like from this site. If you have additional history, corrections or updates, other information or photos that I can add to this page, please contact me by e-mail. Most of the information contained on these pages has been gathered from other people's research, including Bernice Kimlinger's compilation done in about 1981. I have found some inaccuracies and contradictions in the original records of the 19th century. I cannot guarantee complete accuracy of these records. Please send me any corrections that you have.


My thanks to all who have contributed information or photos. They are:

Betty Kimlinger (wife of Werner), St. Helena, CA
Shirley Kimlinger (wife of Raymond), Canby, OR
William (son of Raymond) and Melinda Kimlinger, Jefferson City, MO
Rosemary Kimlinger (wife of Ralph), Douglas, AK
Kathryn (Kimlinger) Koppy, Paynesville, MN
Kathleen (Koppy) Ziegler (daughter of Kathryn), Paynesville, MN
Rose Kimlinger (wife of Ronald), Gainesville, FL
Joseph Kimlinger, Willernie, MN
Eleanor (Kimlinger) Huna, St. Paul, MN
Tom Kimlinger, White Bear Lake, MN
Greg Kimlinger, White Bear Lake, MN
Rosemary (Kimlinger) Weiser, St. Cloud, MN
Kathleen (Kimlinger) Weis, Pequot Lakes, MN
Jenny (Weis) Zayas (daughter of Kathleen), St. Cloud, MN
Carol (Kimlinger) Weis, St. Cloud, MN
Marie (Kimlinger) Hinson, Rochester, MN
Marty Berbach (desc. of Margaretha Kimmlinger Britz), Sacramento, CA
Lee August (daughter of Walbert Kimlinger), Bend, OR

Michael Kimmlinger, Trier, Germany

Antonia Kimmling, Germany

Hermann Joseph Becker, Trier, Germany

Michael Becker, Trier, Germany

Clara Kimlinger, Hastings, MN

Noreen (Kimlinger) Brown, Hastings, MN

Kathleen Zuniga (daughter of Edwina Kimlinger Traviss), Haymarket, VA

Jim Kimlinger, St. Paul, MN

Herbert Jakoby, Dusseldorf, Germany


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