bullet Catherine Walden

She was married to Christopher Warren Bellows.

bullet Emma Belle Walker was born on 26 Apr 1863 in Bloomington, IL. (24) She died on 2 Oct 1929 in Wayne, NE. (24)

She was married to William Elijah Darius Bellows on 29 Dec 1881 in Livingston Co., IL. (24) Children were: Lester Roy Bellows .

bullet Harvey Walker

He was married to Phebe S. Bellows on 22 Apr 1841 in Brookfield, MA.(3059) (3060)

bullet Hezekiah Ward was born on 6 Oct 1725 in Paxton, Worcester, MA. (472) He died on 11 May 1802 in Paxton, Worcester, MA. (472) Parents: Hezekiah Ward and Abigail Perry.

He was married to Hannah Bellows on 7 Jun 1749 in Southboro (Worcester), MA.(3061)

bullet Rebecca Warrin died on 14 Oct 1822 in Westborough, MA. (3062)

She was married to Simeon Bellows on 10 Apr 1766 in Westborough, MA.(3063) Children were: Daniel Bellows, Asel Bellows, Molly Bellows, Eli Bellows, Daniel Bellows, Hannah Bellows, Asahel Bellows, Ithemur Bellows.

bullet Carolyn Waters was born in 1927.(3064)

She was married to Allan R. Bellows. (3065) Children were: Bradford R. Bellows , John A. Bellows, Janet Bellows.

bullet Lillie M. Watts was born in May 1885 in PA.(3066) (3067) Parents: Frederick C. Watts and Deliva S. <unknown>.

She was married to Seymour Bellows.(3068) Children were: Haldene Bellows, Pauline Bellows, Charles Fredrick Bellows, Liston Bellows, Maxwell Bellows.

bullet William H. Wayne

He was married to Cora Josephine Bellows on 25 Dec 1877 in Seneca Falls (Seneca), NY.(4) (3069)

bullet Audrey Jean Webster

She was married to Harry Jonas Bellows on 18 Dec 1948 in Eaton Rapids, Eaton, MI.(3070) Children were: John Webster Bellows, Jenny Sue Bellows, Harry Greg Bellows.

bullet Polly Weed was born on 8 Mar 1792 in NY. She died on 16 Oct 1865.

She was married to Stillman Bellows. (43) Children were: Susan Bellows, Alonzo Bellows, Lafayette Bellows, Asa Bellows, John B. Bellows, Calvin Bellows, Ward Bellows, William Bellows.

bullet Charles Weeks

He was married to Charlotte Bellows.

bullet <unknown> Wells

He was married to Susan Bellows. (346)

bullet Benjamin F. Wells was born on 4 Jan 1836.(3071) He died in 1874.(3072)

He was married to Sophronia Eliza Bellows on 19 Jan 1859.(3073)

bullet Ephraim Wesson

He was married to Lucretia Bellows [twin] on 2 May 1829 in Shrewsbury, MA.(3074)

bullet Ephraim Wetherbe

He was married to Joanna Bellows.

bullet Thankful Wetherbee was born on 10 May 1703.(3075) She died on 6 Jun 1750.(3076)

She was married to Isaac Bellows Jr. on 14 Sep 1725 in Marlborough, MA.(3077) (3078) Children were: Thankful Bellows, Isaac Bellows III, Jotham Bellows, Abner Bellows, Jonas Bellows, Deborah Bellows, Ezekiel Bellows, Timothyus Bellows [twin], Silas Bellows [twin], Joseph Bellows.

bullet John M. Wheaton was born on 17 May 1794.(3079) He died in 1880.(3080)

He was married to Susan S. Bellows in 1820. (3081) Children were: Alice Wheaton, Charles Wheaton, Susanna Wheaton, Elizabeth Wheaton, Esther A. Wheaton, Amelia Wheaton, Eva Wheaton.

bullet William Jennings Wheeldon

He was married to Elizabeth Burnham Bellows on 29 Nov 1933.(64)

bullet Polly Wheeler was born in 1780 in MA.(1397) She died on 5 Jul 1854 in Clarendon, Orleans, NY. (1397)

She was married to Jotham Bellows Jr. on 4 Aug 1800 in Warren, Worcester, MA. (3082) Children were: David Bellows, Porter Bellows, Susan Bellows, Joseph Cheney Bellows [twin], George Washington Bellows [twin], Permelia Bellows, Martha Bellows, Caroline Bellows, Ralph Bellows, Jonas G. Bellows, Rebecca Bellows, Mary Ann Bellows, Jotham Bellows, Edward N. Bellows, Peter Bellows.

bullet Sally Wheelock was born on 27 Feb 1798 in Medfield, MA. (3083) Parents: Seth Wheelock and Susannah Jerauld.

She was married to Ward Bellows on 2 Jan 1823. (43) Children were: Horatio Jerauld Bellows , Susannah Jerauld Bellows, Hamlet Clinton Bellows, Henry Ward Bellows, Marietta Bellows, Susannah Jerauld Bellows, Sarah Frances Bellows.

bullet Asa Whitaker

He was married to Orrilla Bellows .

bullet John W. White

He was married to Catherine Adelia Bellows .

bullet Lovice White

She was married to Elijah Bellows on 3 Sep 1798 in Rockingham, VT.(3084) Children were: Quartus G. Bellows, Eveline Bellows.

bullet Hannah Whitney

She was married to Joseph Bellows Jr. on 15 Jan 1785 in Shrewsbury, MA.(3085)

bullet Hiram Geino Whitney was born on 25 Jun 1847.(3086) He died on 19 Jun 1910.(3087)

He was married to Nettie Elizabeth Bellows on 10 May 1877.(3088) Children were: Rupert Whitney, Mabel Eunice Whitney, Miriam Audrey Whitney, Elizabeth Whitney.

bullet Lois Whitney was born in Sep 1743.(3089) She died on 26 Mar 1834 in Walpole, Cheshire, NH. (3090) Parents: Capt. Salmon Whitney and Sarah <unknown>.

She was married to Joseph Bellows on 3 Oct 1764 in Lunenburg, MA.(3091) Children were: Salmon Bellows, Salmon Bellows , John Bellows, Benjamin Bellows , Joseph Bellows, Levi Bellows , Oliver Bellows, Abel Bellows , Oliver Bellows, Thomas Bellows, Susan Bellows, Sarah Bellows, Louisa Bellows, Mary Bellows.

bullet Susanna Whitney was born on 26 Feb 1747/48 in Shrewsbury, MA. (3092) She died on 1 Feb 1805 in Shrewsbury, MA. (3093)(3094) Parents: Samuel Whitney and Elizabeth Hastings.

She was married to John Bellows on 4 Oct 1768 in Shrewsbury, MA. (3095) Children were: Chloe Bellows, Patty Bellows, Susanah Bellows, Betty Hastings Bellows, Lucy Bellows, Betty Bellows, Anne Bellows, Moses Bellows, Lyscom Bellows, John Bellows.

bullet Bernadette Wieswig was also known as Bonnie.(3096)

She was married to John Bernard Bellows Jr. on 29 Jul 1967 in Saint Paul, MN.(3097) Children were: Jennifer Ann Bellows, Amy Elizabeth Bellows.

bullet Eli J. Wight was born on 6 Jun 1853 in Cincinnatus, NY. (64) He died on 25 Oct 1892 in East Canton, PA. (64)

He was married to Polly Bellows .(64)

bullet Dorrance J. Wilder

He was married to Hannah Maria Bellows .

bullet George O. Wilder

He was married to Mercy J. Bellows .

bullet Eunice Willard Parents: Isaac Willard.

She was married to John Bellows on 12 Jul 1806 in Shrewsbury, MA. (3098)(3099) Children were: John Willard Bellows, Samuel Austin Bellows, Luther Bellows [twin], Lucretia Bellows [twin], Leonard Henry Bellows , James Newell Bellows.

bullet Samuel Willard

He was married to Abigail Bellows. (3100)

bullet Bertha Williams

She was married to Wilson Hoton Bellows . Children were: Robert Bellows.

bullet Elizabeth Williams was born on 18 Sep 1733.(3101) She died on 11 May 1803.(3102) Parents: David Williams and Experience Bailey.

She was married to John Bellows Jr.. Children were: Nathaniel Bellows , Lucretia Bellows, Cynthia Bellows .

bullet William Williams

He was married to Bernice Bellows on 1 Nov 1807 in Westborough, MA.(3103)

bullet Julie Ann Willis

She was married to Clark Bellows on 17 Apr 1841.(5)

bullet Thankful Willis died on 3 Jan 1735 in Southboro (Worcester), MA. (3104)

She was married to James Bellows on 18 Jan 1727 in Marlborough, MA.(3105) (3106) Children were: James Bellows Jr., Josiah Bellows, Thankfull Bellows.

bullet Norman Wines

He was married to Emaline B. Bellows .

bullet Emma J. Winn died on 13 Aug 1892.(3107)

She was married to William Timothy Bellows on 15 Dec 1886 in Lawrenceville, NY.(3108) (3109) Children were: Howard Henry Bellows, Grace Emma Bellows.

bullet Mary Wood was born on 30 Aug 1634 in England.(3110) She died on 16 Sep 1707 in Marlborough, MA. (3111) Parents: John Wood Sr. and Mary Parmenter.

She was married to John Bellows on 9 May 1655 in Concord (Middlesex), MA.(381) Children were: Mary Bellows, Samuel Bellows, Abigail Bellows, Isaac Bellows Sr., John Bellows Jr., Thomas Bellows, Eleazer Bellows, Daniel Bellows, Nathaniel Bellows.

bullet Elizabeth Woods was born in 1767.(3112) She died in 1853.(3113)

She was married to Amasa Bellows before 1795. (3114) Children were: Asa Bellows, Amasa Bellows.

She was married to Asaph Bellows on 25 Dec 1796.(3115) Children were: Isaac Bellows, Eliza Bellows , Asa Bellows, John Woods Bellows, Elizabeth Bellows.

bullet Lucy Woods

She was married to Daniel Bellows.

bullet Alice Florence Woolhiser was born on 13 Jul 1882 in West Side, IA. (24) She died on 5 Jul 1969 in Spencer, IA. (24)

She was married to Lester Roy Bellows on 14 Jun 1905 in West Side, IA.(24) Children were: Glen Levern Bellows.

bullet Harvey Worms was born in 1954.(3116)

He was married to Janet Bellows. (3117) Children were: Sarah C. Worms, Matthew A. Worms.

bullet Jennie Marceline Wright

She was married to Alton Leroy Bellows on 14 Aug 1890.(5) Children were: Ward Alton Bellows.

bullet Malcolm W. Wright

He was married to Luella R. Bellows on 4 Dec 1924 in Delaware Co., NY.(3118)

bullet Maudlin Wright

She was married to Matthias Bellows on 29 Nov 1696 in Philadelphia, PA.(1714)

bullet J. O. Wynn

He was married to Abigail Bellows. (3119)

bullet Hannah Yeomans was born about 1672.(612) Parents: Edward Yeomans and Mary Button.

She was married to John Meach on 26 Aug 1691 in Preston, CT.(3120)

She was married to Eleazer Bellows on 26 May 1735 in Preston, CT.(3121) (3122)

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