History of the Blaisdell Memorial Library

In 1893 the Town of Nottingham first appropriated money for the support of a public library. Over 100 books were donated by the State of New Hampshire to help get the library started. Originally the library was upstairs in the original Town Hall. Carrie Stevens, Charlotte Blaisdell’s mother was the librarian from 1908 - 1944. Charlotte Blaisdell became librarian after her from 1946 – 1952. In 1955 the library moved to the small upstairs room of what was then the new school. Dorothy Fownes volunteered to open the library for the school classes once a week and helped Florence Kelsey open the library on Saturday mornings for the public. Mrs. Blaisdell wanted to see a separate place for the library. In her will she bequeathed the library trustees $30,000 to build a town library. The Nottingham Historical Society donated $3,000 and the town voted money for the furnishings. A library was built in 1974 across the street from the Fire Station and Town Hall. It was called the Blaisdell Memorial Library in memory of Charlotte and Daniel Blaisdell. From 1974 - 1994 the library served both the school and the public. By the 1990’s the space in the library was very crowded. A bond for the expansion and renovation of the library was passed at Town Meeting in March, 1999. Construction was completed in March 2000. Today the library is housed in a very pleasant and spacious building.

rennovated library(upstairs)
This is the spacious new main area of Blaisdell Library.

rennovated library(downstairs)
Our new children's area downstairs offers many books, activities, and other children's resources.