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Here are some more photos of friends, mentors, and heroes. Last updated January 1, 1997.

A glimpse into the Secret Museum of Mankind archives. Above, the Secret Museum curator, Maj. P.V. Conte, shown as he was readying to play at the Blues and Spirituals concert at Carnegie Hall, NYC in 1938.
Famed North Georgia musicians, Andrew and James Baxter, shown at a fish fry in the 1940s. The fiddler, Andrew, recorded the tune "G Rag,"
with the Caucasian-American string band, The Georgia Yellow Hammers, in Charlotte, NC on August 9, 1927, making that one of the earliest
integrated recording sessions of traditional music (see also sessions by Taylor's Kentucky Boys and the Cajun/Creole recordings of Amede Ardoin and Dennis McGee).
One of my all-time favorite string bands! Also from North Georgia, they're Seven Foot Dilly and His Dill Pickles: John Dilleshaw on guitar, Harry Kiker on fiddle, Shorty Lindsey on tenor banjo, and Pink Lindsey on bass.
Why yet another North Georgia contingent! This time it is three members of the Skillet Lickers, Lowe Stokes, Riley Puckett, and Gid Tanner (left to right), Marcus, George, and James to their Mamas.
There were a handful of names that always recurred when I talked to the older fiddlers from Ohio and West Virginia in years past. The names that always came up would include
Ed Haley, Clark Kessinger, Arthur Smith, sometimes Tommy Jackson, but also, they inevitably would mention Natchee the Indian (above), whose given name was Lester Storer. He was renowned as a trick fiddler, using this talent to win many contests. Among his accompanists was a young guitarists named "Cowboy" Copas.
A session in Galax, VA in August 1988 at Kahle Brewer's house. Allen Hart on banjo, Wayne Martin on fiddle, Kahle Brewer on fiddle, and Alice Gerrard on guitar.
This picture was on the wall in Kahle Brewer's house, and appears here through Kahle's courtesy. From the inscription on the back of the photo: "Manley Reece, born July 18, 1830, died Mar. 4, 1864. Buried in Petersburg, Va. Killed on train during Civil War." This picture of an unnamed fiddler with Manley Reece's sister on banjo was also found on Kahle Brewer's wall. It also appears here through the courtesy of Kahle.

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