Control your computer music and video collection using the Nintendo Wii remote

--- now works with Hulu Desktop and Windows Media Center ---

Do you listen to music on your computer?
Do you have a tv connected to your computer?
Haven't you always wanted a remote control for your computer?
If so, BlueTunes is your answer.

And best of all, this program is completely free.

BlueTunes will transform your Wiimote into a remote control for your computer (Windows only). Using bluetooth technology, you can now control your music and video libraries on your computer from 50 feet away - great for playing music. Walls and floors pose no problem at all.

Using the Wii senor bar, you can also control the mouse by pointing at the screen. Perfect for the person that has their computer connected to the TV. A Wii is still not necessary because it is possible to purchase a sensor bar separately for under $20 or you can build your own. Go here for more details.

You will need a Wiimote (a Nintendo Wii is not needed) and a bluetooth adapter (if your computer isn't already bluetooth enabled).

Media Players Supported:

iTunes | Winamp | Napster | Windows Media Player | VLC | Quintessential Player | Media Player Classic | Foobar2000 | Yahoo! Music Jukebox | MusikCube | MediaMonkey | Apollo | BS Player | Songbird | GOM Player | Creative MediaSource | JetAudio | Hulu Desktop | KMPlayer | Windows Media Center

Go here for a detailed list of functions and special notes for each media player.

Controls Supported:

Play/Pause | Prev/Next Track | Prev/Next Album | Rewind | Fast Forward | Shuffle | Visualizer | Track Info | Jump Within Track | Add To Favorite Playlist | Volume | Bass | Wiimote LEDs | Minimize All Windows | Turn Off PC | Mouse Controls | Menu Navigation

These controls can be assigned to any button on the Wiimote. Plus, four motions are detectable and can be assigned any control. Pull the trigger button (button 'B') and motion to the right, left, up, and down.

Click here to see the default button assignments for the Wiimote remote control.


Click here to download the BlueTunes application.


Click here for installation help.


Click here for assistance in operating BlueTunes.

Bluetooth help:

Click here for Bluetooth adapter info.

Here is info on the MSI Starkey adapter - it will work.

Error reading data from it connected?

Getting this error when BlueTunes starts up?

Click here for more help.

Also, read through this forum entry for more help - very helpful info here.

Youtube Videos:

Click here to see BlueTunes in action. Thanks "IEatFriedPikmin" for the support.

Here is another video. Thanks "Evad0dave" for the tutorial. I especially like the toilet in the background.

And another. Thanks Caldonia93.

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