Bluetooth Help

Getting the Wiimote to communicate with your computer:

The most difficult aspect of BlueTunes is getting the Wiinote to communicate properly with your computer. The Wiimote will not pair and communicate successfully with all bluetooth drivers out there.

Here is a list of known compatible bluetooth devices.

Compatable Bluetooth stacks:

The stack that comes with the MSI StarKey adapter works great. It uses the WIDCOMM stack v4.0.1.2900. The Toshiba stack v4.00.22(D) works also. This came on my Dell Latitude D620 and it appears all Dell PCs use this type of stack.

I have also tested IOGEAR's GBU321 and GBU221 adapters. The software that came with the device did not work, so I un-installed the bluetooth software and installed the software that came with the MSI StarKey. This worked perfectly for both models.

Error reading data from it connected?

If you get this error when starting BlueTunes, you may have an incompatible bluetooth stack. Or the stack did not properly set up the wiimote device type. Check this forum entry out for help with setting up the wiimote device type.

If all else fails, try this:
Un-install your current bluetooth software, reset the PC, then install the WIDCOMM stack v4.0.1.2900. You can find the driver here.

Once the software is installed, go here for step-by-step instructions on getting the Wiimote to connect.

More info....

Here is more information from another software developer explaining the issues with the current state of BlueTooth drivers.