+ MSI StarKey Setup

MSI StarKey Setup

The MSI StarKey is a USB Bluetooth adapter that will allow your computer to communicate with the Nintendo Wiimote. This is what I use at home and if you purchase this device, just follow the step by step tutorial below to get connected.

Or, if your current bluetooth software doesn't seem to work and you wish to try an alternative driver - get the software that came with my MSI StarKey here and then follow the steps below. If the link is no longer working, do a search on "StarKey".

1) First follow the installation instructions that came with the device.

2) After installation, you will notice a bluetooth symbol located in the taskbar.

3) If the inner portion of the symbol contains red, then you will need to right-click on the symbol and chose "Start the bluetooth device".

4) After starting the device, the red portion of the symbol will change to white.

5) Now double click on the symbol to open up the "My Bluetooth Places" setup page. Select the task "Bluetooth Setup Wizard".

6) This will open the "Bluetooth Setup" dialog containing 4 choices. Select the top choice and press the "Next" button.

7) At this point, it will ask what service this device provides. Chose "Human Interface Device" near the bottom of the list and press "Next"

8) The next screen will begin to search for the Wiimote. At this point press the "1" and "2" buttons on the Wiimote. Do not let go of these buttons until the rest of the tutorial is complete.

9) After about 15 seconds, the Wiimote will display in the window as a "RVL-CNT-01" device.
Highligt the device by left-clicking on it and then press the "Next" button.
Remember, you should still be pressing the "1" and "2" buttons.

10) Press the "Finish" button.

11) Now select "Search for devices in range"

12) At this point, you should see the device listed with two green arrows underneath. The arrows indicate that the Wiimote is communicating with the MSI StarKey.

13) Now you can release the "1" and "2" buttons and close the "My Bluetooth Places" setup page. The bluetooth symbol located in the taskbar will now have a green center.

14) Now you are connected. Load up BlueTunes and enjoy your music from anywhere in the house.