Indiana East-West Toll Road

The Indiana East-West Toll Road was authorized in 1951 by the Indiana State Legislature to be constructed by the Indiana Toll Road Commission. I'm going to let the good folks of the Toll Road Division of the Indiana Department of Transportation (InDOT) explain the history of the road.

This publication was put out by the Toll Road Division in 1991, and it details the history of the road better than I could.
In the mid-1990's, a new interchange was opened at County Road 17, Elkhart East. In addition, there used to be a total of eight pairs of service areas, approximately 18 miles apart. Service Areas 2, 4, and 6 were closed in 1981 or 1982. Service Areas 2 were between Exits 39 and 49, Service Areas 4 were at Exit 72, and Service Areas 6 were at Exit 107. The remains of the service areas can still be seen along the Toll Road. Today, the eastbound Service Area 4 is the home of the Indiana State Police on the Toll Road, and Service Areas 6 are truck rest areas.

This is the exit listing of the Toll Road in 1983, before the Willowcreek Plaza was built, and an open tolling system was implimented between Portage and Chicago.

And the table below shows what I believe to be the original Indiana Toll Road Exits and Service Areas dating from 1956, when it opened.

Exit Name
Exit Access
0 0 State Line

Indianapoils Blvd
106th St
Calumet (Chicago) Skyway
5 1 Westpoint
Calumet Ave
5 1 Westpoint
17 2 Gary

Dunes Hwy
5th St
22 1 George Ade

John T McCutcheon
Large Restaurant
Sinclair Oil Products
31 3 Valparasio-Chesterton

38 2 Thomas A Hendricks

Charles W Fairbanks
Snack Bar
Standard Oil Products
39 4 Michigan City

Michigan City
49 5 LaPorte

56 3 Knute Rockne

Wilbur Shaw
Small Restaurant
Pure Oil Products
73 4 Benjamin Harrison

Schuyer Colfax
Snack Bar
Standard Oil Products
77 6 South Bend

South Bend
90 5 George N Craig

Henry F Schrickner
Large Restaurant
Gulf Oil Products
92 7 Elkhart

107 8 Middlebury

108 6 Thomas R Marshall

Wm Henry Harrison
Snack Bar
Standard Oil Products
121 9 Howe-LaGrange

126 7 Gene Stratton Porter

Ernie Pyle
Small Restaurant
Texaco Oil Products
144 10 Angola

Ft Wayne
148 8 James W Riley

Booth Tarkington
Small Restaurant
Citgo Oil Products
153 11 Eastpoint

The Gary West Interchange appears to have been built shortly after the Toll Road was built. It was numbered 1A, and appears on a 1958 map of Chicagoland/NW Indiana. Burns Harbor was built in 1964 to coincide with the completion of the Tri-State Highway (later named Frank Borman Expressway) between Illinois and the Toll Road. I suspect that the Toll Road was renumbered sometime between 1964 and 1977 as the Burns Harbor Interchange is Exit 4 on a 1978 Illinois map (thanks Marc Fannin).
I-69 was added to the Angola Interchange when it was built in the 1960s. At the same interchange in 2000, US 27 was removed from the mainline gantries (but not on the ramp ones) in anticipation of US 27's decommissioning (Marc Fannin).
The Bristol-Goshen Interchange (Indiana 15) appears to have been built sometime between 1977 and 1980.

The Indiana Depatment of Transportation

Exit Guide

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