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Welcome To Brian`s Satellite Parts Located in Citrus Heights  No Shipping Cash Only  Open 7 Days A week 7AM-4PM  Satellite Parts For Direct TV and Dish Network. Including HD/SD and International Satellite Dishes.Click For Directions Contact    916-671-1739 Brian

You Must Have a Active Satellite Receiver from Direct TV or Dish Network to use our RV Dish Kits.We Do not Sell Satellite Receivers.Check with your Service Provider.All RV Dish Kits work with all Receivers Except Directv Genie/Clients or Dish Network Hooper/Joey`s.

Demo Days Are Here  Free Demo with all New HD RV Dish Kits Sold  a $20.00 Value/Savings

Demo includes a Live Demo of the Sat Dish and Help using a compass /Level/Signal Finder/ Dish adjustments/and Receiver Setup if needed.

RV Basic Kit Includes Tripod/Dish/LNBF/50`Coaxial Cable/Signal Finder Except Directv SWM Kit .

Direct TV RV SWM Receivers High Definition Kit

Directv SWM SL3 RV HD/SD Dish Kit $180.00 SWM Receivers ONLY.
This dish will work with following Directv receivers models: Must Say SAT IN SWM
•H20 through H25 •HR20 through HR24•R16 through R22
  will not work with Genie Cleints

Directv 4-Wire SL3 LNBF HD/SD Sat 99/101/103 3 Foot Tripod. $150.00

will not work with Genie Cleints


Direct TV 18 inch Kit SD/HD Locals 2-FT Tripod $100.00 3-Ft Tripod Kit $110.00
These is the easiest directv RV Dish Kit to setup
.will not work with Genie Cleints

Dish Network 500 Sat 110/119 SD/HD Locals $110.00 3ft tripod Easy setup.
Dish Pro Plus LNB or Dish Pro LNB

Call Brian @ 916-671-1739 will not work with dish Joey`s

NEW International Dishes for Dish Network
500 Plus Sat 110/118.7/119 SD New $80.00 Built in Switch
500 Plus switch type DP34 New $80.00
1000 Plus Sat 110/118.7/119/129 HD New $90.00 Built in Switch
1000 Plus Switch type DP44 New $90.00

Residential Dish Network High Definition and Standard Definition Dishes

Dish 500 Sat 110/119 SD Locals New $40.00
Dish 1000 Sat 110/119/129 HD/SD New $50.00
Dish 1000.2 Turbo HD Sat 110/119/129 HD/SD New $70.00
Dish 1000.4 Turbo HD $75.00 This Dish Is Designed for High Winds and Heavy Rain areas

Brian 916-671-1739