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Follow your stocks

Does your club assign a member to follow each stock in your club portfolio on a monthly basis? Each club should.  And if you're an individual investor, do you analyze your portfolio to determine that each stock is meeting your expectations?  Nasty surprises aren't nice.  This tool helps eliminate those.

Data is taken directly from the Stock Selection Guide to fill in this form.  Pop-up instructions are throughout the form and are seen by hovering the mouse cursor over a data cell.  Download one of the files below, depending on which spreadsheet software you have--Excel or OpenOffice. 

NOTE:  The automatic download of estimated quarterly data does not work with Excel 2007--the newest version.  A "compatibility" file. available from Microsoft is required.  Click the back arrow button to go to my Home Page to see more information. 

Follow Your Stocks  --Single company analysis (Updated July 24, 2008 version 319-S) (Requires Excel) This tool will automatically download estimated data for Sales and EPS for the next two quarters.  Other data required on the form must be typed in manually.  Each time the spreadsheet is opened, the Internet will be searched for estimated quarterly data about that company.  This feature works with a dial-up modem, but the the modem needs to be online when the spreadsheet is in use.  The search only takes a few seconds, even with a dial-up modem. The automatic data function only works with Excel 2000 or newer and requires  MS Internet Explorer.  (This function will not work with Firefox, etc.)  Note the update to version 318-S The quarterly data was not always updating correctly.  This version corrects that.

Follow Your stocks -- Multiple company analysis version 3.114-M (Requires Excel)  This file is the same as the one above except it allows up to twenty stocks to be followed on a single spreadsheet.

Follow Your Stocks -- OpenOffice version (Updated Nov 28, 2005 version oo3.50) (Requires OpenOffice) If you are using OpenOffice, download this file.  The file above, for Excel, does not work properly with OpenOffice.  This OpenOffice version does not provide news from the Internet but provides all the other data analysis found in the Excel version. It is also necessary to delete any old data manually by selecting it, then pressing the Delete key.  This file is in the Zip format.  It will be necessary to double click on the file once it's been downloaded to extract it.  Then double click on the extracted file and it will load automatically into OpenOffice.

My thanks to Scott Ellis, a fellow club member, for his patience and help in proofing this form.  His many suggestions have greatly contributed to the "friendliness" of the form.

NOTE:  If you don't have Excel and need a free copy of OpenOffice  -- click here to go to the OpenOffice site.  Sorry, MS Works is not capable of running this Follow Your Stocks file; some of the formulas are beyond it's capability.  To learn more about OpenOffice see the Please Read page.

One more thing:  If you enjoy working with and developing spreadsheets, I couldn't recommend more highly "Online Investing Hacks" by Bonnie Biafore.  This is a great "how to" book.  It's available at various book stores, including online at  Look for Bonnie's monthly column in BetterInvesting magazine.