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IHRA President's Cup Maryland International Raceway 9/05
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The Blue Smoke Jet Luge is featured on a wild show called GEAR on the HD Channel Mojo. Now airing in episode #13. Go here for schedule details. Gear episode #13
The JetLuge will appear at the Madison County Gravity Fest (MCGF VI) in Munnsville, NY July 27-29. Look for the Blue Smoke Racing Team Bob Swartz, Chris Buono and Chris Hicks racing in the street luge classes. The JetLuge will open the festivities Friday at 7pm with a run down Main Street to kick off the parade. Gravity Fest Link
6/12/07 Watch the live interview about the Jet Luge on Speed Scene Racing, the on-line television show about racing. Go to the 6/12/07 archive. There is a good intro at the start and the interview near the 16 minute mark. Interview
6/2/07 6th Annual Maryland Muscle and Rotary Car Show/BBQ Millersville, MD - Bob had the Jet Luge on display at the car show, but there was no Low Rider class. He did win with the loudest exhaust note to the crowd's dismay. Thank for the spot in the show Roy!!! Pictures
5/20/07 Jet Luge update article by Dan Morse in the Washington Post Article
5/19/07 Andrews AFB Open House / Air Show- Bob had the Jet Luge on static display at the airshow in the Andrews AFB Chapter of the Green Knightsmotorcycle clubs's display area. These guys were nice enough to make room and let me in their corral. Many thanks to them. Event Pictures
Blue Smoke Racing "Live" on FOX News- Tune into DC's Fox Morning News 6 to 9am on 28 November to see reporter Holly Morris learning to luge.. Will she dare ride the Jet Luge? Holly did ride the luge and did very well in just a few short lessons. We all had a big surprise when the FOX 5 helicopter showed up to give another camera angle. Check out the live coverage here. (they moved the video)
Jet Luge goes to Vegas- The Jet Luge will be on display at the 2006 International Council of Air Shows (ICAS) Convention in the Rio Hotel and Casino Las Vegas, NV 4 to 7 December. Info Link The conventions was a blast and a success with several possible show bookings in 2007. Here is a little slide show of what went on. Picture Link

History Archive

The Blue Smoke Jet Luge will be preforming for 20,000+ spectators at the IHRA's Presidents Cup Nationals @ Maryland International Raceway in the Night of Fire Show. September 29,30 and October 1st. Come see the world's fastest pro stock, nitro funny cars, top fuel dragster, the Jet Luge, Bob Motz' Jet Powered Kenworth Truck and fireworks. This event will be shown on SPEED TV October 21st. Event Details
**Press Release** Jet Luge to appear at Maryland International Raceway's Snap-on Supercharged Jet Wars Show on August 19th at 7pm. The Jet Wars event, also know as “The Wildest Show in Drag Racing” will feature the Jet Luge, Jet Funny Cars, Jet Dragsters, Bob Motz’s Jet Powered Kenworth, snowmobile drag racing, the Adrenaline Crew Motorcycle Stunt Show and much more. Email if you would like to sponsor the Jet Luge pit area for this event. Jet Wars Details
Jet Luge article in the local online news here 8/7/06 The Jet Luge appeared and ran at the Liberty Bell Jet Rally in Lebanon PA this past weekend. What a blast meeting all the RC pilots. It was fun putting a "ground" show for them on the 3400ft runway. Check out the action in this Jet Rally Video
8/1/06 MCGFV turned out to be a Crash Fest for all of Blue Smoke. We all had a hard time keeping glued to the road in the turns. Fortunately 13 year old Kyle Thomas made it to the podium with a 1st place in Junior Street Luge. Congratulations Kyle!!
7/12/06 JetLuge to appear at the Madison County Gravity Fest (MCGFV) in Munnsville, NY July 28-30. Look for the Blue Smoke Racing Team Bob Swartz, Jim Thomas, Kyle Thomas and Kevan Thomas racing in the street luge classes. The JetLuge will open the festivities Friday at 6pm with a run down Main Street to kick off the parade. Madison County Gravity Fest Info
6/30/06 JetLuge Article in issue 8 of "Line Up" the magazine Link
3/20/06 Detailed Web Interview on Silverfish Longboarding.Com
3/19/06 Bob's IHRA Exhibition Class License is approved for the JetLuge at all IHRA tracks. Check out IHRA action here International Hot Rod Association
2/13/06 Blue Smoke Racing interview. Bob taught Joyce Jackson of Washington DC's WUSA Channel 9 how to street luge and shows off the Jet Luge. Take a while to load WUSA Channel 9 Sports Streaming Video
Jet Luge featured on Car Buyer's Notebook- Article, PodCast
Discovery Channel Canada:The Daily Planet Speed Week Show and The Science Channel "Discoveries" Discovery Channel Video Link
Promo Video: Check out the Blue Smoke Jet Luge Promo. High Quality DVD copy available for commercial interests only. The file is an 18meg quicktime so please "save" it through a broad band connection only. Promo Video Link

Old News

Tune to DC101 FM in the Washington DC area around 9am on November 3rd to hear a live interview with Bob on Elliot in the Morning : DC 101 FM Radio
Jet Luge featured in the Washington Post : The Lowest-Flying Jet Engine
Jet Luge featured on IHRA Website : Jet Luge Joins Night of Fire Party in Rockingham
The Blue Smoke Jet Luge has been invited to run at the IHRA World Finals in Rockingham, NC October 28-30. Come see Bob scream down the 1/4 mile @ speeds over 75mph with his new smoke system. IHRA World Finals Info
Lately I have been busy testing at the dragstrip with the jet cars and trucks. Top speed so far was 89.5 mph and I have been running near 75 mph at the dragstrip. I will be designing a proper website when the weather turns to cold to ride. I had no idea this thing would be so popular at the dragstrip. Stay tuned to the meesage boards and my new URL for updates.
IGSA World Cup Bainbridge, Ohio Fall Festival of Leaves 10/05


This is not a Rocket Engine or a Rocket Luge as some refered to it on the guest page. That is Mr Billy Copeland's ride of choice. He uses very expensive solid rocket motors. This design uses a real Jet Engine otherwise known and an Axial Gas Turbine. Bob's intent is to prove that a Jet Engine is superior to a rocket engine on a luge because it has good throttle control and can run for as long as you have fuel. Totally reusable, reliable and low maintenance way to go down and back up to the top of the hill.
I would normally warn people "Don't Try This At Home" but I am pretty confident that the cost and complexity of a Jet Luge will keep all, but the over 40, Mid Life Crisis crowd with money to burn, from starting such a venture. If you must, I suggest you try what this young buttboarder has done.
Bob's Inspiration
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First Show @ MIR "Jet Wars"


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