Westinghouse Bridge Peregrine Falcons

   Peregrines were reported at the bridge sporadically at least as early as 2007 but there was no followup and PGC was unable to get anyone to watch the bridge regularly (underscoring how valuable more monitors are now!).
   A nesting pair of peregrines attacked PennDOT workers when they began maintenance on the Westinghouse Bridge in Spring 2010. The PA Game Commission confirmed the nest and banded 3 chicks.
   The female identified in 2010 was the bird variously called Storm or Val (but to the PGC she was 66/C Bl/Gr, her band number). She was indeed from to 2005 nest at Bank One in Canton OH, but we don't know whether she was there earlier than 2010
when she was first identified. Nothing is known of the 2010 male, not even whether he was banded. Nicknamed Brian by PennDOT employees.
   PGC has no band information on either adult in 2011.
   In 2012 the PGC identified a new adult female, Hecla, 68/H Black/Red, from the 2009 nest at the Ironton-Russell Bridge in Ironton, OH. We don't know whether she was also there in 2011, or was new in 2012. In 2011 she would have been 2 years old, in adult plumage and old enough to breed. In 2012 we also found that the male has a Black/Green band on his left leg but we couldn't read it. No information on whether he's the same male as in previous years.

Westinghouse Bridge Offspring Histories:
2010: 3 Chicks out of 5 eggs. Banded.
2011: 3 Chicks confirmed in 2011 but not banded.
2012: 4 eggs unhatched
2013: 1 chick confirmed but not banded. Probably male based on size. Lost during fledging.
2014:  3 eggs, 2 hatched and banded. Both females based on band size. Fledged around July 17 - 20.

If you see or hear these falcons, please email me dates and times and any photos..
Food and rest rooms are available in North Versailles:
Eat'n'Park, Wendy's, McDonald's, Walmart and Burger King.

The scrape is near the center arch on the Braddock and Edgar Thomson Works, south side.
The scrape is difficult to see from anywhere on the ground or bridge deck.

On May 20, 2014 we discovered that the scrape location had moved.
It's now in the highlighted arch near cross beam #56 on the Braddock side

Where to park:
S. Main St. in East Pittsburgh
Despite what the map shows, this does connect to Braddock Ave.
Please park in the designated area and then walk to underneath the bridge (dotted line).
40.391816,  -79.839384


From Forest Hills (Red Route) take Route 30 (Ardmore Blvd. to the APlus Sunoco at Ardmore and Center.
Turn Right on Center, left on Grandview, right on Bessemer (Orange Route), left on Main at the mural.
Follow Main across the tracks and park under the highway ramp.

From N. Versailles (Orange Route) take Route 30. Go across the Westinghouse Bridge and take the Linden Ave. exit.
Turn left on to Bessemer, left on to Main at the mural.

From W. Mifflin or Homestead (Yellow Route), take the Rankin Bridge and exit in Braddock.
Follow Braddock Ave. Right past the Edgar Thomson Works there is an road
that peels off to the right. This is actually Main St. The map above does not
show that it connects - it does :-)

The 2014 eyas - photo by Tom Keller, PGC