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Last Modified 31 Mar 2012


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Welcome to my genealogy home page. I am researching the following surnames:

Ackroyd, Apthorp, Boeckenhauer, Bolling, Buelow, Cave, Connacher, Craghill, Drost, Fisher, Gilray, Green, Gussett, Haacker, Hasselbrink, Kahmling, Keir, Kunradt, Lesch, Ludwig, Mayman, Menzies, Oehser, Prahl, Rantzow, Sparman, Thies, Thomas, White, Patchett..

If you have an interest in any of the above surnames and would like to exchange information, you may email me at bollingd@comcast.net. To email a message right now, click here.

I have traced over 7700 descendants of the APTHORPS, BOLLINGS, CAVES, GILRAYS, OEHSERS and THOMASES in the United States and Canada. I also have several hundred descendants of the THIESES. I am also actively tracing their ancestors in England, Scotland and Germany.

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