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The Breakfast With The Blues Cook

Saturdays-5:30 AM Until 9 AM

Bradley “The Broken Down Old Man” is the Saturday morning blues historian. Brad has been a BWTB DJ for six years. Bradley presents a lot of music that was the foundation or sustenance for the various genres of blues and other genres of music, like bluegrass, jazz and rock n’ roll.  He believes strongly that by listening to the roots of the blues you learn how and how much the blues has been the key influence on where music is today. Brad reflects this in his show’s music where he will feature the likes of Charlie Patton, Mississippi John Hurt, Louis Jordan, Sara Martin taking it up through Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, Willie Dixon, Buddy Guy (see picture) proceeding up into modern times with Charlie Musselwhite, Janiva Magness, Deborah Coleman and Mitch Woods and his Rocket 88's. You get the full range of eras, styles and artists. You will see the evolution of the budding music form called blues to its present day growth.
  Bradley presents a small history lesson every Saturday morning...and it doesn’t even feel like going to school!

Bradley was born and raised in Clearwater, Florida moving to Eugene in 1985. He first got the bug to move here after visiting his sister. His first impression...“Wow The skies were blue and the water was clear!”

Blues Introduction-A friend of Bradley’s father worked at a public radio station that played big band, blues and reggae among it programming. The man was impressed that young Bradley listened to this type of music. He gave him his first blues album, “Couldn’t Believe My Eyes” by Brownie McGhee and Sonny Terry with Earl Hooker. A subsequent visit to see B.B. King and Bobby Blue Bland play and another to see Ray Charles and the Raelettes sealed the deal...he was forever hooked!

The Things That Make Us Human-

Passions Besides Music-Downhill skiing, scuba diving and mountaineering. This is a man who does these wimpy sports with more operations on his knee than there are stars in the universe Hmmm...think I gotta question brain power here! ;-)

Sports and Recreation-See passions. In the winter Bradley likes to hit the slopes 2-3 times a week and in the summer he likes to scuba 3-4 times a week. He is currently on month #103 of a consecutive streak of skiing at least once a month. The goal is 120 consecutive months!  One streak was broken at about 48.  Update-The Broken Down Old Man is at 103 and counting!

Favorite Restaurants-Pizzacato (Portland), Ambrosia and Pizza Pete’s Italian Kitchen. Do you see a trend here...all are Italian restaurants!  Bradley’s real love is soul food...Papa's Soul Food Kitchen and Blues Joint.  Pizzacato  Ambrosia   Pizza Pete's   Hole In The Wall BBQ

Book-Likes to read non-fiction and in particular blues history.

Movie-Monty Python’s “Meaning of Life” shot out of his mouth faster than a speeding bullet...and then a tad slower was Python’s “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.”

What Is In the CD Player-Riders In The Sky, Charlie Patton, Willie Dixon and Beck.

Favorite Artists-The Beatles, Riders In The Sky, Ray Charles, Buddy Guy, Willie Nelson, Bob Marley and the Hal Kemp Orchestra. Wow...I think that just about hit it all!

Something That Is Really Scary!-Bradley is a “self admitted fence nerd...can often be seen driving up and down the streets of Eugene, looking for the next idea.” has been explained...that man staring with a longing in his eyes at your fence is Bradley! Readers...I think this is a glimpse into The Twilight Zone!

The Nickname-Given to him by the Broken Down Old Lady After seeing him get up off the couch she said “You look like a broken down old man ” It stuck and when looking for a handle for the radio program it was a natural.

Musical Talent-Zip, nada, zilch Though he has now been playing guitar for about two years...and still learning! It is coming along at a snail's pace...and the Broken Down Old Lady won't allow electric in the house!!

Cartooning-An award winning cartoonist. Not the Peanuts, Dilbert style...but the meaty kind...editorial cartoons. He did this for seven years hooking up with Bill Friday for 5 of those years. Friday is the man that brought Bradley into the cartooning thing.  Check the cartoon is a great one...and it did not win the award! 
Click To Get A Larger Picture

Who Would You Like To See Play-Deceased Performers-Hard to pass on Muddy Waters but Robert Johnson at the crossroads with his guitar in hand. Alive Performers-Honey Boy Edwards. One of the last links to the old roots.

Best Live Performance-Buddy Guy at his Legends club in Chicago. “It was epic. It brought tears to my eyes.”

Brad's Pictures From A Buddy Guy Performance at Buddy Guy's Legends Club in Chicago.  Nice pictures Bradley!!! Click for the larger shot!

Early Musical Memory-The album mentioned before, “Couldn’t Believe My Eyes.”

Favorite Beer-Bridgeport IPA. Any donations mail directly to Bradley.

The Real Power Behind The Man-The staff has always wondered who is the power behind Bradley...what inspires his programming, his ideas, his drive...well...I found out. It is not Bradley...but it is Flash The Wonder Dog! I went to visit Bradley in the station during his show and there was Flash, handsome, intelligent and well mannered...unlike Bradley...telling Bradley what to do next, who to play and telling him to fetch water. It was just this brief glance behind the scenes that allowed me to see the real power behind Bradley powered radio!  Sadly Flash passed away in early March.  We at the KRVM studio will miss Flash...a good ole dog!

Hit The Road Jack-Grounds For The Blues

Wednesdays 5:30 AM Until 8 AM

Coffee Jack is the Wednesday morning barista of the blues brewing up...wait a second here...let’s stop the coffee references now!  Anyway...Coffee Jack has his own thing, a unique blend (stop it now! ) of blues that is heavily influenced by the harmonica. Routinely his show will feature about 70% harp (harp=harmonica) choices whether in the forefront or as a base to the song. This is not the only thing he plays as he always is looking through the new releases seeking new material to play for his audience...but still for Harmonica Hump Day the centerpiece is still the harp. You will hear the greats like Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson, William Clarke and Kim Wilson as well as some of the people that are not so well known like Little Annie Raines, Matthew Skoller and Greg “Tumbleweed” Mooney. This is all brewed (I said stop! ) into a wonderfully mellow (Oh hell !) cup for your coffee break!  Coffee (he allows me to call him by his first name) has been doing the DJ thing at KRVM for about three years and continues to grow as a blues guy and as a broadcaster. You always get a good wake me up cup (*# %$ ) with Coffee Jack!

Coffee was born in Ithaca, New York around the time Noah was building wasn’t that long ago...and raised in Florida. Hmm...was his first nickname Orange Juice Jack? He moved to Oregon in 1990, fell in love with this place and hasn’t left or even wanted to.

Blues Introduction-He first became very interested in the blues from listening to KRVM. At that time the blues for him was Eric Clapton and Stevie Ray Vaughan and KRVM was playing some of that and it was not commercial radio. It was a love that would grow and expand.

The Things That Make Us Human-

Favorite Artist(s)-Kim Wilson, Little Walter, Sonny Boy Williamson, William Clarke.

Passions-Being a Dad to six year old Mocha Jack OK...a question I forgot to your wife Latte Jack? Being a Dad is the best gig going! Gardening (heirloom tomatoes and sweet or hot peppers). Don't give him a round tomato.  Aikido martial discipline (10 years).


Favorite Restaurants-Poppi’s Anatolia and Burrito Amigos. Sorry no web sites for either...but Burrito Amigos seems to be very popular with the staff!

Sports & Recreation-Mountain biking and hiking. Coffee rode his bike from Florida to California in 42 days and he says it was uphill and into the wind all of the way. OK...there is one more “sport.” Body piercing...readers...go where you want with that one!

Favorite Drink-This one was tough to figure out...COFFEE! Locally roasted, dark roast non-corporate! Hmmm...sounds like one obstacle in Starbuck’s conquest of the world!

Books-Vampire stuff...Charlaine Harris series of a southern detective vampire. Really...sounds to me like this series sucks!

Favorite Movies-The Hunger and Nosferatu both vampire movies. The Pacifier with Vin that the one where Vin plays a Navy SEAL vampire?


What’s In The CD Player-Wammo from the Asylum Street Spankers, the Blues Police (out of Portland) and Chicago Blues Reunion.

Musical Talent-I am a bad harp player. One of the joys is playing harp with my 6-year old son. We play at about the same level!

Early Music Memory-As a pre-teen I found that my Grandpa had 3-4 harmonicas including an old chromatic that I still have today. I would grab those and fool around “playing” music.

Guilty Pleasure-Ben & Jerry’s Oatmeal Cookie or Everything But the Kitchen Sink flavored ice cream. Old disco...I would hide it in my closet so my friends would not see it...I would get it out with nobody around and dance to it!  OK...picture THAT in your mind!


Who Would You Like To See Play Live- Deceased player...the Muddy Waters Band. Live-Wammo without the Asylum Street Spankers...this guy is a musical genius.

Best Live Performances-Charlie Musselwhite, Shemekia Copeland, Victor Wooten and Kiss. Repeat that last one please Kiss...they were great shows in 1979 and 1980.

The Nickname-Coffee Jack, made it up along with about 10-15 others...probably liked that about the least...but it was the one that caught on with the station people and listeners and it fit the time slot. Oh...I have another nickname... Pierced Cowboy...because I like to wear cowboy hats and...well...yes...I have multiple body piercing.

A Medium Guy In A Medium Town In A Medium Place-

Thursdays 5:30 AM Until 8 AM

Greg rotates schedules with the BoogieKing Sundays and Thursdays on Breakfast With The Blues.  Greg has been doing BWTB for over four years now and has continued to grow and expand his already large knowledge of the blues.  If you have a song title, lyric or musical artist and you want to know the specifics you just ask Greg...just do not ask him to pronounce Spanish names!

Greg typically plays a wide range of artists within the Texas, Chicago and West Coast blues genres.  Greg seeks out and finds new material and blends them into his shows before most people are even aware of the new music.  These selections are almost always complete gems!  Some recent examples are Kirk Fletcher's "Shades of Blue," Hollywood Blue Flames' "Soul Sanctuary," Mark Hummel and Johnny Dyer's "Rolling Fork Revisited" and Terry Evan's "Fire In The Feeling."  Greg always does a great show with a great mix of music.  This is anything but medium!

Greg was born in the heart of California's San Joaquin Valley in the small town of Delano.  The Valley is an oil rich, hot and dusty place.  Greg first moved to Eugene in 1987 for a couple of years and then came back in 1993 to stay.
Blues Introduction-Greg's older brother listened to Albert King, BB King and other blues greats.  The British Blues Invasion with Savoy Brown, Ten Years After, Rolling Stones and others also fed this new passion.


Favorite Artist(s)-BB King, Freddie King. T-Bone Walker and Otis Rush

A Very Early Musical Memory-Greg was friends of Doug Sahm's (Sir Douglas Quintet) stepson while growing up.  Greg remembers the cool, loose atmosphere around the house...and another time after a BBQ where the band just sat around and jammed. 




What's In the CD Player Now-The new Terry Evans "Fire in the Feeling" and Lynwood Slim-Junior Watson "Back To Back."

Sports and Recreation-Playing golf (7 handicap).  Watching some college basketball and football.  Editor's note-Ruined a few golf wagers there!
Passion Besides Music-Golf and he tries to get out once or twice a week, cooking which he tries to eat once or twice a least!  He also has a passion for Burrito Amigos breakfast burritos!
Favorite beer or Wine-The Silver Bullet Coors Lite and Fat Tire.
Favorite Restaurant-Oregon Electric Station-Especially for it's consistency. Oregon Elec Station
 Musical Talent-Started at a relatively late age (high school) playing harmonica and for the past six years has been playing bass guitar.  Greg usually shows up and plays at the Sunday blues jams at Red Lion.

Movie-Pulp Fiction...he said "Napoleon Dynamite" first...I still don't believe that one!

Who Would You Like to See Play In Person-Deceased Performers-Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf.  Alive Performers-Gatemouth Brown
Guilty Pleasure-A good Monte Cristo cigar on the golf course!
Why Volunteer-Personal enjoyment.  Sharing music that I love and the new music that I find.  This is personally satisfying.
Do You Vacuum the KRVM Studios In Your Underwear?-Absolutely NOT!!!  No!!  Editors Note-I have personally seen Greg vacuum the studios on more than one occasion...but not in his underwear as rumored.  OK...WHY Vacuum?-I am a believer that if something needs to be done we should do it!  Just get it done!




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