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"Don't Open Till Doomsday"

"Don't Open Till Doomsday" is a project based on the prop in an episode of the Outer Limits with the same title.  The story is about a creature bent on distroying the Universe, who resides in a box that is transcendentally dimensional.  That is, bigger in the inside than on the outside.  This evil and powerful little creature draws people inside the box with the intent of forcing them to help with its distructive plan.

Episode details

"Don't Open Till Doomsday" box with  large projection lens at the front.

To give the illusion that something is alive inside, I built a circuit that knocks back, if someone knocks on the box.
The circuit will copy the pattern of anyone knocking on the box and will knock back the same way.
The program and circuit, using a Picaxe, is a modified version of the one on Instructables.

The knock-back device is an alligator clip attached to a motor that bangs on the top.

For "stage lighting", two small tea lights are mounted inside.

The piezo "knock" detector and Picaxe circuit.


Next, I need to add inside, The Creature.  For now, "Drumstick" will be waiting for its arrival.
Stuff to download:
Picaxe program

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