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Steampunk Rayguns

When dressing in Steampunk, a fun accessory is the Raygun. It really dosn't have to work, just needs to look like it could.

Common parts for the raygun can be found at local thrift stores.  Old lamps, brass candle stick holders, electron tubes and other odd items to make it look like SciFi of the Victorian Era.

Various lamp and brass candlestick holder parts

Completed Raygun made with lamp parts and candle stick holders.
The wooden handle is wrapped with leather lace.
A vacuum tube is mounted at the front in a socket.


Made two ways to carry the Raygun. A hanger from an old belt and a trigger snap from Tandy Leather (#1154-02) and
a holster from belt material left over (below).

Holster from old belt.

My granddaughter wanted one too. So I made her this one.

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