Welcome to Bunnies & Burrows! B&B presents a world in which player characters are rabbits...faced with a land full of monstrous, hungry foes, with humans worst of all!

B&B is a game of wits, rich in roleplaying possibilities. A rabbit can't bully his way through the world - not usually, anyway! Characters in this game must be clever to survive.

In 1976, the original Bunnies & Burrows, by B. Dennis Sustare and Scott Robinson, was published by Fantasy Games Unlimited. Then, in 1992, Steffan O'Sullivan converted it to GURPS.

And now, in 2004, it has been converted to Risus: The Anything RPG, By S. John Ross. The rules for Risus can be found at http://www.cumberlandgames.com.

B&B character should be created in the normal Risus way. Hooks and tales are optional, as in pumping clichés. Certain clichés can also be double-pumped.


Rabbit Clichés

Here are a few sample clichés to get you started

Warren Watch (Being big and tough, protecting the warren)

Hoplite (Being swift, scouting ahead)

Engineer (Inventing simple contraptions, understanding human machinery)

Seer* (Using ESP, having scary dreams)

Empathetic Healer* (Healing other rabbits' wounds)

Herbalist* (Identifying plants, preparing snuffballs)

Storyteller* (Telling entertaining tales, enthralling whoever is listening)

Bun Fu Martial Artist* (Doing awesome moves, beating up enemies)

Maverick (Living alone, wandering around)

Rabbit King (Ruling all the other rabbits, eating a lot of food)


* Can be double-pumped


Note: because of the very fortunate nature of rabbits, most characters will have at least three lucky shots

Good rabbit hooks include phobias, curiosity, a dulled nose, or being a trickster (craving the excitement of outwitting dangerous foes)

Sample Characters



Appearance: A slender, grey rabbit with spooky eyes




Lucky shots [] [] []



Appearance: A lithe black rabbit with a torn left ear


Bun Fu Martial Artist[4]

Lucky shots [] [] []

Hook: trickster



Appearance: A large, white rabbit with one brown foot

Rabbit King(4)



Lucky shots [] [] [] [] [] []

Things to remember.


Rabbits can only count to 4, anything higher than that is simply "a lot"

Rabbits' hands are different than yours and mine

Rabbits have a lot of enemies (such as bears, foxes, dogs, cats, wolves, raccoons, wolverines, and especially humans), and they should all have a lot of dice

Rabbits cannot understand human languages

I don't own Risus or Bunnies & Burrows, I am just borrowing them for a fun game. Contact me at boydmayberry@comcast.net if you have any comments, complaints, ideas, questions, or to donate illustrations or anything else.