Trade # 06-01

To GATORS: Angel Berroa, JD Durbin, Carlos Hernandez, Josh Willingham and Mudlarks #2 06

To MUDLARKS: Mariano Rivera, Javier Valentin and Jack Wilson


Trade #06-02

To GATORS: Frank Francisco, Oliver Perez and Mike Piazza

To MUDLARKS: Johnny Damon and Tom Glavine


Trade #06-03

To WARRIORS: Russ Adams, Ryan Church. Bulldogs 8th 06 and Bulldogs 9th 06

To BULLDOGS: Jesse Foppert, Joey Gathright, Joaquin Benoit, Neifi Perez and Red Devils 10th 06


Trade #06-04

To WARRIORS: David Ortiz, Julian Tavarez and Paul Wilson

To GATORS: Greg Maddux, Ryan Church and Chris Shelton


Trade #06-05

To WARRIORS: Melvin Mora, Clint Barmes and Joey Eischen

To BRONCOS: Jim Edmonds, Trevor Hoffman and Gators 8th 06


Trade #06-06

To WARRIORS: Eric Young

To PANTHERS: Trever Miller


Trade #06-07

To GATORS: Corey Patterson, Ramon Ortiz, Gangsters 2nd and 4th 06

To GANGSTERS: Ron Belliard, Salomon Torres and Randy Johnson


Trade #06-08

To GATORS: Chris Aguila, Jason Ellison, Chan Ho Park, Bret Boone, Giovanni Carrara, Broncos 4th and 5th 06

To BRONCOS: Craig Biggio, David Wells, Greg Maddux and JC Romero


Trade #06-09

To FALCONS: Kevin Youkilis, Brandon Phillips and Shigetoshi Hasegawa

To BUFFALO: Juan Uribe



Trade #06=10

To SUMMIT CITY: David Dellucci

To BALLHAWKS: Ryan Franklin


Trade #06-11

To BALLHAWKS: Eric Hinske, Wes Helms, Juan Encarnacion and Nate Robertson

To RED DEVILS: Lyle Overbay, Jorge Cantu, Willy Taveras and Wil Ledezma


Trade #06-12

To SCORPIONS: Jarrod Washburn, Cliff Floyd, Russell Branyan and PEF 3rd 06

To RED DEVILS: Odalis Perez, Aaron Rowand, Jose Castillo, Mike MacDougal, Dave Kryznel and Choo Freeman


Trade #06-13

To GATORS: Jaret Wright and MM #3 06

To MUDLARKS: Mike Piazza and Frank Francisco


Trade #06-14

To FALCONS: Bob Wickman

To BULLDOGS: WRC 3rd 06 and PEF 6th 06


Trade #06-15

To FALCONS: Mike Piazza, Ben Grieve and Troy Percival

To MUDLARKS: Mike Cameron


Trade #06-16

To FALCONS: CPG 1st 07

To GATORS: BBB 3rd 06, WTV 3rd 06 and PEF 4th 06


Trade #06-17

To FALCONS: Kenny Lofton

To MINUTEMEN: Sammy Sosa and SLW 4th 06


Trade #06-18

To WARRIORS: Jim Mecir and LAT 4th 06

To LANCASTER: Jason Phillips and BBD 9th 06


Trade #06-19

To SCORPIONS: Kevin Millwood

To BUFFALO: Jeff Weaver and SAS #2 06


Trade #06-20

To SUMMIT CITY: Juan Castro

From ARANSAS PASS: Mark Hendrickson

Trade #06-21

To MINUTEMEN: Darin Erstad



Trade #06-22

To ARANSAS PASS: Bartolo Colon

To BALLHAWKS: Casey Fossum and APP 1st 06


Trade #06-23

To FALCONS: Robert Fick and SLW #1 07

To WARRIORS: Mike Piazza and Jose Bautista


Trade #06-24

To FALCONS: Dustin Hermanson and BCB 4th 07



Trade #06-25

To FALCONS: Alex Rodriguez and JC Romero

To BRONCOS: Morgan Ensberg, Esteban Loaiza, SLW 1st 07 and PEF 1st 07


Trade #06-26

To FALCONS: Barry Bonds and BBB 3rd 07

To BRONCOS: Kenny Lofton and PEF 1st 06


Trade #06-27

To BATON ROUGE: Jack Wilson

To MUDLARKS: Sean Burroughs


Trade #06-28

To ELSINORE: Brian Bruney, Calvin Pickering and Wil Cordero



Trade #06-29

To CHIEFS: Aaron Boone and Todd Williams

To BRONCOS: Mike Timlin and WVC 4th 06