The Fly By Night Baseball Association (FLY) was established in 1977 and its mission is to promote friendship, fellowship and entertainment through APBA baseball.  The APBA version 5.5 BBW, current disk, with full AIM will be utilized.  The disk will be modified if there are any official corrections published.  All members of the FLY are expected to both adhere to both the letter and intent of this Constitution, as well as all other league rules and policies.  Repeated failure will result in expulsion from the league. 




The FLY shall consist of twenty-four (24) individual teams separated into two (2) conferences.  Each conference contains three (3) divisions.  Each division contains (4) teams:


McGraw Conference                                     Mack Conference

Clemente Division – 4 teams                             Banks Division – 4 teams

Mays Division – 4 teams                                   Kaline Division – 4 teams

Robinson Division – 4 teams                             Williams Division – 4 teams




The officers of the FLY shall be the Commissioner, a McGraw Conference President and a Mack Conference President.  Additional officers may be established at the discretion of the Commissioner. 



The Commissioner’s responsibility is to govern the league and make all rulings in the league’s best interest above all else.  These responsibilities include but are not limited to:


a)      Organize all league activities through himself or his delegates.

b)      Interpret and enforce the league Constitution, rules and policies at his discretion. 

c)      Mediate any disputes between league members.

d)      Discipline managers for tardiness or violations.

e)      Communicate to the membership in a timely manner regarding league issues.


The Commissioner is elected by the members and serves a five year term with no limit, with the support of the membership.  If the Commissioner has not met his obligations to the league or has violated the league rules, he may be removed from office by a unanimous vote of the Conference Presidents and 2/3 of the entire league. 


Conference Presidents

The Commissioner will appoint a President for each conference for a term no longer than his own current term.  Conference Presidents will:


a)      Provide counsel to the Commissioner in governing the league.

b)      Oversee the respective teams in their conference to insure managers are taking care of their teams with respect to roster management, injuries and tired players.

c)      Assist the Commissioner in the smooth running of the league.

d)      Hear appeals.

e)      Field complaints regarding the Commissioner’s performance and initiate disciplinary action if necessary. 

f)        Serve as Commissioner in disputes regarding the Commissioner or his team.




All managers are to be dedicated to fulfilling their responsibilities to the league and to each other.  This includes fair and timely management of their teams and players according to the league rules.  Most importantly, it is the responsibility of the managers to communicate in a timely manner with other members and the Commissioner to help maintain a smoothly running league.  Managers must have an active e-mail address that is capable of receiving/sending the necessary files used by the FLY. 


Each manager shall insure full schedule coverage at all defensive positions throughout the course of the season.  Managers are responsible for ascertaining that they have enough players to cover each position for the full schedule.  The AIM guidelines call for 1200 PR per position and 7000 MBF for pitchers.  If a team has a usage problem during the season, Commissioner will consider these guidelines closely when determining if penalties are applicable. 


If a league opening should occur, Commissioner will search for replacements.  These prospective managers are expected to be knowledgeable in baseball and well-versed in any form of APBA Baseball used by the league.  The Commissioner will be the final authority in acceptance of all prospective managers. 


BBW File Schedule

Team Franchise File – due by 10:00 PM central each Tuesday.

Commissioner Play Ball File – goes out at 10:00 PM central each Tuesday.

Home Team Results – due by 10:00 PM central each Sunday. 

Commissioner Results File – goes out 10:00 PM central each Sunday. 


It is each manager’s responsibility to play his own games.  Managers have the option to play their games in conventional mode or by simming the games.  It is not the league’s responsibility to sim games.  In the event a manager cannot play his games, he must notify the Commish (or his designate), in advance, whenever possible.  If a manager is late and/or the league has to sim games for a team 3 times or more during a season, he could be subject to penalties and/or discipline to be determined by the Commissioner. 



All teams may have a maximum total of forty (40) players, carded or uncarded during the season.  Active Roster is limited to twenty-six (26) and fourteen (14) on the Farm Team.  Players can be moved between Active and Farm only between series but not during a series.  Rosters may exceed forty (40) during the off-season.  Teams must have a backup for each position on Active Roster.  Players may never play out of position except by injury.


With five (5) weeks remaining in the season, Active Rosters may be expanded up to 40 players.  Commissioner will announce, in advance, when this will take effect. 


A carded player refers to any player included on the current official APBA BBW disk, issued by the APBA Game Company or its affiliates.  An uncarded player refers to any player owned by a FLY team but not on the current data disk. 




The FLY will use the DH in both conferences and for all teams.  Pitchers may not bat unless there are no remaining non-pitchers on Active Roster.  If the DH enters the game in the field (by injury only) thus nullifying the DH, the pitcher takes the place of the DH in the batting order.  When the pitcher’s spot in the batting order comes up, a pinch hitter (non-pitcher) must be used unless there are no other non-pitchers remaining on Active Roster.  Pitchers may, however, be used as pinch runners. 




At the beginning of each season, all FLY teams will select an appropriate micro manager to manage their team for all road games.  Any micro manager who is designed to handle modern day players, using full AIM and the DH may be used.  The FLY Default Manager will be Buck Miller II, unless otherwise designated by the Commissioner.  A list of all teams’ choices will be distributed by the Commissioner. 




Trading period begins after the World Series and ends with 8 weeks remaining the following season.  Commissioner will announce effective date.  Players and draft choices may be traded but draft choices will be limited to the current year and one (1) year in advance.  Trades must be reported to the Commissioner and/or his designate to be valid.  If reporting via e-mail, one manager should address e-mail to Commissioner with a copy to other manager involved in the trade.  The other manager should then ‘reply to all’ to confirm his understanding and acceptance. 


No trades are allowed by new managers until they have completed 21 days in the league. Commissioner may waive this restriction depending on the experience of the new manager. 



The season will consist of 162 regular season games plus the playoffs.  Regular season will start sometime in March and most weeks the home manager will have a 5-game series to play.  Commissioner will determine start of season and provide the schedule.  All teams will dome their stadiums at the beginning of the season.  If rainouts ever occur, Commissioner will decide if and when to make up those games. 




The FLY annual draft day will be the last Saturday in February each year with the site to be determined by the Commissioner.  All players on the current APBA BBW disk not owned by a FLY team are eligible to be drafted.  The order of the draft will be determined by the final regular season records of the most recent 3 seasons with the team with the poorest record picking 1st and so on.  In the event of a tie, the most current season will be used as a tiebreaker.     


There will be a total of 10 rounds to the draft with the 1st 7 rounds being conducted on draft day.  The final 3 rounds will be conducted (by list) shortly after draft day.  Rounds 8-10 will be considered the Waiver Draft.  All teams must cut to 40 or less prior to beginning Rounds 8-10.  Teams selecting in Round 8 will send a list to the Commissioner along with the player to be cut (unless under 40).  The Commissioner will send a new file out prior to Round 9 and any players cut from Round 8 will be available in Round 9.  Rounds 9 and 10 will then be handled the same as Round 8 except that players cut in Round 10 would remain in unowned pool. 




The three (3) division winners from each conference qualify for the playoffs; also two (2) teams from each conference (wild cards) with the best record and not a division winner also qualify for the playoffs. 


Division Winner Ties

If there is a tie for the final playoff spot, the teams involved will play a 3-game series to decide who advances.  Commissioner will flip a coin to determine home field advantage. 



A division winner will always have home field advantage over a wild card team.  Seeding for others is as follows:


  1. Overall record.
  2. Head-to-head record.
  3. Division record.
  4. Conference record.
  5. Non-conference record.
  6. Coin flip by Commissioner. 

Pitching Rotation

Teams must use a minimum 3-man rotation in each series. 

Playoff Rosters

Changes to roster may only be made between each series. 


Round 1 – The two wild card teams from each conference play a 5-game series (2-2-1) with the team with the better record having home field advantage.


Round 2 – The winning wild card team from each conference will play the division winner with the best overall record while the other two division winners from each conference are matched.  All series are 7 games (2-3-2). 


Round 3 – The two winning teams from Round 2 play a 7-game series (2-3-2) for the conference championship. 


Round 4 – The two winning teams from Round 3 play a 7-game series (2-3-2) in the World Series and the winning team is World Champion.   




League rules are to maintain fair and consistent play and player management.  All rules are to be voted on by the managers.  New rules require a 2/3 majority for passage, while changing a current rule requires a simple majority.  League policies are guidelines to ensure the smooth running of the league.  They are to be implemented by the Commissioner as necessary.