> J B R E I T L I N G    M U S I C   C L I P S
Greg Davis and Sebastian Roux: Pacquet Surprise for Junkmedia.org
Metric: Live It Out for Junkmedia.org
Lichens: The Nature of Being for Junkmedia.org
T. Raumschmiere: Blitzkrieg Bop for Junkmedia.org
Greg Dulli: Amber Headlights for Junkmedia.org
Rahim: Jungles for Junkmedia.org
Mazarin: We're Already There for Junkmedia.org
Dirty On Purpose: Sleep Late For A Better Tomorrow EP for Junkmedia.org
Windsor For The Derby: Give Up The Ghost for Junkmedia.org
Sex Pistols: The Great Rock and Roll Swindle for Junkmedia.org
Various Artists: Spectral Sound Vol. 1 for Junkmedia.org
Say Hi To Your Mom: Ferocious Mopes for Junkmedia.org
Lali Puna: I Thought I Was Over That for Junkmedia.org
Keith Fullerton Whitman: Multiples for Junkmedia.org
The Album Leaf: Seal Beach EP for Junkmedia.org
Starflyer 59: Talking Voice vs. Singing Voice for Junkmedia.org
Colleen: The Golden Morning Breaks for Junkmedia.org
Love as Laughter: Laughter's Fifth for Junkmedia.org
The Books: Lost and Safe for Junkmedia.org
Solvent: Elevators & Oscillators for Junkmedia.org
Keith Fullerton Whitman & Greg Davis: Yearlong for Junkmedia.org
Monade: A Few Steps More for Junkmedia.org
Various Artists: Pop Ambient 2005 for Junkmedia.org
Archie Bronson Outfit: Fur for Junkmedia.org
Adult.: D.U.M.E. for Junkmedia.org
Various Artists: Everything Comes & Goes -- A Tribute to Black Sabbath for Junkmedia.org
Yann Tiersen & Shannon Wright: Yann Tiersen & Shannon Wright for Junkmedia.org
Bettie Serveert: Attagirl for Junkmedia.org
Tinkertoy: Electric Wilderness for Junkmedia.org
Ian Brown: Solarized for Junkmedia.org
The Fiery Furnaces: The Fiery Furnaces EP for Junkmedia.org
Various Artists: But Then Again for Junkmedia.org
Various Artists: Speicher CD 2 for Junkmedia.org
The Anomoanon: Joji for Junkmedia.org
Keith Fullerton Whitman: Schoner Flussengel for Junkmedia.org
VHS Or Beta: Night On Fire for Junkmedia.org
Thalia Zedek: Trust Not Those In Whom Without Some Touch of Madness for Junkmedia.org
Tim Hecker: Mirages for Junkmedia.org
Camper Van Beethoven: New Roman Times for Junkmedia.org
Kptmichigan: Kptmichigan for Junkmedia.org
Tanya Donnelly: Whiskey Tango Ghosts for Junkmedia.org
Ill Ease: The Exorcist for Junkmedia.org
Various Artists: Fabricate (Charles Atlas Remixed) for Junkmedia.org
Various Artists: Old Enough 2 Know Better -- 15 Years of Merge Records for Junkmedia.org
Shrimp Boat: Something Grand for Junkmedia.org
S Prcss: Taste Like Daughter for Junkmedia.org
Les Sans Culottes: Fixation Orale for Junkmedia.org
The Good Life: Lover Need Lawyers for Junkmedia.org
Bruno Pronsato: Silver Cities for Junkmedia.org
I Am The World Trade Center: The Cover Up for Junkmedia.org
The New Year: The End Is Near for Junkmedia.org
Loretta Lynn: Van Lear Rose for 75orLess.com
Lali Puna: Faking The Books for 75orLess.com
Isan: Meet Next Life for Junkmedia.org
Deadbeat: Something Borrowed, Something Blue for Junkmedia.org
Dios: Los Arboles EP for Junkmedia.org
Volcano, I'm Still Excited!!: Self-titled for Junkmedia.org
Pole: Pole for Junkmedia.org
Martin Rev: To Live for Junkmedia.org
Chris Brokaw: Wandering As Water for Junkmedia.org
Karl Hendricks Trio: The Jerks Win Again for Junkmedia.org
Icebreaker International & Manual: Into Forever for Junkmedia.org
Kptmichigan: Player, Player for Junkmedia.org
Portastatic: The Summer of the Shark for Junkmedia.org
The Anomoanon: Asleep Many Years in the Wood for Junkmedia.org
Bill Laswell: Final Oscillations for Junkmedia.org
Saule: Saule for Junkmedia.org
Pole: 45/45 for Junkmedia.org
Pilot to Gunner: Games at High Speeds for Junkmedia.org
Schneider TM: 6 Peace for Junkmedia.org
Lefty's Deceiver: Cheats for Junkmedia.org
Low Rock: The Morphine Interview for Junkmedia.org
Mantissa: Building A Working Model for Junkmedia.org
Kaito: Special Love for Junkmedia.org
Vessel: Dreaming in Pairs for Junkmedia.org
The Dresden Dolls: A is for Accident for Junkmedia.org
Styrofoam: I'm What's There To Show That Something's Missing for Junkmedia.org
The Postal Service: Give Up for Junkmedia.org
No Trend: Tritonian Nash Vegas Polyester Complex for SplendidEZine.com
Mock Orange: First EP for SplendidEZine.com
Morphine: The Best of 1992-1995 for Junkmedia.org
The Phenomenological Boys: Melody, Melody, Melody and More Melody for Junkmedia.org
Fontanelle: Style Drift for Junkmedia.org
Campfire Girls: Delongpre for SplendidEZine.com
The Building Press: Amplitude of Frequencies Over Time for Junkmedia.org
Adrian Crowley: A Strange Kind for SplendidEZine.com
Guitar: Sunkissed for Junkmedia.org
Helms: McCarthy for Junkmedia.org
Subincision: Jingo for SplendidEZine.com
Cargo Cult: Strange Men Bearing Gifts for SplendidEZine.com
Renee Cologne: The Opposite Of for SplendidEZine.com
Blue Sky Goodbye: The Identity EP for SplendidEZine.com
T.a.t.u.: 200 KM/H in the Wrong Direction for SplendidEZine.com
The Rugs: Suez Canal for SplendidEZine.com
Les: The View From Here for SplendidEZine.com
Utham: Self-titled for SplendidEZine.com
Baleen: Soundtrack to a Normal Life for SplendidEZine.com
Chitlin Fooks: Did It Again for SplendidEZine.com
Precious Little: 100 Miles for SplendidEZine.com
Captain Kidder: I Oh I for SplendidEZine.com
Bon Voyage: The Right Amount for SplendidEZine.com
Waves for the Deaf: Eleven Songs in Stereo for SplendidEZine.com
Six Drumsets: Simmer for SplendidEZine.com
My Fine Friend Phil: Peace for SplendidEZine.com
Life in Braille: New York City Ending for SplendidEZine.com
Victory at Sea: The Good Night for Junkmedia.org
Tinariwen: The Radio Tisda Sessions for SplendidEZine.com
Various Artists: Kiss the Night -- A Collection of Unusual Gothic Love Songs for SplendidEZine.com
Shifted Phases: The Cosmic Memoirs of the Late Great Rupert J. Rosinthrope for SplendidEZine.com
Jackpot: Shiny Things for SplendidEZine.com
Braindoll + Holy Robot: Apostasy for SplendidEZine.com
Jon Asencio and Sylvie Chenard: Ocean a Vendre/For Sale for SplendidEZine.com
Sheryl's Magnetic Aura: Self-Titled for SplendidEZine.com
Paper Moon: One Thousand Reasons to Stay...One Reason To Leave for SplendidEZine.com
Jim Ryan's Forward Energy: Configurations 2002 for SplendidEZine.com
Various Artists: Edmonton Artists Collection for SplendidEZine.com
Thalia Zedek: You're A Big Girl Now for Junkmedia.org
T. Raumschmiere: The Great Rock and Roll Swindle for Junkmedia.org
Various Artists: Songs in the Key of Z: The Curious Universe of Outsider Music for Junkmedia.org
The Siderunners: Ain't Inventin' the Wheel for SplendidEZine.com
The Bigger Lovers: Honey In the Hive for Junkmedia.org
Ernesto Diaz-Infante and Chris Forsythe: March for SplendidEZine.com
Keith Fullerton Whitman: Playthroughs for SplendidEZine.com
Anthony DiStefano: Self-titled for SplendidEZine.com
The Suntanama: Self-titled for SplendidEZine.com
Electronico: Lounge at the Chimney Pavilion for SplendidEZine.com
Hypo: Karaoke A Capella for SplendidEZine.com
Last Harbour: The Host of Wild Creatures for SplendidEZine.com
Five AM: Degrees of Falling for SplendidEZine.com
Long Weekend: All Roads Lead to Roam for SplendidEZine.com
Emm Gryner: Asian Blue for SplendidEZine.com
Lelio Padovani: Unknown Evolution for SplendidEZine.com
Don Campau and MJB: Sinecure for SplendidEZine.com
Benge: Meme Tunes for Junkmedia.org
Ted Minsky: Madame Le Ted for Junkmedia.org
Coh: Mask of Birth for Junkmedia.org
The Mobius Band: Three for Junkmedia.org
Ampbuzz: This Is My Ampbuzz for Junkmedia.org
John Tejada: Daydreams in Cold Weather for Junkmedia.org
Radian: Rec.Extern for Junkmedia.org
Brad Yoder: Used for SplendidEZine.com
Various Artists: AfroTech: A Global Journey Into Electronic Africa for SplendidEZine.com
Various Artists: Blue Skied An' Clear for Junkmedia.org
Sonic Youth's Murray Street More Than Up To Snuff for NightTimes.com
Aloha: Sugar for Junkmedia.org
George Graewe in concert for CheekyMonkey
Thalia Zedek in concert for RockerChick.com
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion in concert for C-Ville Weekly
Archers of Loaf in concert for C-Ville Weekly

> A R C H I V E D    M U S I C   T E C H N O L O G Y   C L I PS

Five Studios Join Forces For Movies On-Demand Service for Webnoize News
JVM Flaw Could Expose User Web Activity for Information Security Magazine
Studios On-Campus Strategy Could Lead to Battle With Retailers for Webnoize News
Vivendi Universal's Messier Looking At USA Networks For Web Opportunities for Webnoize News
New Alliance Aims to Educate Against Cyber Attacks for Information Security Magazine
WatchGuard to Acquire RapidStream In $48M Deal for Information Security Magazine
Microsoft Locks In New Security Boss for Information Security Magazine
Successful Cybercrime Prosections Only The Tip of the Iceberg for Information Security Magazine
P2P Software Developers Feel Chill From Content Industries' Latest Legal Salvo for Webnoize News
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