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Brent Allsop's Web Page

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1229 Years After Titanic

In all of the cultures and religions of the world, there are lots of claims, descriptions, stories, and scriptures about many heavens, kingdoms, nirvanas, and utopias. But most of these are impossible to rationally and scientifically believe in. It was surprising to me to realize that if any of these turn out to be true, as so many still claim, they are terrible in comparison to what more and more Extropians, futurists and scientists are starting to tell us about what might be possible in our natural future. I've collected some of these Extropian ideas in this story. Though some of these ideas are a little more fantastic and take a little more faith to believe in than others, the apparent unstoppable progress seems to me to be proving to us that more and more of this will soon be possible. Even if ultimately only some of this turns out to be possible, the world our children will inherit from us will surly eventually be far better than all of the heaven's described in all the world's primitive religions.

In this story our children become so powerful they are not only able to become immortal, but are able to resurrect their parents. Ancestors are worshiped as Gods that were quite literally the creators that made everything possible. I've borrowed from the story of James Cameron's popular move Titanic. The characters are resurrected, brought up to speed and worshiped by the thousands of descendants that literally would not have existed if it weren't for their lives and everything they did.

Qualia Theory of Consciousness

A theory of consciousness that predicts science will soon discover phenomenal qualities of nature in our brain. These qualia (singular quale) are what our brain uses to create the world of our conscious awareness. This discovery will ultimately result in the ability to "eff" that which has so far been ineffable.


Saviors is a very short Sci-Fi story about an advanced alien civilization finding us and becoming our saviors - eliminating death and suffering as we know it. I wrote it because I am so frustrated that there are no stories that I know of, which make the assumption that death and suffering like evils are incompatible with the existence of any advanced being.

Transhumanists, God, and the Problem of Evil.

This article was written and submitted for publication in a special issue of the Journal of Evolution and Technology on religion. Unfortunately, this issue never made it to publication so I've included it here.

Powerful good beings, by definition, want to and are able to overcome evils like death and suffering. Thereby, such beings are incompatible with the existence of such evil. If one believes such beings exists while there is still evil they are faced with the "problem of evil" making such beliefs problematic. Evil ultimately wins, at least partially, even if we can become as powerful as them. Hence the only logical hopeful view of a transhumanist seems to be atheism - or that such powerful beings don't yet exist, while there is still such evil. People that believe such powerful beings already exist must have some kind of attempted theodicy where they justify and accept such evil in some way. In contrast, a transhumanist atheists can hope that death and suffering is about to be overcome, and that we, as such beings, are about to emerge ultimately completely triumphing over such evils.