1229 Years After Titanic





A Short Story By

Brent Allsop




Oct 10, 2002






Table of Contents




1 The Morning After........ 3

2 Reunion Breakfast 14

3 Celebration............. 19

4 Exploring............. 25

5 Expanding Spirit World............. 30

6 Sharing Spirit Worlds.. 41

7 Happily Ever After 47













1 The Morning After


I awoke to the glorious sensation of being held and rocked in my great granddaughter Lizzy’s arms.  She was humming a beautiful tune.  A complete feeling of perfect love distracted me from the surprise I thought I should be feeling for being picked up in my sleep and held like this in my bed.  Just being on this boat where they are exploring the Titanic with those subs was surprising.  Everyone had been treating me like such a celebrity as they all listened so intently while I revealed my secrets about what had happened so long ago.  It all seemed like I was in a vivid dream.  Had I really finally divulged these precious secrets of so long?  Was Lizzy really holding me so tight and rocking me like this?  It all seemed too wonderful to be true.


My mind continued to wander as I continued to wake up.  I reviewed in my mind how I had, the day before, finally revealed all this information I had so carefully kept secret for so long.  I felt pride as I thought about how I had finally successfully secretly dropped the “heart” into the ocean last night.  I had taken great care to keep anything related to my having the “heart” all that time out of anything I said.  I was well practiced at constantly reviewing the facts to keep the important parts fresh in my mind so that I could avoid slipping and revealing these all-important secrets.  Now that I had revealed much of the story, I thought to myself, I must be ever vigilant to allow myself to continue to talk about this newly revealed stuff without revealing this one final secret.   I was going to take this one with me to my grave.


After I had dropped it in the ocean, I had made my way back to bead in my cabin.  I recalled trying to go to sleep.  For some time now I had been feeling an increasingly uncomfortable fluttering sensation in my chest.  Something in my mind was telling me that it was finally time for me to die.  I had such a feeling of completeness.  So many years ago, in the cold cold water, Jack had made me promise that I would survive, that I wouldn't give up, no matter what happens, no matter how hopeless.  I had survived to age 101.  I had kept all these secrets all this time and finally had given back the diamond.  Everything he had prophesied so long ago had come true.  I was an old lady and one of these days I would likely die in my bed, just like he had promised so long ago.  I had never let go of that promise.  I thought it was all finally finished.  Thank you Jack, I thought, as I finally fell asleep pondering the full and wonderful life made possible because of the way Jack had saved me.


I somehow felt different this morning – much better than how uncomfortable I had felt last night.  A surprising thought was popping into my mind just as I felt a drop of water land on my cheek.  Had I died in my sleep and gone to Heaven?  Despite a fear that opening my eyes might end this glorious comfortable dream the shock of the water on my cheek together with this thought startled me into opening them.


I wouldn't have been surprised to see God or something holding me.  But, to my relief, I could clearly see it was Lizzy.  She had been crying.  I realized it was her tear that had landed on my cheek.


“I’m sorry”, she said as she wiped the tear away from my cheek.  She then wrapped her arms around me and squeezed so wonderfully.  The emotional power and love I felt from her was startling and filled my entire being.   I didn’t know why Lizzy had come into my cabin and taken me in her arms like this while I was sleeping, but I was sure glad she had.


“Thank You!  All this feels so wonderful” I said.


“Your welcome.  I’ve missed you so, and it’s so good to see you,” Came the reply as she tightened her hug again.  “How do you feel?” she asked.


“I feel good!  In fact I can't believe how good I feel." I answered.


She continued: "I have something for you," as she held out her hand.  I was shocked as I saw part of the chain that had been a secret part of me for so long revealing what was hiding in her hand.  As she opened her hand and gave it to me my shocking disbelief was confirmed.


"What?"  I asked with utter amazement. Somehow she had retrieved the diamond I had secretly dropped into the ocean the night before and here it was still in my hand.  My mind filled with conflicting feelings.  Somehow this all felt right, as if this heart of the ocean was part of me and couldn’t be lost in the ocean, even after dropping it in last night.  At the same time I felt uncomfortable with anyone seeing what I had worked so long and hard to keep so secret.  The shock that my most precious of all secrets had finally, somehow, been found out settled in.


"How could you have known about this?" I asked with a feeling of betrayal.


"For a long time we didn’t know you had this all that time." Came the reply.


"How did you get this?  And why did you come into my cabin to hold me like this?" I demanded finally realizing that something very unusual and fantastic was going on.


“You died in your sleep that night.” Came the answer.


Many thoughts rushed through my mind trying to make some sense of all this.  I’m sure I would have felt more upset if it weren't for the wondrous love and comfort I felt, as she looked so deep into my eyes.


I wasn’t dreaming – I must have really died and gone to heaven! was the thought that dominated.  But why was Lizzy here telling me all this?  Why were we still on this boat?  Why was I still in this old and dieing body?  I could still feel the uncomfortable fluttering sensations in my chest, though I had to admit it was now much less uncomfortable.


"Am I in heaven?" I asked with timid confusion and disbelief.


“In a sense, yes." She replied.


I looked down at the morning sun that was streaming through the portal window traveling back and forth across my old body in her arms to the rhythm of the ocean waves.  It felt so real; so warm and… earthly.  Each time the light moved onto the diamond necklace in my hand it reflected rainbow sparkles of light that filled the room.  They would dance even more as I moved it in my hand in the light.


Still being in my old body, in my cabin on this boat, made this impossible to believe.  But somehow it just felt right and I believed her.  But if this was really true, why was Lizzy here holding me rather than someone that had already passed on like my husband, or perhaps my mother, or any of the others that had died before me.  Surely Lizzy couldn't have died last night too, I worried.


Lizzy just held me and patently continued looking into my eyes.  Her gaze was so deep and comforting.  I felt as though she was looking right through me.  I felt like she knew my every thought and could feel my every concern – as if she herself were God or something.


“This isn’t a heaven where dead people have to be separated from the living,” She started.  How fantastic, I thought.


“This is the future.  It feels to you like you didn’t die that night, and that today is simply the day after.  This is because you have been resurrected just as you were immediately before your death.  Your body, your mind, memories and everything are restored almost identical to what they were that night you died in 1996.  It is now the year 3141.  You were dead for 1,145 years, 9 months, 12 days, 2 hours, and 18 minutes.”


The anxiety and fear was starting to turn to excitement.  I could feel myself starting to become giddy.  Though it seemed impossible, each statement seemed like a revelation that was infinitely more surprising, fantastic wonderful than the previous one.  I started to feel we had just barely gotten started with all this and that I hadn’t heard anything compared to what was yet to come.  I wondered how much more fantastic each revelation could become.


"There are lots of people that would love to meet you." She said.  "Would you like to get dressed before you meet them?"  She asked.  She helped me get up, but I could tell I no longer needed her help like before.


“This feels great,” I said as I easily stood by myself and looked back at her as she also got out of bed.


“Yes,” she explained, “Much that wasn’t working has been repaired and your body is repairing itself even more as we speak.  Your body will continue to get better and younger as time goes on.”


“Oooh,” I said with excitement and a small jump.  I often wondered what a newborn child experienced as I looked at their amazed eyes as they first experienced and looked out upon the world.  All this new stuff that was happening to me seemed as if it was thousands of times more wonderful and amazing.  It all seemed so hard to believe and yet at the same time somehow so obviously inevitable.


I enjoyed being able to shower completely on my own for the first time in several years in that cabin shower.


“I guess I’d better hurry since you said there are so many people waiting to meet me.” I said.


“Oh no, don’t worry about that!” she said.  “It’s going to take some work, but your going to have to get use to the idea of being immortal.  We literally do have all the time in the world.  There is no need to hurry at all.  Take all the time you want!” came the reply.


Oh the water felt so good.  Even though I was so looking forward to meeting everyone I did try to relax and take my time to cherish and enjoy each experience fully.


“How is it possible that people can be resurrected?” I asked as the perfectly warm water flowed over my body.


“Once we achieved the ability to more or less form matter into any form imaginable, including reproductions of bodies, it simply became a matter of history.  All that was required was the information about what state you were in during your life.  All that had been forgotten had to be rediscovered and put back in your mind or remembered just the way it was when you were alive. Once you had memories to restore, making a new mind and body that had them was easy; recovering the memories to restore from history was the hard part.


“For several centuries after we died the historians amongst our children made ever-increasing progress towards learning more and more detail about the past.  All the information that was known about everyone that ever existed was considered one of humanities most prize possessions.  Every artifact, diary, genealogical record, photograph, home video and so on was continually being collected and infinitely charished.  Everything was permanently archived, stored, cross-referenced in a world wide historical system.  All this growing amount of information was literally the memory of humanity.  In our short lives we didn’t have much time to spend on history.  But once people became immortal, you have a lot more time to do things like research and archive history.”


“Those that survived till the time when immortality was achieved were very thankful to the few people that made the effort to cryonically preserve themselves at death.  For a long time it was thought that these were the only people we’d be able to resurrect.  In those early times most people dared not accept the possibility that some day we might achieve an ability to do histories accurate enough to enable true resurrection of people.  Restoring actual memories and thoughts was just something to fantastic for most people to accept as a possibility.”


"During that time when most people lacked the faith that something like this resurrection might be possible, there was much discussion and debate comparing the resulting eternal world to the supposed "afterlives", the "plans of happiness" of various Gods and so on which some of the world religions had troubles letting go of.  If this was "all there was";  If those that had created us and given us the ability to create this immortal world missed out on all this – was this better than the traditional views of heaven and hell or "lesser kingdoms" where people had to suffer eternal isolation and segregations for various reasons; where Gods had to look down on their creations and watch them unjustly torture and crucify each other for various attempted justifications.  As more immortal children were born into this suffering free environment the view that this world given to us by our ancestors was far better quickly became the dominant belief."


“The ability to do ever more detailed archeological surveys of historical sights and artifacts, like everything else, continued to increase exponentially in all ways.  Eventually the ability to observe the state of every atom and molecule at archeological sights became a possibility.  This produced such large volumes of data that it required more matter than existed on earth to deal with it all.  Huge computational complexes were created out of other planets in the solar system to deal with all this historical data that was being excavated from and produced by the earth.”


“Before you died people had embarked on recording the entire sequence of human DNA.  In the same way, today, people are working on a non-destructive scan of the atomic structure of the entire earth.  In other words, the entire earth is being considered an archeological sight.  The goal is to know the current state of every atom on the entire earth – right now as we are living on it.”


“Every action, every decision, and even every thought that everyone had during their entire life left huge wakes of atomic influence on the places where people lived.  The ‘butterfly effect’ was a popular notion during our time.  It was the idea that it was considered impossible to know the future of complex systems like the weather because even a butterfly flapping it’s wings on one side of the world could cause a severe storm on the other side of the world.  But when you are looking back into history, with the detailed information we are now archiving about the entire earth, it becomes possible to find out a great many things about the past.  Like the flap of a butterfly wing, a single thought a person had would have ever more profound complex and expanding influence on the world that we are now recording.  There is really only one life each person and animal could have lived that would result in the precise state of the world that we are now able to observe.  We simply had to search for and find that life or set of memories and thoughts that was the person.  We had to recover what had been forgotten.”


“During our day people made educated guesses about the way life was in the past.  Stories and movies were made with as much detail about the past as was available.   As the available data become more detailed and cross correlated more and more of these stories were being made.  They become much more than simple stories and movies – they eventually became detailed 3D simulations.  It became a world wide pass time for people to virtually live in and experience ever more detailed and accurate simulations of their ancestor’s lives.  As everyone become more and more intelligent there was more and more demand that these active recreations become ever more accurate and correlated with known history.”


“Though huge, there is a finite set of possible memories each person could have had.  Eventually our children’s minds grew large enough to be able to comprehend significant portions of these huge possibilities.  With this and their knowledge of the state of every atom that we had ever touched it became a matter of searching through all the possible memories that we could have had – and finding the set that fit perfectly with the known state of the world we left.”


“There were huge search spaces of all possible memories that people could have had to be searched through before the one perfect set could be discovered.  The more historical data one had about one’s life the more our children were able to reduce the space that needed to be searched through to find the one real set of memories.”


“Before anyone could be truly resurrected, as you finally have been, there were rigorous standards to be passed to be sure the perfect set of memories to be used for resurrection had indeed been discovered.  Every thought and memory that we figured someone had had during their life, had to be rigorously checked and validated with many diverse sources of historical information before the set of memories could be certified for a true resurrection.  Once our children had all the information about the state of a person when they died, and it had all been fully verified, they could then finally recreate a body and restore it to the identical state that body was in when it died.”


I finally finished with my long shower.  Lizzy had a wonderful set of clothes set out for me to put on.  Even though I felt perfectly able to do my own hair and makeup, she wanted to do it for me like she had sometimes done in the past.


“I died in 2049.” She continued as she started drying my hair with a brush and blow drier.  “At that time cryonic preservation was becoming more and more popular.  Yet for some reason I wasn’t interested in it.   Everyone that was cryonically preserved was resurrected by 2290.  But it was almost a thousand more years before the first people that were not cryonically preserved started to be resurrected.”


“Our children were so upset with me for not signing up before I died.  Lots of people had relatives that died before I did alive with them during all that time.  It would have made their job so much easier had I just put forth such a relatively small effort to preserve myself.  By the time I died the power of cryonics was becoming so obvious but I just wouldn’t listen to reason.  I was one of the many people that fell into the trap of thinking bad of people that wanted to live forever and just wouldn’t listen to them whenever they tried to talk to me about it.  I could have been with my family during that thousand years and could have helped them with all this had I only listened to reason and made the right choice back then.”


I continued: "I remember cryonics was considered by all to be such a bad thing back in my time.  Isn't the world overflowing with people now?"


She replied: "Oh no, most of the people no longer spend time on earth.  It's to valuable.  They're all out there living in the heavens where there's lots of free space.  The earth is mostly now used for resurrections like yours, nostalgic vacations and other stuff like that."


I finally said: "We used to think nobody living a thousand years or more in the future would have any interest at all in us – but now that I'm here, thanks to you, I guess it was kind of stupid to not think that a child would be interested in their own parents and grandparrents."


I couldn’t believe what she did with my hair.  It was so wonderful to have someone that knew just what I wanted more than I myself knew what I wanted.  I couldn’t wait to see what she could do with makeup.  I looked in the mirror closer and noticed that the wrinkles were really fading and my face and body was getting younger.


“Look at that!” I said with amazement.  “I look 10 or 20 years younger already!”


“Yes,” She said.  “You truly are a beautiful person.  Of course you wont need any makeup soon but this is really fun.  It brings back so many memories.  It’s just like old times.”


“This is all just so amazing and unbelievable!” I said as she smiled back at me and started with the makeup.


“When my memories were finally completed and validated so that I could be resurrected, they already had a good start on your life history.” She continued.  “But most of it was still left to be discovered and validated.  It was so much fun to finally be resurrected, to be living life with my children, and able to contribute to the effort on your behalf.”


“There were thousands of people with their ever increasing God like minds searching for years amongst the enumerable sets of thoughts and memories you could have had for that perfect set that would be consistent with the historical data.  But in your case something was holding us back.  For some reason the simulations never converged on a single reality as fast as most other people's historical searches.  It was as if there was some secret missing puzzle peace that no one could discover about what you were thinking much of the time. But this year we finally made a huge breakthrough.  We found the missing piece that made all the difference in our search."


She retrieved the diamond from the dresser where I had left it and placed it on my neck.


“This was this missing peace!?” I asked in amazement.


"Yes it was!" she replied with a congratulatory tone.  "In the year 2036, a huge set of marble sized micro robots were scouring the extended sight where the Titanic sunk.  They were looking for more artifacts and guess what they found.


"This, of course."  I replied.


Yes, Hunting for artifacts was still very crude at that time.  With more modern tools we would have quickly realize that this necklace had been deposited at its resting sight, not in 1912, as had been incorrectly assumed until this year, but in 1996 – 84 years after the sinking of the Titanic.


"This is all so fantastic" I interjected.


“It was finally proposed that perhaps you ended up with and had secretly kept the diamond till the end of your life.  We realized that you could have secretly dropped the necklace in the ocean from this ship in 1996.  With this new hypothesis an immediate investigation ensued to check it out.  Detailed analyzers were dispatched to record the atomic level state of the entire sight where it was found; along with everywhere the diamond had been since then.  It's truly amazing how much you can tell of an object's history when you can analyze, in detail, the state of every atom in and on it.”


“Sure enough supporting evidence was all over the place.  Once we realized this all-important fact, everything finally started to fall into place with our searches.  The search space of all possibilities quickly started to converge and become manageable.  Of course we always knew that you periodically wanted to be alone when you were particularly depressed.  But when we finally realized that during these times you would secretly take the diamond out, hold it, look into it, ponder it, and remember the promises you had made to Jack - The promise to "survive, that you would never give up no matter what happens, no matter how hopeless."  That you would "Never let go."


“We knew from DNA and other evidence that you should have suffered much more severely from a form of depression.  All of our simulations and searches veered off in this direction.  But some how you managed to miraculously remain immune from it.  We finally realized that you having this heart of the ocean enabled you to largely overcome this depression.  With this new realization we started looking in the right places and everything finally started to fall into place.  It wasn’t to long after this when we finally had a restored set of memories that perfectly fit with all the historical data.  And here you are!”


“That is all so fantastic,” I replied.


“You know, Nanna, had you told any of us about all this, that you had the diamond, we could have been doing this several years ago.  The equivalent of thousands of man years of people struggling and searching for this missing piece would not have been necessary.  I wouldn't have missed and been so lonely without you, for quite as long as I had.


"Oh my goodness." I replied.  "I had often felt twangs of guilt thinking about how, if it had been sold, how much good the money could have done; how many starving children it could have fed and so on.  If anyone knew I had had it, it would have been too valuable and dangerous an item to just keep with me, and of course many others would have claimed ownership of it.  I guess I subconsciously knew how important it was to me, and how I couldn't have survived without it as you said.  But the thought that secretly throwing it back into the ocean like I did would somehow be such a hindrance to my children resurrecting me into heaven, of course never even entered my mind.”


“But then you already knew all that didn't you!”




"Your like God, you know everything don't you!"  I asserted.


“Oh no, not even close.  There is still so much we don’t know, and so many people that lived long ago for which we still know so little about. ”


“You know it’s kind of ironic.  Back in our time people always debated over whether or not God was truly all knowing.  Today we still have a similar heated debate over whether or not we might be able to become all knowing some day.  It’s like a religious issue with people constantly arguing both sides.


“Once we get you up to speed you’ll be able to help us search for your parents, friends and perhaps help to find answers to these kinds of questions. ”


“Well, what do you think” she asked as she stood back to look at her work.


“Do I need to answer?” I jokingly mocked, as I knew my expression revealed my delight about how I looked.


“We’ve got breakfast fixed for you in the ship’s mess hall.” She said as I stood up dressed and ready to face the world.


“We?” I asked.


“Yes, most of our family that were alive when you died either never died or have been resurrected and have gathered for a kind of reunion breakfast with you.”


“Oh my!” I said with some amount of trepidation.  “What do they all look like after more than a thousand years?  Will I be able to recognize any of them?” I asked.


“Oh don’t worry!” she scorned – as if I should have already realized that everything has been designed to be as perfect for me as possible.


“Like me, they’ve all taken on a form or a body age that they had the last time you saw them.”


“How fantastic!” I said with relief and excitement and a feeling of determination to realize and let go of any possible concerns or worries.  This truly seemed better than heaven and my family was clearly seeing to it with god like power that there would be nothing for me to possibly worry about or fear.


“So anyone can become any age they want to now?” I asked.


“Yes, and a lot more than just that.  Each of us has become much more than what can fit in any body.  For example, right now, this part of me that is here with you, in the form you last saw me, is just a small part of me.  There are parts of me that are making new relationships with new people right now.  A big part of me, and a big part of everyone, is focused on more historical work – we really want to get everyone truly resurrected as soon as possible.  In this world of no death and pain, loneliness – missing and being unable to share all this wondrous glory with the ones you love is the most significant misery in everyone’s lives.  Working so hard to resurrect others is almost selfish, in a way, because so many of us want to eliminate this kind of lonely pain that will torment us until not one person is missing.  In effect, right now I'm preparing for the resurrection of many other people – many of whom you knew.”


“When we were born, people put together books of remembrances full of pictures.  Today we can do quite a bit more with less relative effort.  Today instead of a book full of a few pictures, we make perfect replicas of old ships like this.  In your day people got a hair do, a manicure, and put on some new clothes.  Today people can take a part of them and just as easily take on an entire new form and become anything they want for any occasion.”


“And people won’t stay the same the entire time your with them.  In fact, I’m slowly changing myself right now.  Can you see any differences in me since you first woke up?”


“Oh my goodness!”  I said as I looked closely and realized she had indeed changed.  “You’re becoming more beautiful – a more perfect version of yourself.”


“Look at that!”  I said.  “The scare on your chin from when you fell when you were 7 is completely gone!”  I said with realization.


I looked in the mirror again and sure enough, I was changing too.  My skin was becoming tighter, all the blemishes and wrinkles were fading.


“Most people have a preferred form/age they like to be in most of the time.  In another 10 hours or so this part of me will have completely morphed into that form.”


“The same will happen to most of the rest of our family while we eat breakfast.  The young ones will slowly, rapidly actually, go through many of the more significant forms and ages they’ve been in since you’ve died.”


I felt my jaw drop and mouth open in anticipating amazement as we headed down the short corridor towards the mess hall.



2 Reunion Breakfast


As Lizzy opened the door to the mess hall and showed me in, my entire family jumped up from their seats in excitement and ran towards me.  Fay, she was my beloved great great grand daughter, and some of the other younger children were already up and got to me first.  I reached down and picked up Fay like I had been able to do when she was first born 4 years ago – er I guess it was 4 years before I died.  When everyone got to me it was a big group hug and I couldn’t hold back the tears.  I could see many of them were crying with me and as happy to see me, as I was to see them.  “We’ve missed you soooo much!” they all said in unison reveling the fact that they must have been all communicating in something like telepathic ways.


“Do you remember me?” Fay asked.


“Of course!” I replied.  “You’re my great great grand daughter Fay Jensen.  Gerald, here, my great grandson and Julie are your parents." I said as I handed Fay to Julie.  All this was so clear and easy to remember making it so much fun.  I continued through, naming the rest of them and how they were related.  I could also remember most of their ages at the time of my death.  I’m sure having them look just as they did the last time I saw them before I died helped quite a bit.


Needless to say, the breakfast they fixed for me was far better than anything I had eaten during my entire life.  They obviously knew precisely what I wanted to eat more than I myself knew what I wanted.


There was so much stuff to talk about.  While we ate, many of them took short turns telling me about a few significant events in their lives that I had missed.  The tables were in a horseshoe configuration with everyone on the outside facing in.  As they took turns narrating, 3D projections of events appeared in the center of the tables.  It was so real it often seemed as if the events were occurring right there in the center of the tables.  But the zooming out and changing of perspective, always giving the perfect view of what was going on, gave it an air of a perfect family having a ball sitting around and watching a perfectly choreographed set of futuristic home movies.


Many, especially the younger children, giggled and laughed observing the perfectly preserved and here in front of us reproduced 3d images.  Now in this heavenly context, it was so funny to watch some of the behaviors in times when they were obviously so much younger and less than what they are now.  It took some getting use to see them, especially the younger ones, growing up right before my eyes.


As I watched and experienced all of this glory, realizing that death and suffering no longer was anything to worry about, the lonely misery Lizzy was talking about quickly became all to obvious.  I constantly had recollections of loved ones that weren’t there.  Oh they would so much love to see some of this! I thought.  Knowing they weren’t here was truly painful.  Knowing that something could now be done about it caused a powerful burning desire to get busy and get it done so they too could see and experience all of this.


As I was having these thoughts about some of the people not there, the sometimes boisterous and joyous conversations and presentations slowed down.  Finally there was an obvious pause after one of the image presentations ended.


I took advantage of the pause and said:  “I sure wish my husband Richard could be here to see all this.” I said.  “How much more work before he can be resurrected?” I asked.


“He died 23 years before you did.” Lizzy said.  “We’ve restored lots of rough information about the life he lived – but we’re still a very long way from being able to have enough detail to do a true resurrection.”


“One popular unit of measure now is called the Resurrection Progress Ratio or RP Ratio.  It is roughly the amount of time it takes us to fully deduce a perfect history sufficient to start resurrecting people that died during a period of time compared to an equivalent period today.  For example it took us about 5 years to work through and get most of the people that died the year after you died.   That gives us an RP Ratio of 5 since it took us around 5 years to perfectly complete one more year of history sufficient to resurrect most of the people that died during that period.


“These are rough averages and our family is a bit ahead of the curve – you were resurrected earlier than most other people that died the year you did.  And you weren’t cremated which of course makes things much easer.  In general, the better people, memorabilia associated with their life, diaries, and any information about them is preserved, the sooner they can be resurrected.  It’ll be some time before the people that were cremated the year you died are completed.  There are still more than half the people that died the year you did that are not yet resurrected.  It’ll likely take several more years before they’re all resurrected.  Other families are way ahead of us – the earliest person that has been resurrected, outside of those that were cryonically preserved, died in 1982.  If our family had worked as hard at family history as that family has – we’d be almost ready to resurrect Richard.”


“So if we were quite lazy and didn’t improve our RP Ratio it would take 5 times 23 years or 115 years before he would be resurrected.  But of course our ability to do this is ever increasing, and there are more and more people, like you now, working on it.  Your `memories of him that have now been perfectly recovered will be an immense help in doing the work for Richard.  About 100 years ago we were averaging an RP Ratio of 10 years to complete one more year of history.  In another 100 years we expect to have an RP Ratio down to about 2 or 3 years to complete one more year of history.  Some of us optimistically hope that in another 200 years we’ll be approaching an RP Ratio of on average one more year of people resurrected every year.  Beyond those rates, hopefully it won’t take us that much longer to finally get everyone.”


“So a popular hopeful estimate is that we’ll have enough historical information about Richard’s life to do a perfect resurrect in less than 50 years.


“Fifty years!?”  I said with obvious disappointment and frustration.  “The 23 years I spent without him were hard.  But I guess the next 50 won’t be quite as hard knowing that there will be an end to this separation.”


“How much information about his life is already recovered?” I asked.


“We pretty much roughly know almost everything he did every minute of his life.”


“Really!?”  I said with surprise.


“But knowing what he was thinking about every minute of his life is something different all together and that is what is required to ensure a perfect resurrection.”


“So you can already produce one of these 3D movies we’ve been watching of his entire life?” I excitedly said, proud of myself for realizing this all by myself.”


“Yes! That’s good!” she said with praise.  “You’re coming up to speed very fast!  But we can do much more than just that.” She said.


“When we died there was what we referred to as people’s estates.  We took everything people left and split it up mostly amongst the surviving children.  This is obviously yet one more way most of us are in dept to our parents – our literal creators - for everything they gave to us.  As you get more and more up to speed, you’ll realize that it’s not fun to be in dept – especially to loved-ones.  It’s natural, especially for more intelligent beings, to want to do anything we can to pay such debts back as much as possible including interest.”


“As a natural outcome of such desires artificially intelligent entities were created to manage the 'estate' of people that had passed on.  Everything a person owned, rather than being passed to others, was maintained and increased by these AI entities.  The goal of these entities was to act as much like their namesake as possible.  These entities managed everything including a person’s DNA, and all known information about them.  Their legal statuses become something like a corporation.  They did everything from hiring firms to manage assets to donating to charity.  As much as was possible decisions were maid according to how the AI calculated its namesake would have acted.”


“Oftentimes people wanted to use the DNA of a passed on loved one to clone a child, or someone wanted to buy the DNA of a famous person for their child.  Permission had to be granted by these entities before anything like this was allowed.  Many of the AI’s did have clones of their original created, and as much of a person’s memories as were known were artificially given to these artificial beings.  These not yet fully restored beings simply became known as ‘Estates’”


“As economies continued their exponential growth the ‘poverty level’ became a very significant thing managed by world governments and religions.  The exponentially growing charity and tax base that supported these organizations provided assets to everyone.  No one was allowed to fall below the exponentially growing ‘poverty level’.  Not only were rich ‘Estates’ taxed, but poor Estates were provided a level of subsistence to keep them at least at the current ‘poverty level’ just like living people.”


“Early genealogy records played a big roll in this process.  An AI was created for each name, and enough money was given to these ‘Estates’ to get them started.  They became the owners of all their genealogy information.  They set about the task of investing for the future, and gathering all that could be discovered about their namesakes.”


“These ‘Estates’, became more and more like what their originals would have been like had they survived as more information was discovered.  Back in our time a common phrase was ‘Boy if John could see this he’d roll over in his grave.’  These Estates were eventually given something like half the voting rights of real people.  ‘One Estate half a vote’ was a successful rallying cry added to the ‘one person one vote’ phrase by those seeking to give Estates more legal rights.  Of course they could lobby and lead groups just like real people and eventually they prevailed at getting half a vote each.  In other words, rather than just ‘rolling over in their grave’ their Estates had real influence in the world.  Some freshly resurrected people referred to their Estates as ‘guardian angels’.”


“In general, the longer people, including their Estates lived, the richer they became.  Like everything else such wealth grew at exponential rates.  The wealth and influence of many of these Estates eventually vastly exceeded the wealth of the richest people of our time.  Much of this wealth was harnessed to fund the galaxy historical societies research.  The goal of which was a perfect history sufficient to reselect everyone that had ever lived.”


“As more and more historical information was learned about someone, it was immediately incorporated into what the Estate was.  Once all the information about a person was sufficiently recovered stringently verified and cross checked to be perfectly consistent with all known history, not only was a person finally ready to be resurrected, their Estate was, as much as possible, what the original would have become had they been alive during all that time.”


“So are you saying that I have one of these ‘Estates’ or such a ‘guardian angel’?” I finally asked with realization.


“Yes, You, Richard, and everyone that hasn’t been resurrected yet has one.” Lizzy said.  “Would you like to meet your’s and Richard’s estate now?” she asked.


“Of course!” I replied, and with that the door to the mess hall opened and in they both walked.


I couldn’t believe my eyes.  Here was a perfect copy of myself and Richard in the prime of our lives.   They walked over and I stood up to greet them as they both shook my hand.  I was speechless and didn’t know what to say.


Lizzy continued, “This Estate, which I might add is very wealthy, is much like a personal guardian angel.  Everything that it is and has is now yours.  Along with the rest of us it will personally help out getting you up to speed.  All its memories and developed intelligence can be integrated into yours.  In time, you’ll be able to remember everything it has experienced as if you had experienced, done, and learned it all yourself.”






3 Celebration


I couldn’t believe how much like the real Richard, in his prime, this Richard “Estate” was.  Were they standing side by side I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to tell them apart.  It was also so much fun to talk to this perfected God like version of myself.


I continued to go around the room and see what they all now looked like.  It was so much fun to watch the younger ones age so rapidly.  They were all becoming much more perfect versions of themselves.


After more fun talking with Richard’s and My Estates I noticed they weren’t dressed in the beautiful bright solid and stripped colors everyone else was wearing.


“Are Estates not allowed to wear pretty bright colors like everyone else is wearing?” I asked.


“I’m glad you noticed and asked.” My Estate said.  “Each of our children, that had not themselves had children when you died have chosen a different solid color to wear on this occasion.  Each of their parents are wearing a set of striped colors made up of all the color’s their children chose.


“Oh, your right!” I said as I looked around and checked that each parent did have stripes made up of the colors from their children’s colors.


“As you know the people here for breakfast are the ones that were alive when you died.” She continued.  “Would you like to hazard a guess at how many children you now have?” she said with a broad smile.


“Oh My!” I said as I pondered for the first time how many children I might have after more than a thousand years.  “How Many?” I timidly asked.


“12,426 direct descendents!” she said.  "Not all of them were created from your DNA the traditional way since some of theme were initially specifically designed or selected by their parents.  But since anyone can alter their own makeup in any way the desire the initial specifications that get one started aren’t all that important.  But the important point is that none of them would exist today if their parents hadn't existed and ultimately if it wasn’t for you.


“Oh My!” I repeated with even more shock and pride.


“They all consider you their creator.  Were it not for you and all you did during your life, non of those 12,426 people would exist right now.” She continued.


“Obviously that many people can’t fit on a small boat like this.  So they’re all tuned in and excitedly watching all that is occurring here remotely.  As we speak they are all finishing gathering outside the boat on a specially constructed platform.  They are all anxiously anticipating when your finally ready to come out and see them all.  They’ve all worked very hard for and have been looking forward to this moment for a very long time.  They’ve all put on colors to match their parents to give you an idea of who is children of whom.”


“They’re all outside waiting for me right now?” I said as I put my hand over my mouth.


“Yes, all your children, their wives, and many close friends of the family; Over 20,000 people in all.  When you get up to speed you’ll be able to multiproces and get to meet and know each of them personally.”


“Really?”  I said as I tried to imagine becoming a God like them and being able to do such fantastic things.


“But for the time being, hopefully the colors will help out a bit when we go outside to see them all.”


“They’re all outside this boat on a platform especially built for this occasion?  Right now?”  I asked again with disbelief.


“Why don’t we all go outside so you can see for yourself.” Fay said with excited impatience.  She came up and took me by the hand and we headed for the door.  “We composed some music for the occasion” Lizzy said as we all walked down the short corridor that lead to the exterior deck.  I could hear the beautiful music start and before we reached the exterior door I could hear them all starting to cheer.  Fay ran ahead and opened the door for me, but let me be the first to go through it out onto the open deck.


It was like a huge open ampatheater built around the boat.  I hadn’t seen it earlier because it was on the opposite side of the boat from my cabin. Everyone was standing; waving cheering and I couldn’t believe the music.  Like they said, most everyone was dressed in bright colors matching one of my children.  It made a grand beautiful rainbow from right to left across the entire stadium.


“The people on the front rows are our immediate descendents, and the further back you go the younger they are.” Lizzy said.


On cue with the music many of them started throwing some kind of balls over our heads.  As these balls flew threw the air they dropped what appeared to be flower petals.  The colors matched the colors of whoever was throwing the ball.  My Son Christopher came over and offered me my own ball.  It looked something like a large rose bud.  Mine was multi colored.  He showed me the "lock" on the bottom that held in a "release button".  He said to hold in the button and remove the lock and then I could throw it.  He said the petals would start releasing once the button was let out.  I removed the lock, held down the release button with my thumb, and threw it up and out into the crowd.  The instant it left my hand the different colored petals left a trail falling to the ground in its path like all the others being thrown.  The crowd went wild with this.


It was like a wondrous rainbow snowstorm as they fluttered down and started to collect all over the deck of the boat around us.  I reached down and scooped up a large handful.  Sure enough, they were truly all flower petals.  They were each so soft and like rich thick delicate velvet.  The colors were so deep and vivid.  I held them up high in my open hands toward the crowd and they responded again with more enthusiasm.


Bethany, my daughter, said: “We’ve made this for you Mom!” as she unfurled what appeared to be a long royal queen’s cape. Like the parent’s stripes that matched their children’s colors, this cape was rainbow colored with all of the stripes.  She walked up, put it around me, and gave me a big hug.  I could no longer hold back the tears.


After a time of standing in the colorful snowfall, the petals really started to pile up.  Then with the music they stopped, and it took more time for the petals all to finally flutter to the deck of the boat.  I was finally able to regain my composure somewhat as things started to settle down.


Bethany continued: “We wanted to show you all the cities up in the heavens.  We scheduled one of the larger cities and many of the huge solar collectors to move in front of the sun so you can better see from here what it is now like.  Here, you can put these on to better see it as it moves in front of the sun.”


She handed me a pair of dark glasses and I realized it was starting to get dark.  When I put them on I couldn’t see much of anything through them but they enabled me to look up directly at the sun.  I could see a moon like object that had already started to eclipse the sun.  From here, it looked like it was twice the size of the sun.  As more of the sun became eclipsed, I looked away, lifted up the glasses to see how dark it was getting.  Many others had similar glasses and everyone was watching the fantastic spectacle of this artificial dusk.


Once this large city satellite had completely covered the sun I took off the glasses and you could see several much larger solar collector systems moving around the large city.  As it got darker you could see many more large and small moon like objects appear.  They were all in motion dancing across the sky.  As it got darker they became a lot more than visible – they were quite brilliant glinting in the sun while we became engulfed in the transparently dark shadow of several of the larger ones.


Eventually a network of laser lights connecting all of them became visible.  Most of the beams connected the visible satellites, but some of them appeared to be shinning down to the earth as they became much brighter as they got closer to us.  Many others appeared to shine deeper into space as one end faded from view as it got too far away to be visible.


"The network of light beams connecting everything just coming into view are for communications." Christopher said.  "Let me tell you there is a lot of talking going on and much of today’s communication rides on all these interconnecting light beams.


He pointed up to what looked something like a dual antenna sitting on top of the stadium at the edge of the crowd and said  "Do you see the terminal on top of the stadium up their?"


"Yes, I replied."


"That's a laser network transceiver and it's about to turn on to allow more communication bandwidth into the stadium for all the people interested in observing what is going on down here."  he said.


The transceiver then rotated and tilted to face towards the sky.  Suddenly a dual light beam turned on between this "transceiver" and the underside of the large moon now covering the sun.  Up close you could clearly see the dual beams emanating from the dual antenna structure.  But as it got further away it blurred together into a single narrow beam of laser light.  One was brighter than the other and Richard said that the bright one was shining up too the moon and the other was being received from the moon.


Occasionally there was a particularly bright and quick flash of laser light emanating from one of the satellites that appeared to terminate in a small explosion or bright flash.  Christopher explained that there was a laser system to protect everything out there from the meteorites and other incoming space debree.  "As some of this resulting dust crosses the paths of the communication lasers it gives the beams that twinkling quality you see." he said.


"It's as much fun watching for those flashes as it is watching for falling stars!"  I commented.  "Only they occur a lot more often." I said as another one flashed quite brightly.


"Yes!" many of them agreed.


The music, which had quietly faded to the background, as if perfectly on cue, again swelled and fireworks started shooting up from the edges of the stadium.  The display was in perfect synchronization with the music.  It was like fireworks, but I had never seen anything even remotely close to this level of synchronization and detail.


There was a section of seats on the deck of the boat reserved for us and we went over to make ourselves comfortable.  They were such comfortable seats.  They perfectly reclined so you could see the entire show in the sky.  Much of the rest of the show consisted of another larger 3D projection/reproductions of much of what I accomplished during my life.  It was so amazing.  It felt like we were all right there watching many of the things I did during my life most of which consisted of raising our family, the grand kids and so on.


At first it was surprising that they seemed so focused on money.  Much of the presentation showing examples of some of the things I had done during my life was given dollar values.  There were graphic displays showing how much value had accumulated over time due to these works done so long ago.


One example presented was when I donated some money and spent some time working for the American Cancer Society.  It was shown how such efforts helped find the eventual cures for cancer.  Though my individual contribution was small, the number of lives that were saved and the work these saved people were then able to do had compounded for these many years.  Even my small portion of this value was now immense in comparison.


They latter described to me that the general goal was to make life as fair as possible.  Since in this day and age money could indeed buy anything, including immortal life, money was still the best method of exchange to accomplish true justice for all.  Those that did more in their life were granted immense amounts of wealth upon their resurrection.  Those that were criminals, a drag on society, and so on didn’t deserve as much.  But even having a child was of extreme value since the resulting descendents were forever in one’s debt for literally being one of their creators.  It was almost impossible for one to do enough damage during one's life to outweigh all the good they had done.  Each act of charity, each act of kindness, each hour of work that had ever been done by anyone was carefully tallied and given a relative fair value compared to all the other work that had been done.  Because of the time value of money, like compounding interest, the earlier a work had been done, the more it was worth today.


Crimes that people had done to hurt others were also tallied.  "Paying your debt to society" took on a much more literal meaning than meaningless time spent in prison.  And most people were so rich it was possible to pay most of these crimes off.  Since it was now possible to bring everyone that had been murdered back to life it was now possible to make restitution for even murder.  Many murders had already been atoned for.


The work done by Everyone’s parents and ancestors created the society and life freely given to the next generation.  The work done by each individual generation made the world and life given to the next generation that much better.  Eventually this process created this wondrous heaven with so much exponentially growing value.  Every immortal God Child born into it will be considered in debt until all the work gone into giving them their life will be paid off.  Many people believed in and hoped for the day when every sentient ancestor and being would finally be resurrected and paid back for all that they had done to make life for their children possible.


Some claimed that eventually everyone would become so wealthy and powerful that money would become meaningless.  But the “realists” would stress that even though wealth and power continued to grow exponentially for even the most poor people, resources were still limited – and therefore, until then, the only way to be just – was to justly give more to those that truly deserved it.  From the presentation, it looked like even though I had lived an average life, I was now famous, rich, and powerful beyond my wildest comprehensions.







4 Exploring


What looked like a flying car came down towards us and parked close by.


"Would you like to do a bit of exploring of the new world?" my estate asked.


"Sure!" I said.


Just then the doors of the flying car opened up.  The car looked like it was mostly made of glass and there was nothing to obstruct anyone's view.  There were enough seats for myself, my estate, the estate of my husband Richard and my two children Christopher and Bethany.


"Oh I wish all of you could come." I said with excitement as we got in the car.


"You needn't worry about such things these days." Bethany said.  "Everyone that wants to will be tied in and experiencing all that we experience through the communication networks.  It'll appear to you like we're supper communicating telepathically, but when you get up to speed and experience such communication yourself you'll be able to better understand." she continued.  And of course everything that is done these days is permanently recorded in great detail in the galactic archives.  We'll be able to share this experience with anyone forevermore."  She said as the doors closed and we flew up and out of the stadium.  The windows of the vehicle were open and I could hear the cheering of the crowd as we flew away into the sky.


From up hear I could see the stadium on the one side of the boat with the laser link to the sky.  Behind the stadium there were a bunch of boats of all sizes and several flying vehicles.  But on the other side of the boat not much of anything could be seen.


"The all clear signal has just been given," my estate said.  "We made a request to the community to avoid trafficking the space on this side of the boat during your resurrection.  Now that the all clear signal has been given you can see several vehicles now heading through the area."


We dropped down a little closer to the water.  The windows closed and I could feel us accelerating.  "We've just gone through the sound barrier." she said as we continued to accelerate.  "Look back and you can see the wake were producing on the water because of our speed."  Sure enough there was a cone shape of spray coming up from the water a bit behind us.  As we zoomed by several watercraft you could really tell how fast we were going.


"How about some lunch?" she asked.  "Sure, what time is it?" I asked as I realized I was starting to feel hungry.


"It's just past noon.  There's a clock right there" Christopher said as he pointed to a clock on the dashboard display showing 12:03.  "But we're about to cross into the New York time zone where it's now just past eleven."


They showed me how to extract the seat tables in preparation for lunch.  The meals came out from a slot in the back.  The vehicle announced whose meal each was as it came out of the slot.  Mine was first and they passed it up to me.  As I looked at it and partook of the first bite I wondered if even the richest kings and presidents of our day ever had meals even close to these.


"Where are we going?" I asked with some food in my mouth.


"Right now we're heading for New York City." Richard said.  "But we can go anywhere you want, " he continued.


"New York City sounds great!" I said.


The number of water craft seemed to be increasing and we came upon a huge city sized craft.  We slowed and circled a bit to get a better view.


"That's Oceanaria" Richard said.  It's one of the many floating cities.  There's usually tens of thousands of people vacationing and living on that one at any given time.  Many city craft are 3 and 4 times that size" he said.  It looked like such a fun place to visit or even live.  Much of it was covered with lush vegetation.  The structures seemed to be made of the living vegetation.  On two sides there were even beaches that opened onto the open ocean where people could be seen playing and relaxing.


As we left that huge floating city we accelerated again and passed several more.


"If you look out ahead now you can just start to see the tops of the New York City buildings" Richard said.  "It never looks the same since it is now so easy to tear down and replace buildings." he explained.


As we got closer I could see the statue of liberty.  It was fun to see recognizable landmarks.  As we got closer we again slowed and I realized the World Trade Center twin towers could be seen in front of the rest of the much taller building behind it.


"That's the world trade center right?" I asked.


"Yes it is." Richard said.  As we got closer I was amazed to see I could recognize much of what was on the ocean side of the twin towers.  Yet behind them were much taller building that had obviously been built after I died.  It was quite surprising to notice the contrast.


Richard told me the story of how a few years after I died there was a terrible terrorist attack that completely destroyed the World Trade Center Buildings.  Several thousand people had died in the tragedy.  It was hard to believe both of those building collapsing – with all those people and firefighters still trying to get out.  But some how seeing them reconstructed here seemed to take away all the horror and grief.


"They've completely reconstructed them and everything on this side of them just as it was the day before that terrible event.  Most of the people that died that day have been resurrected in and around this reconstruction.  There's still a few people that haven't yet been completely resurrected but they've almost got them all by now.


They replayed some of the old time news footage that showed the planes crashing into them and the subsequent collapses.  You could hear the terrible horrified reactions from many of the people observing the events.  I realized it must have been as bad as when the Titanic went down for so many more people.  Seeing the pain on their faces came as such a stark contrast to this heavenly place where no such pain existed;  A place where everything was being reconstructed brought back and made better.  Seeing them cry in so much agony, knowing how much it hurt having experienced something similar yourself, just made you ache and want to go back in time to comfort them and remove some of the pain by telling them some day things would be just fine.  Had we only been able to know that a future like this was possible things wouldn't have been nearly as bad as they were when things like this happened.


I put my head back and breathed a sigh as I recalled how much things like this hurt for so many.  Everyone claimed to have so much faith back then but I realized no one had any faith at all.  We couldn’t even dream of things this wonderful, let alone hope that something like this would ever become possible for our children.  Things are obviously going to turn out infinitely better than anyone could ever have imagined or hoped.  If only we could have known.  I thought.  It would have relieved so much of the pain and suffering.


We spent the rest of the day going to places I wanted to see and places they wanted to show me.  Everything I saw was so fantastic – and so much better than any heaven I could have ever imagined.


Finally later that evening after a wonderful dinner, they took me to what they told me was one of my houses.  My estate said it was her favorite and figured it would be my favorite also.  It was a large apartment in a beautiful high rise that looked out over the ocean.  Our vehicle pulled up to the balcony and we all stepped off the floating vehicle right onto the balcony.  The vehicle left automatically once we were all out. The vacant spot in the railing where we had stepped onto the balcony seemed to grow over to make one solid beautiful continuous safe railing.


I was exhausted from such a long and unbelievable day.  They showed me the luxurious bedroom and I asked where they were going to sleep.


“We don’t sleep,” My estate said.  “We’ll tuck you in and stay with you till you fall asleep.  We’ll be close by in case you need anything during the night.  We’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready to get up in the morning and start your second day.


“Go ahead and try out the bed!” my estate said after I had changed into some wonderful pajamas they had prepared for me.  She pulled down the covers and it looked like a normal bed from appearances.  I put my hand on it and it felt nice and soft – again, it felt like a normal bed.  But when I sat on it that is when noticed it wasn’t anything like a normal bed.  I sunk in somewhat and it perfectly form fitted around my body and legs.  When I tried to stand up again I could feel it actually pushing me up.  I crawled up on it and while I was crawling it felt quite firm.  When I laid down, again I sank in deep and it form fitted to perfectly surround and support my body.


“Try face down!” she said. So I rolled over.  As I did so I could feel the bed helping push me over.  As I settled into position I could feel the bed almost lift my body higher than my arms so my arms and legs could relax in a bit of a forward position below the rest of my body.


“This is wonderful!” I said.


“Try putting your head straight down into the mattress.” she suggested.


As I did it form fitted with a gap forming for my mouth, nose and eyes that allowed me to breath perfectly.  Yet my head was perfectly and comfortably supported in just the right position relative to the rest of my body.


“It’s an intelligent active bed,” she said.  “It anticipates your moves and works to help out at whatever you’re trying to do.  It knows the human body quite well and perfectly forms to give you the precise amount of support along your entire body in any position.  Once you get use to it, you learn how to work with it and it gets even better.  People toss and turn a lot less at night with these resulting in a much better night of sleep.”


As I moved to roll onto my side I could feel it working with me to quickly get into the position I wanted with very little effort.  Then I could feel it soften up as I sank into the bed as it formed around my body.  The part around my face receded away so I had a perfect unobstructed view of the room.  Everyone took a seat close by and seemed interested in watching my every move, or anticipating any question I might have.


The bed started gently messaging and it felt so wonderful.  I could feel the stress from the excitement of the day flowing out of my body.  I could tell I was gong to be fast asleep very soon now.  But part of me felt like a baby that wasn’t ready to go to bed yet and some how wanted to stay awake to see more of the exciting things my day had been so full of.


“Once I get up to speed like you guys I won’t need to sleep either will I?” I asked.


“Yes, any time your ready we can get started.”  came the reply.  “But remember, you’ve got all the time in the world so you don’t need to rush things if you don’t want to.


“But I want to be able to communicate telepathically, and do so many of the other things you all keep saying I’ll be able to do ‘once I get up to speed’.  Can I start getting up to speed tomorrow?” I asked.


“Sure, we’ll plan on getting started on that tomorrow.” came the reply


“Can we sing you a lullaby?” they asked.  “Oh, that would be wonderful!” I said.  They started into the most beautiful soft accapella lullaby I could imagine. I quickly drifted off to a more sound and comfortable sleep than I had ever had.








5 Expanding Spirit World


Sure enough, as I awoke, they were all sitting there watching and patently waiting for me.


“I bet you guys would rather be doing something else besides sitting there watching old fashioned me sleep” I said still half asleep and rolling over.


“We are each doing lots of other things right now” my estate said.  “In fact, a few weeks ago we received the first communications of a seed ship as it finally touched down on a new planet for the first time 78 light-years ago and 78 light-years away.  The small seed ship which weighs less than an ounce had been traveling for more than 80 years beyond the furthest outpost in that direction.  It had been accelerated to close to 40 percent the speed of light as it sailed on a powerful laser thruster light shinning and pushing on it from that outpost about 60 light years away from here.”


“The seed spent the first week or so after landing gathering resources and constructing a transmitter powerful enough to start sending information back about what it had been doing and discovering.  Now it’s finally rebuilt a body capable of venturing out and exploring the area.  Parts of all of us are tele-connected in and able to experience, see, and feel what it is hearing feeling and seeing – or at least what it experienced more than 78 years ago by now.  It’s like we’re all right their standing on the surface of that planet 78 light years away and 78 years ago.”


“That sounds so exciting!” I said.  “Let’s get started, I really want to get up to speed so I can get started experiencing some of this.” I continued as I got out of bed.  I walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror and was shocked at what I saw.  I was now almost as young looking as my perfect estate.  I marveled at my now young looking arms and legs.


It wasn’t long before I had showered, dressed and eaten the light wonderful breakfast they had prepared for me.


After breakfast they had me lay down on a reclining chair.  It was an active chair like the bed and perfectly formed to my body in a reclined semi sitting position.


“As you know, there are tiny nanites swimming around inside your body right now.” My estate explained.  “They are what is responsible for reconstructing your entire body and making you look and feel young again.  They’re also making some significant changes in your brain, though they haven’t yet done anything that you’ll be able to notice yet.  They’ve enhanced your memory and cognitive abilities slightly but for all practical purposes you’re still the same old you.”


“It’s important for you to know that free agency is very important to this process.  There are lots of ways we can enhance your brain and mind.  You are the one that needs to okay and approve of everything that we do.  Many people, having just been resurrected after being dead for more than a thousand years, want to just stay in their old fashioned state for a little longer.  They want to enjoy and get a little more used to this heaven the way they are before being significantly modified and brought up to speed.”


  “You’re adventurous and have the ability to conceive of how much better life can be with a greatly expanded mind.  So we were all too happy to oblige your request to get started with the getting up to speed process today.  Keep in mind that we have all the time in the world, so if we start going to fast, or you want to just stop, enjoy, and get used to what you’ve received at any point – just let us know.


“OK!  I will.  But Lets get started.  I want to get more of all of this great stuff as soon as I can.” I said


 “The first thing we need to do is show you what it is to ‘eff’ the ineffable.  Back in your time less than 1% of the population experienced the taste of salt very differently than you and most normal people.  These special people never new that they experienced salt differently than everyone else because effing wasn’t possible.  All they could do is assume that everyone else tasted salt the same way they did.”


 “According to your request, the nanites in your body have enhanced the part of your brain that experiences taste.  We are going to show you what salt tasted like for those special people.  First, we’re going to give you your normal salty sensation so you can get used to what experiencing such tastes is like without anything being in your mouth.”


“Oh my!”  I said as it almost felt like something salty had just been pored onto my tongue.  As I moved my tongue around, however, I could tell that there really was nothing in my mouth.


“The fact that this sensation is in your mouth is confusing and makes things more difficult.  We want to isolate this salty sensation from the feeling of something salty sitting on your tongue.  To start we want you to just experience the pure salty sensation without it feeling like it is something sitting or located on your tongue.  So we’re going to move this sensation out of and just in front of your mouth.


“Oh my goodness!”, I said as it indeed felt like the taste of the salt left my tongue and moved outside to float in front of my lips.  I moved my hand to see if I could feel how I could taste something floating in front of my mouth and tongue – but of course there was nothing there and my tongue was still in my mouth.”


“Now put your hand down.” she scolded.  “We got that sensation away from the distraction of your tongue.  We don’t need the distraction of your hand making the same sensual interference we just got rid of.  Just concentrate on what that sensation is in front of your mouth.  That’s all that is important for the moment.”


“OK” I said as a concentrated on the salty sensation I felt like I could now taste in front of my closed lips.


“Now I’m going to switch this sensation to the different sensation these special people used to represent sodium chloride or salt.”  She said.


“Just then the most amazing new sensation replaced the salty taste floating in front of my mouth.  It wasn’t pleasing like salt isn’t really a pleasing taste – but the contrast was truly phenomenal.  O what’s the use trying to explain such a new sensation to you.  You’ll just have to wait till you’ve been enhanced with the ability to eff such sensations before you can experience this.  Perhaps you’ll find out that you are one of these special people and finally have a chance to know how special you are and know what salt tastes like for the rest of us.


"So that's what 'effing' is." I said.


"Yes, but there's so much more.  Where do you think that new taste is?" She asked.


I pointed to right in front of my mouth where I felt the new taste and said: "Right here in front of my mouth right?"


"No, there is nothing there that could produce that sensation.  Your newly augmented brain is producing the sensation, and integrating it into your conscious awareness – all of which is in your brain.  It's the same when you stub your toe.  The pain is produced by your brain, and therefore it can't be located in your toe.  The trick is, your knowledge of your toes is also in your brain.  So in reality, the pain is in your knowledge of your toe and both of these are in your brain."


"It seems like your knowledge of your toe, is actually your real toe, but in reality they are very different.  Everything you see around you is really your conscious knowledge in your brain, which merely represents what is really around you.  It is quite literally a model of the world you live in produced from the data your senses gather."


"Let's do another demonstration.  We're going to turn out the lights."  At that moment the windows turned black and the room became completely dark.  It was the pitch-black kind of darkness you usually only experience deep in a cave.  The nanites have tapped into your optical nerve and are now going to produce stimulation and produce an entirely new reality inside your head."


"OK, I'm ready." I said with excitement.


Just then, as if someone turned on the lights in some unreal world, I could see as if I was outside in a park on a sunny day sitting by a pond.  It even looked like I was wearing different clothes.  It was so shocking I sat up to look around.  There was a tree next to me, which I reached out to touch, but my hand – which I could see – went right through it – proving it wasn't really there.


"That is unbelievable!" I said.  "I could swear I'm not here in this room, but out in some park by this pond I see here."


"Yes," she continued.  "All that you see is entirely in your head, produced by the nanites stimulating your optic nerve the same way it would be stimulated if you were really in such a park by such a pond."


It was so eary to hear the voice coming from the direction she was sitting; yet when I looked in that direction all I could see was the pond.


Then things went dark again and the windows opened up so I could see her sitting there.


"You think that's me you are aware of, but in reality it's just your knowledge of me in your knowledge of this room – all of which is inside your head.


"Where do you think the true you is?  Do you ever feel like you could float out of your body and fly away?"


"I can imagine that, I guess, but it doesn't seem likely," I replied.


"Our brain has a knowledge of ourselves as a spirit like thing inside our brain, looking out our eyes as if they were windows.  But this is very different than reality.  When people have so called 'out of body' experiences this knowledge of themselves does indeed float outside their knowledge of their bodies just as this different taste of salt can float outside your mouth.  It feels like an out of body experience because we think our knowledge of our body is our real body and we think we are a spirit inhabiting this body – looking out through our eyes.  But in reality all this is simply our conscious knowledge which doesn't necessarily have to represent anything in reality."


"Would you like to try such an out of body experience?" she asked.


"I can leave my body?" I asked with surprise.


"Not truly.  But your conscious knowledge of yourself – which doesn't really represent anything in reality, can indeed leave your knowledge of your body, which does represent your physical body.  But yes, all this can occur inside your brain and inside the world that is your conscious knowledge."


“Not only out of body experiences, we can also produce the famous spiritual experiences had by all the famous people throughout the ages.  But for now lets stick with out of body experiences.”


The room got completely dark and again I found myself sitting in this chair by the pond in a lovely park, listening to her seemingly disembodied voice coming from the direction of the pond.


"OK, we're going to produce a slight release from your physical body sensation.  At the same time we'll disconnect all your muscles from brain control – effectively paralyzing you.  But you will still be able to control your knowledge of your body."


Suddenly I did feel the slight disconnect all over my body.  I tried to raise my arm and what looked like a partially transparent arm rose away from my real arm.  I then sat up and I truly had left my body.  What seemed like a spiritual me was sitting upright while my physical body appeared to be reclining in the chair with its eyes closed.


"I bet this is just what most people thought dieing would be like!" I commented.


"Yes; But without a brain, or at least something, to produce all this phenomenal conscious knowledge – none of it could be possible."


"Try floating up in the air." she suggested.


"At the very suggestion, I willed to move upwards and sure enough I rose completely out of my body up in the air and turned to look back at my apparently dead body sitting by the pond in the chair."


"This is fantastic!" I said.


I quickly willed myself to fly out over the pond.  It was so fun to be able to fly anywhere I desired.  I was able to fly right through trees, into the water – seeing the fish – and out again without getting the slightest bit wet.


"Oh I love this!  All this is in my brain?" I asked.


"All the phenomenal conscious knowledge, Yes.  The nanites produced the model of the virtual world you are flying around in and stimulating your nerves as if you truly were flying around according to your will.  But of course what looks to you like a transparent arm and body– doesn't really exist in reality.  It’s all just conscious knowledge in your brain.  We simply enhanced your brain to represent as conscious knowledge what would feel like your spirit."


"Go ahead and practice at flying around.  Much of life today is spent in these kinds of  worlds.  Your going to be doing a lot of this in the future so get used to it."


"Some people like to call such a phenomenal world of conscious awareness a 'spirit world'." She broke in as I started to fly over the houses near the park.  "It's where all of our dreams occur.  But it can also be just as real as reality.  Vast conscious super brains are possible in which you can be aware of much more than a primitive human brain can be consciously aware of"


"Come back and stand by the chair again and we’ll put it in reality mode."


I willed myself to fly back to the tree where we started – and on the way there I did a few loops.


"Your good – a quick learner!" she praised.


After I landed by the chair I felt things change again.  I willed to fly up again but just like in reality I stayed on the ground.  I could jump, but didn't go very high.  I walked over to the tree and this time instead of my hand going through it, I could feel it in all it's hard and rough detail.  I carelessly reached up to one of the branches with the intent of climbing up into the tree but my foot slipped off the trunk.  My leg slid by the tree giving it quite a scrape.


"Ouch!" I sad as I fell to the ground and looked at it bleeding.  "If this is all in my head, how come I really scratched myself?" I asked.


Just then I felt myself transform from the sitting on the ground position, back to the reclining in the chair position and I saw the lights come back up in the room I was really in.  I quickly looked at my leg and sure enough – there was no scratch or any evidence that anything had happened in the park.


"Wow, that seemed so real!"


She explained: "It was so real because all you experienced, all your knowledge, was identical to what would have really happened had you really fallen out of such a tree.  Even though the data was coming from a virtual reality simulator outside your brain, the knowledge, the pain, and everything you experienced occurred in your brain due to this artificial stimulus to your nerves."


"It's really quite the illusion how our brain makes us think what we are consciously aware of is what we are looking at, but of course that would be impossible when you think about how perception works.  Our conscious knowledge is obviously the final result of the perception process.  Our conscious knowledge is made up of the phenomenal properties of physical stuff in our brain.  This phenomenal stuff only represents that which initiates this cause and effect process.  There is no phenomenal color, smell, warmth, sound, pain and so on beyond our senses.  There is only the cause and effect properties of the electromagnetic radiation, chemical content, kinetic energy motion of molecules, acoustic vibrations, bodily damage and so on that these phenomenal properties arbitrarily happen to consciously represent.


After having experienced some of this it all seemed to make simple sense.  I wondered how we were so clueless to something so simple and obvious back in our time.


"Lets try something else." she continued.


"Oh yes! Lets do!" I said knowing that every new thing was going to be completely exciting, usually unexpected, and most of all terribly fun.


"The traditional world of our consciousness isn't really very large." she said.  "Lets go out on the porch and look around."  So we got up and went outside the apartment on the balcony.


"See those mountains way out on the horizon?"  She said.




"And can you see the clouds behind them?"


"Yes." I replied.  "And there's the moon getting ready to go behind some of the clouds," I noticed.


"Can you see how flat they all appear, how they all seem to be pasted on some kind of dome at the edge of infinity?"


"Yes, I guess." I responded wondering if this was supposed to seem odd.


"The size of our spirit world, or world of consciousness, only represents a few miles in radius.  And all of those objects are greater than a few miles away.  That's why they must be compressed flat.  That is why they appear like flat cutouts pasted on the edge of our conscious awareness."


"A good way to think about it is imagine that the spirit world in your brain is a scale model of reality reduced in size to fit inside your skull.  Imagine that your spiritual knowledge of your body is at the center of this scale model inside your skull.  Imagine that the mountains, clouds, moon and so on are flat cutouts pasted on the inside of your skull.  Imagine that this spirit world of your consciousness represents the space around you a few miles in diameter."


"I'm not quite sure if I understand," I said.


"OK, you'll understand better once you experience a larger representation of space.  Your brain capacity to represent visual reality has been immensely expanded by the nannites. But this enhanced system hasn't yet been enabled.  We're now going to zoom your awareness into this expanded space. Look out at the mountains clouds and moon."


"OK." I said in anticipation.


Just then I could feel what she was talking about.  I could sense the clouds and mountains

expanding from the flat cutout appearance into a much larger 3rd demension.  I could sense the clouds moving truly behind the mountains as they really were.  And the most dramatic part was the moon moving a great distance behind both of them.  The moon phasing became much more than a thin crescent – it expanded to be the round sphere with the sun shining on it, which I knew it should be but never really directly experienced.


"Ohhh!"  Now I can see what your talking about!  The small flat world of my old awareness always seemed so natural – but now that I've experienced this I can see how pitiful that small inaccurate representation of reality was!   This is truly fun!  Can I keep this version?"


"Yes. buy all means!  You'll never have to go back to the old way again, unless you want to."


"Oh I can't wait to see when the stars come out at night with this new ability to perceive great distances."


"Well, they will be much more dramatic, but even the distance of the stars is to large to represent in your current enhanced representation.  It's difficult to represent much more than this in the space of a human brain.  But once you get used to it you'll eventually be able to spiritually connect up to other space representing apparatus that will enable you to represent much more than you now can."


"That sure sounds fun!" I replied.


"Yes, it really is.  That's one reason why so many people spend so much time outside of their bodies in specially constructed stationary virtual spiritual realities that are capable of doing much more than can be done in the space of a human brain."


"OK, what's next?"  I asked with more excited anticipation of the next fun thing we were going to do.


"Well, right now we’re gradually enhancing your memory and cognitive abilities.  After this is complete you wont be forgetting much of anything – that is unless you specifically want to.  You'll be surprised how easy it will become to comprehend advanced and complex topics.  But that process still takes some time and practice."


"Next how about we fully enhance your ability to fully represent 3d space."


"What do you mean by that?" I asked.


"Some people have considered our ability to see merely two and one half D, rather than fully 3D.  Right now all you can see is the surface of the things that are facing you.  You can’t see behind anything.  It's much better when you can perceive everything – and not just that which is facing your eyes."


"Most everything on earth these days is permeated with a quantum observation system.  This subatomic observation system enables the observation and recording of the states and transitions of all matter."


"See this rock?" she said holding up a fist size piece of polished granite.


"Yes." I replied.


"It's quite static so it's not to hard to record everything about every atom it is composed of from second to second.  Most of the data about its state can be represented by its simple location and orientation in space.  But even holding and rubbing it changes the state of the surface atoms – and this is all observed by this subatomic observation system.  This data is compressed then transmitted off the earth to be recorded, catalogued and stored forever.  As we indicated before, much of the mass of the large planets in our solar system are being converted into permanent memory systems to record all that occurs in and around everything that is or has ever lived."


"It's possible to tie into this network and use it – rather than your eyes, to perceive and be aware of what is around us."


"So with that you can see in the dark?" I asked.


"Yes, exactly – and that's just one advantage to this system.  Another advantage is you can see much more than just the surface of an object that is facing you.  Let's go ahead and get it turned on so you can experience it for yourself.  This experience will start in a similar way to your last out of body experiences.  But instead of an artificial simulated reality of some virtual park feeding your perception system, information about the state of the room will be given."


I laid back and noticed the ceiling in my field of vision just before the lights went completely off again.  Just as before I noticed a vision open to my conscious mind only this time, just as she said, I was aware of the ceiling and I could look around and see the room and everyone in it rather than the park and the pond I had seen before.  My and Richard's estate stood up and began to walk around the room in the dark.  I could feel whether my eyes were opened or closed but it had no effect on my ability to perceive around the room.


"Now we're going to make things truly 3D," she said.  "Look at me and soon you'll find you can become aware of much more than the front of me."


I looked at her and sure enough I became aware of what was behind her together with what was in front of her.  I could see, if that is the right term, the side of her that was facing away from me.  It was almost like the transparent cut-aways we would occasionally see in pictures and movies back in our time to see what was inside something.  But nothing was transparent or cut away.  I was simply aware of it all at the same time.


I could focus my attention around the room without having to turn my head.  I realized I could also see under the chair I was sitting on.  I could see my hair compressed and twisted under my head on the head rest.  I lifted my head and straightened it out so that it wouldn't be twisted.


"This is much better than trying to look at that back of your hair with mirror's!" I said with a laugh.


"If you focus on something, you'll be able to see inside things also."  This took a bit of practice to get used to it but I realized I could focus on the chair and see the mechanical systems inside that enabled it to form fit to my body.  I moved around on the chair and it was fascinating to be aware of the complex system operating to support my entire body as I moved.


"There's quite a lot to these comfortable chairs!" I said.


"Yes!" she said.  "And there's much more than that going on inside your brain right now."


The thought of looking inside myself hadn't even occurred to me.  As I focused on myself, sure enough, I became aware of much more than the hair on the back of my head.


"You'll find that you can zoom your awareness in and become aware of much more of the fine detail."


Sure enough, according to my will I started zooming in.  It was almost like my brain and skull were growing in size but yet I was just becoming aware of more and more detail.


She explained a bunch of what was going on inside my brain.  She showed how much of my primitive brain had been replaced with much smaller versions that functioned the same while providing room for the new enhancements being constructed within my skull.  She showed me the sensing neurons going to my old brain and how the nanites were able to override the data coming from my senses.  I could see how they were able to switch to alternate data sources making me aware of different or enhanced realities.


"Lets bring the lights back on so you can see some of how the old brain works." She said as the lights came back on.


At first this was a bit confusing.  I could simultaneously see through my eyes, and yet at the same time I was still able to focus on my brain and watch the primary visual cortex as it represented this conscious awareness of what I could see.  But it quickly became easy and wonderful to be able to focus on and be aware of two things at once.  As I looked around the room with my eyes, I was aware of the miniature representation of what I could see in my primary visual cortex.  Though the model in my brain was somewhat distorted as it wrapped around the folds in the primary visual cortex it was very easy to see the miniature 3D representation that was my conscious knowledge of what I was looking at.


She held up a red ball and as I looked at it with my eyes I could both see it with my eyes – and at the same time I was aware of a set of neurons roughly in the shape of a sphere firing in my primary visual cortex.  As she moved the ball around in front of my eyes, I was aware of how the set of neurons firing to represent the ball moved around within my primary visual cortex within the model of the room around my spiritual knowledge of myself at the center.


Then she changed the color of the ball and she showed me how the brain produces the different colors in my awareness.  She showed me how special these "phenomenal" qualities were which the brain is able to produce to make our conscious spiritual knowledge.  She showed me what it was like to be color blind in different ways and how some unusual people used different phenomenal qualities than what most people used to represent the same colors.


Then she introduced me to an entirely new set of color quail that I had never experienced before.  She showed my how my primary visual cortex had been enhanced to be capable of producing these new phenomenal qualities.  She also showed my how my retina and optic nerve was being enhanced to handle more colors outside of the visible spectrum.  She showed me how these new quailia could then be used to represent this extended spectrum of light.  Boy was it fun to see the ball as it changed to these new colors that I had never experienced before.  Then they presented an entire rainbow on the white ceiling that had twice as many colors as I was use to.  I thought an old fashioned visible light rainbow was beautiful – but this new rainbow with twice as many colors was something else entirely.  And it was so exciting to see how my brain was able to consciously represent this expanded rainbow in my now enhanced visual cortex.







6 Sharing Spirit Worlds


I suddenly had a new thought – and with that thought, according to my will, my focus moved from my own skull to that of my estate's skull.  But all I could be aware of was the outside – I wasn't able to become aware of anything inside.


"Oh, you want to see what my brain is like do you?"  She said.


"Well yes, I was kind of wondering how your brain was different than mine." I replied almost feeling a little guilty for wanting to be able to more or less read her mind they way mine was being read."


"Well there are secure privacy systems in place which enable people to keep their privacy.  Everything that is going on inside everyone's mind can be encrypted before it is sent out to the rest of the world to be archived and stored.  Access must be granted by the owner before you can get access to any of this information."


"But of course all that is mine is yours so give it a try now," she said.


Sure enough, now I could become aware of what was inside her head just like I could see inside my own.  She also showed me how to control access to what I was thinking about – which wasn't very hard to do at all.  It really was so much more than anyone had ever even thought telepathy could be.  I would become clearly aware of someone else's asking to gain access to my thoughts.  I could then choose whether or not to grant the access.  Usually things occurred in both directions – both people sharing their thoughts together.  Not only could you eff the precise qualia or sensations, but entire thought process, histories, feelings and experiences could be, not just communicated, but shared.  It was as if you had experienced them yourself.


There were many levels of access that could be granted.  We practiced a while so I could get used to what the different levels of access were like.  Anything I wanted to keep private I could – and anything I wanted to share – I also could – just by willing to do so.


“Do you want to try splitting your spiritual self so you can do two things at one?” she asked.


“Yes! Yes!” I replied – “I can’t get enough of all this and I want more!”


“OK, now try leaving your body again.” she suggested.


As I willed this to occur I felt a disconnect like the last time from my body, but this time it was different.  I could feel part of myself remain inside of my physical body.  The second copy of myself felt just like a spirit floating around the room as it left my body.  Yet I was aware of another copy of myself still in my physical body – able to feel and control it normally.


The ghost copy of myself was aware of my body still sitting in the chair but my body, though it was looking where I should have been with its eyes, couldn't see this spiritual copy.


“Your physical eyes can’t see anything there because there isn’t really anything there.  There is only your conscious knowledge of a copy of yourself in your knowledge of this room in your brain.”


The more examples of this I experienced the more simple and obvious everything was becoming.


Suddenly I became aware of a copy of my estate leaving her physical body.  Again my physical eyes couldn’t see it but I was aware of this ghost since we were sharing each other’s knowledge.


Her spirit copy, or ghost, lead my ghost through a wall into a back room where she introduced me to what she called a stationary spiritual system or stationary brain that occupied much of the room.


“The center of most people’s mind is built around these kind of stationary brains.  This is where people's central consciousness resided while virtual and physical copies, or disembodied ghosts explore and interact with conscious knowledge of the rest of the world. "


“This is so much fun, the spiritual copy of ourselves exploring this room and the physical copy of ourselves in the other room still conversing.  I’m doing two things at once with no difficulty and confusion at all.”


"Yes, but two conscious entities like this is currently about the limit of what can fit within one skull – that's why it's much better to have a larger brain like this in the back room here."


My ghost clone replied: "That's great!  How do I get hooked in?" and at the same time the consciousness in my body asked:  "What's all this interface stuff that doesn't seem to be doing anything in my brain right now?"


The physical estate replied to my physical self: "That's the consciousness world sharing system."  While at the same time the ghost copy of my estate replied: "OK, first we're going to merge your conscious world with part of this stationary brain's conscious world.  Part of its conscious world is now representing everything on this side of the wall so lets move completely to the other room to be with our physical bodies.  Both of our ghosts went back through the wall into the room with our physical bodies.


“OK, last time we went into the stationary brain room, your brain was doing the production of the conscious awareness of it.  Now we’re going to connect up the worlds of awareness of your brain and the one in the other room.  The stationary brain will represent things on its side of this wall and your brain will represent your knowledge of everything on this side of the wall.”


I asked: “If it represents things the same way I won’t be able to tell the difference from the last time I went into that room right?”


“Exactly – if it did represent things the same way.  But the stationary brain is much more capable and can represent things at a much higher resolution so you will notice quite a difference.”


“So you can see the difference, lets move half way into the other room so half of our spiritual selves is on this side and half is on the other side.”


The spiritual copies of ourselves faced each other, holding hands, with my left and her right side against the wall.  Together we slid sidways into the wall placing one foot on one side of the wall and the other foot on this side of the wall.  As my knowledge of my spiritual head went through the wall I could again see the room with half of myself on that side of the wall. But this time there was quite a difference in my awareness of the room.


It’s hard to describe how fantastic this higher resolution perception was, but imagine looking at everything with a microscope yet without needing a microscope.  I could see everything on the other side of the wall in much greater detail.  As I looked at the hairs on my arm – rather than just thin hair lines, I could actually see the pattern on the surface of each hair.  I could see the individual fibers in the carpet on the floor, and the pattern on the wall was much less smooth at this high resolution.


We played around for a while moving our heads back and forth between the two sides of the wall and switching between representing the rooms with my own brain and the higher resolution brain and comparing the differences.  She also showed me how things like various colors could be represented by different color quale and so on.


She showed me how the right side of my primary visual cortex is aware of what is on the left side of my field of vision and the left hemisphere is aware of the right half of the field of vision.  I could see how the bundle of nerves called the corpus callosum, which connects the right and left hemisphere of my brain – connects and unifies these two pieces into one conscious world of awareness.  The interface system used an exterior communication system to accomplish the same thing the corpus collosum did.  It connected the worlds of awareness into one single unified 3D space of awareness.


Her ghost then walked completely through the wall into the room with the stationary brain, and my ghost followed her.


"There!  You've just been 'uploaded'." she said.


"Uploaded?" I asked.


“Yes.  Your mind, and most importantly a copy of your conscious knowledge of yourself, all of its memories and everything, is now being represented by this stationary and much more capable brain.”


"Now let's activate more of this larger mind so you can experience more of what it can do." she said.


With that I suddenly became aware of so much more.  This new mind was completely aware of everything going on in the mind of my physical body.  I was aware that it wasn't aware of everything in this mind since it clearly wasn't capable of being aware of so much phenomenal stuff.


I was aware of the exploration body that had touched down on the planet 78 light years away.  What a fascinating thing to be able to feel as if it were I – right there exploring that planet 78 light years away.  Though it was a one way connection – I couldn't control it like I could my body in the next room – I was aware of all it's thought processes as it worked to expand itself and discover this new planet so far away.


"Now let's split off 12 virtual copies of yourself so you can start meeting some of our anxiously awaiting children.  They've created in their stationary minds virtual environments where you can come and get to know them."


She showed me 12 virtual ports.  I became aware of each of the children awaiting on the other side of the ports.  My first split was a bit slow as I was just getting the hang of all this making duplicates of myself.  This first copy went to Fay's port.  Then the next one was much faster, and the rest happened almost instantly right after that.  Each copy went through a spiritual port and was met buy warm hugs from all of them at the same time.  This was so amazing how I could experience all of this interaction with all of my grand and great grand children at the same time.  It was all so visionary virtual and dream like – yet at the same time all so real.


"While that's going on, let's give you access to my, or rather now our memories, of everything you've missed while you were deanimated." came a voice communication from my estate.


I could feel myself becoming more aware as these memories filled my expanding mind.  It was so amazing how I could suddenly become aware of a memory – as if I had experienced it myself without having to actually experience it.  Everything and everyone my estate had known was now becoming known to me.  I half expected myself to say stop as all this information rapidly became present in my mind but surprisingly it wasn't overwhelming.  It was all so comfortable and familiar; I truly felt like I had indeed experienced for myself all my estate had experienced all those many hundreds of years.


There were many life times worth of memories of Richard and My estate working together and watching the world progress.  Often times, especially early on in our more primitive states, we found ourselves on different sides of philosophical issues.  Sometimes it even appeared that we had opposing goals, each of us unable to understand the why's and how's of the other's points of view.  With such primitive minds it was difficult to understand how and why someone you loved so much could seem to want something so apparently completely different.  But as our minds became more advanced and more capable of interacting ever more intimately – once we became able to eff, share, and fully understand both our feelings and those of our partners, we were much more capable of discovering which point of view was the mistaken or lesser point of view and who was really the one that was right.  We lived so long together we became practiced at realizing when we were wrong, repenting, and changing our point of view.  Often times we discovered we were both very wrong, and we together had to work to change our point of view.  Once in a while, one of us would repent, admit they were wrong, having achieved such a perfect understanding of the other and why they believed the way they did – only to decades or centuries later together realize that the way both had come to agree was wrong was really right in the first place.  All of this was such a beautiful dance as we together helped each other climb the rungs of ever increasing intelligence at an ever-increasing rate.


As we became more advanced we were increasingly able to subdivide and clone our conscious selves to accomplish ever more things at a time.  Though some of these sub parts of ourselves would occasionally branch out and have close relationships with small portions of others the majority of our conscious selves were by far always more intimate and involved with each other than with any other person.


These memories I was gaining caused an unusual somewhat conflicting sensation.  My love for Richard had grown to be a love that only gods could achieve, yet I still knew much of this was still only in an imperfect best attempt at what the true Richard really was.  The more my love, the more I missed and desired to be with the true Richard; the more I wished the true him could be here experiencing all this with me.  Yet now that I had inherited these hundreds of years of memories in a few moments, I realized that eventually the true Richard would be resurrected; and that he too would inherit these very memories we were now laying up to be recorded forever in that great memory in the sky.


I turned to look at Richard.  I could feel us both requesting to be let in.  No sooner had the request been made then we could both feel what the other was feeling.  For the first time, after hundreds of years of working for these moments, what was once an unbelievable possibility had finally come true.  One of us was the perfectly resurrected one; soon the other of us would be perfectly resurrected.  After this we would finally never be separated again.  We walked towards each other and reached out to clasp hands.  Not only could I feel what it felt to hold his hands, I could also feel what he was feeling to hold my hands.  We hugged each other and at that moment I finally realized that all the times I had hugged him during my first life, I had only been experiencing half of the sensations.  This time, for the first time, I was finally feeling all that was being felt by both of us.







7 Happily Ever After


All of us working together were finally able to resurrect Richard 46 years latter.  Even having achieved what at one time was considered unimaginable, we still felt so finite and limited.  In spite of the ever increasing rate of change one thing remained a constant – the more we learned – the more we realize there was so much more that we still didn't know.  The more we experienced, the more we realized we hadn't yet experienced.  We felt like young innocent and naive newly weds just beginning an infinite journey towards becoming true Gods in a world where evils like isolation, death, and suffering, were finally on the verge of being completely eliminated forever more.


It was still many more decades before people that died during the early 1900s were finally starting to be resurrected.  We didn't let doing history and recovering the past get in the way of growing into and making the future. But we knew that the only logical way to escape the pain of missing our loved ones was to finally perfectly resurrect them so we could once again be with them and share with them all this glory that they had made possible for us to achieve.


When we were finally ready to resurrect some of the first people that had died during the sinking of the Titanic we constructed a perfect replica of her to be used.  The personality of each person to be resurrected was thoroughly studied to find that one best resurrection possible for him or her.  It was decided that some resurrections would be conducted in virtual spiritual reality worlds rather than in reality itself.  But in most cases it was determined that resurrecting them into reality was the best way.  Some people had extremely different ways they wanted to be resurrected – but for most, being resurrected with some continuity to their past was by far the best way to bring them up to speed in current reality.  That's why so much effort was put into recreating the precise circumstances in which they died.  Awakening into a world where you were initially unaware that you had died at all always seemed to trump other possible spectacular ways to resurrect people.


When we finally had sufficiently verified Jack Dawson's history we determined that it would be best to entirely recreate the situation in which he died.  We would wake him up in the water, pull him out into a lifeboat with myself, and go from there.


"OK, places everyone, as you can see we're now putting him in the water" came the thought communication message from Jack's estate.  We lowered him over the side of the lifeboat into the water as the nannites prepared to awaken him.


I took him by the hands and pulled him up out of the water a bit and called to him: "Jack!"


He took a deep breath, opened his eyes, and I cold see his recognition of me in his face.


"Rose!" he said with that always excited voice that was still so familiar.


"I must have passed out.  The water somehow doesn't seem as cold anymore" he said.

"I knew we would make it." He said as we pulled him into the lifeboat and dried him off with blankets.  I pulled him close to me and wrapped him in my entire body.


"Oh that feels so good!" he said as his body continued to warm.  "I can't believe how warm you are!"


"It feels so good to hold you again!"  I said as I squeezed him even tighter.


He reached up with both of his hands, took my head and looked me deep in the eyes: "Something's different!"  He said.


"How long was I out?" he asked as I put my hand up to his mouth and said: "Shhhh…"


"Do you trust me?" I asked.


"I trust you!" he replied.


"After saving my life that night you died." I finally said.


I could see that he had troubles believing me but he knew he trusted me and felt that what I was telling him was true.


"Now close your eyes." I told him as he trustingly obeyed.


"Now stand up." I said as I helped him to his feet.


We brought the flying scooter out of the water and it came to its position next to him.


"Now I want you to imagine this warm thing next to you is a horse and I want you to climb on." I said helping him to climb on.  I then climbed on behind him and grabbed each of his hands with each of mine and held them outstretched.  The active saddle on the flying bike reached up and secured our waists and legs to it.


"What the…"


"Don't open your eyes yet" I interrupted.  I was aware of the warmth we were providing as it kept him warm in the cold air.  The sun was finally just about to show itself over the horizon.


With both of us now securely on it, the scooter rose up a bit and hovered over the life boat.


"All right, open your eyes," I said still holding his arms outstretched.


"I'm flying… Rose" he said as he looked down at the people still in the lifeboat looking up at us and waving.


The scooter took off and left the lifeboat flying close to the water at an increasing in speed.


"This seems like heaven, but it's really just a little more than a thousand years in the future.  Scientific progress made our children into Gods capable of resurrecting us.  We are the ones that made it possible for them to create this beautiful heaven where there is no more isolation death and suffering.  Now they are paying us back by resurrecting us."


Jack didn't say anything as they continued to fly over the water.  But he didn’t need to say anything as I was intimately aware of everything going on in his mind as he looked out over the water and at the wonders in the sky as we continued to increase speed.  He didn’t say it, but he was wondering: “I’m king of the world!”


"Jack, that night you made me promise that I would survive, that I wouldn't give up, no matter what happens, no matter how hopeless.  Just like you said, I lived to be an old woman.  I raised a beautiful family, and finally died comfortable in my bead after my one hundred and first birthday just as you predicted.  I couldn't have done any of that if it weren't for all you did for me.  Now with your resurrection that we've finally been able to achieve with the help of my children, I've finally completed in full that promise to you."


"Jack, that night you made me promise that I would survive, that I wouldn't give up, no matter what happens, no matter how hopeless.  Just like you said, I lived to be an old woman.  I raised a beautiful family.  I finally died comfortable in my bead after my one hundred and first birthday just as you predicted.  I couldn't have done any of that if it weren't for all you did for me.  At that time I thought I had finally kept all of my promise to you.  Now I know that there was much more to that promise and much more to never giving up.  Now with your resurrection that we've finally been able to achieve with the help of my children, I truly have finally completed in full that promise to you."


A few moments latter the sun finally broke over the horizon.  We flew towards it and all of us truly did live happily forever after.


The Beginning.