A short Story by Brent Allsop


It all started with some powerful AM radio messages being broadcast to earth interrupting large AM radio station broadcasts around the world.  The powerful radio signals were on the same frequencies as 43 “clear channel” AM radio stations around the world.  Each of the radio stations was interrupted by a broadcast in the same language as the station so most of the major peoples of the earth could here the broadcasts in their own native language.  The same female voice was used for all the different broadcasts.  The mastery of each language was clearly flawless.  Each language version of the messages wasn’t an exact translation – but took into consideration the culture of the people broadcasting the AM signal being interrupted.  They were very polite.


“Greetings People of Earth.” it began.


“We originated on a planet orbiting a star that is 85 of your light years from your sun.  We are overjoyed to discover that we are not the only intelligent life in the universe.  We come in peace and look forward to learning from you and sharing what we may to help you.”


The final sentence of the first message said: “This message will be repeated <N> more times after which a new message will start.” where <N> was a count down number indicating the message would be repeated for a total of 24 hours.


After the final broadcast of the indicated number of repeats the message changed to this:


“These messages are being broadcast from a messenger ship that will be about 1.2 of your light years away when you first start receiving them.  This vessel is traveling towards you at near 5% the speed of light.  With our best effort this messenger ship will be able to arrive in your solar system in about 40 of your earth years.  Consider this message a knock on your door and a request to come and visit.”


“Initially, you can communicate with us via these AM radio stations we’ve interrupted. But you can send us just about any signal and format you feel best.  We will continue intently listening and should be able to decipher just about anything you send to us.  Like you we are restricted to communicating at the speed of light so until we get closer it will take about 2 of your years before you receive our direct replies to your questions.  In the mean time we will be sending more information we think will be interesting and valuable to you.  We will attempt to anticipate and answer questions you may have.  We will also be asking more questions and excitedly awaiting receiving your replies and anything else you would like to send to us.”


Each of the different languages being broadcast on the interrupting frequencies also indicated a different but near AM frequency that would then be used for all future transmissions so as not to further interrupt existing Earth based AM station broadcasts.  Again, the final sentence was a “This message will be repeated <N> more times after which this radio station frequency will no longer be interrupted.” indicating the message would again be repeated for 24 hours.


12 hours before these station-interrupting messages stopped the nearby frequency broadcasts started with this message:


“This frequency will be used for further broadcasts.  We apologize if there are week broadcasts that we can’t yet detect that will be interrupted by our broadcasting on this frequency.”  And again a final sentence indicating how many more times the message will be repeated before the subsequent communication will start.


After both these countdowns reached zero this message started on the new non interrupting frequencies:


“We originated on a planet in a binary star system we believe you recently discovered has a ‘Jupiter class planet’ orbiting one of its stars.  The star you call 16 Cygnus b does indeed have a planet similar to Jupiter orbiting it.  Our original planet orbits the other star in this binary system you call “16 Cygnus a”.  They included a reference to the date, time, and frequency a radio program was aired that contained this piece of information.  They also gave more detail about other planets in this binary star system.


“We first detected radio broadcasts from earth that were transmitted about 25 of your years ago.  As we progress and get closer we are able to receive more and more of your radio broadcasts.  From the information we’ve received so far we’ve been able to learn quite a lot about earth life.  We look forward to learning much more through direct interaction with you as we get closer.”


“One of the things we are most surprised about is how close your technology seems to be to surpassing the evolutionary death and slow growth process.  As best as we can tell, if you had the will, you could make more effort towards overcoming death and finally eliminate this form of suffering and loss.  But instead you seem more interested in or distracted by something you call ‘religion’.  These “religious beliefs” seem to conflict with your rational science in many ways.  You spend much of your time and effort building large and spacious churches and temples.  You use these places to worship something you call ‘God’.  You have a very advanced rational scientific process – yet most of you seem to sincerely believe in some kind of ‘spirit’ that you think survives beyond death.  Please explain to us more about these ‘religions’ that mean so much to so many of you and why you devote so much time and effort towards them instead of working to overcome death and suffering.  Do you realize that had you spent less time on religion and more time on scientific progress during the last 4000 years or more Christopher Columbus might have been traveling to the moon instead of merely to the Americas?  Perhaps non of you would be dieing right now, and you might have even discovered us before we discovered you.”


“Our civilization highly values life.  The last death of a sentient being on our planet occurred more than 200 earth years ago.  We initially wanted to wait until our messenger ship was closer to you before making contact.  We are aware of how troubling to some of you some of this information may be.  We wanted to be closer to you so we could better monitor and respond to how some of this information may be taken.  But when we discovered how much death and loss was still occurring on your planet we wanted to contact you early in hopes that we may be able to help out and stop all this loss of life sooner.”

“We’ve heard a few broadcasts that indicate at least a few of you understand the concept of low temperature preservation of the body when death occurs. You call this ‘cryonic preservation’.   We possess technology such that we will be able to retrieve the information preserved via such a process.  We will be able to restore to immortal life all those that are preserved in such a way.  We would recommend a worldwide effort to stop your wars, death sentences and anything else that causes death.  And for those that do happen to die before we arrive we would recommend a worldwide effort to attempt to cryonically preserve as many of them as possible.  By contacting you early we believe we will be able to help save most of an additional generation that would otherwise be lost had we waited.  Every sentient being is valuable beyond measure.  Once we arrive we will be able to grant to all – immortal life.”


After these initial broadcasts they started teaching us wonderful things.  The things they taught us caused the speed of technological process to make a dramatic upturn.  These revelations caused a new era of peace and love in the world.  It took some time but war, death penalties and so on were dramatically reduced.  A huge worldwide effort to cryonically preserve everyone that died was embarked upon.  With the help of the new technologies learned through the broadcasts after about 10 years no one else died without the option of being preserved being available to them.  There was still the occasional accident and such that caused some deaths to leave nothing to preserve but these types of deaths also were greatly reduced as time went on and technology rapidly progressed.


Each of the nations that had interrupted radio stations used these to talk back to the approaching visitors.  There was no end to the questions, pleadings, and greetings that people wanted to communicate to them.  Some Governments and Technology institutions set up additional radio broadcasting stations to transmit such things as our DNA makup and the designs of our computer systems as requested early on by the visitors.  It was very exciting to have the turn around time between question and response get constantly shorter during the 40 years it took them to reach our solar system.


When they arrived in our solar system they first visited Jupiter.  They used Jupiter’s atmosphere to help them reduce their astonishing speed.  From resources on Jupiter they constructed different ships entirely for the final trip to earth.  There was one landing craft for each of the 43 AM stations that were initially interrupted.  Huge arenas were selected and constructed to witness the initial landings by as many people as possible.


As requested, all the aged, suffering and dieing people had first access to these visitors. The first thing these visitors did upon landing was to give these dieing people some kind of pill or injection that immediately started healing whatever ailed them.  They brought a supply of medication sufficient to help those in desperate need.  The landing craft were supplied with additional material and from these materials they created enough immortal life granting pills for all.


In addition to these pills they constructed copies of more and more visitors from the resources supplied.  There was a constant stream of alien beings coming from the 43 crafts.  These beings went out to meet, help, and talk with everyone they could.


The form of these beings that were produced in the visiting ships was very functional and beautiful to human tastes.  They were only about 5 feet tall so as not to induce fear or a feeling of inferiority in humans.  They did not look like any aliens of popular earth culture yet they could transform into these or any other forms if asked to do so.


Eventually they started setting up resurrection stations to recover the many bodies that were cryonically preserved.  From the time they arrived there was no more death of humans and after about a year most of the cryonically preserved people were completely restored.


Once death and suffering was eliminated from the earth they stopped consuming resources from the earth for their purposes.  Instead they made Jupiter their central operating planet.  Everything from huge computational complexes, to launching pads for additional ships to go out exploring more space was constructed on Jupiter.  They of course visited and created outposts on all 9 planets but they focused on Jupiter.


History was very important to these visitors.  They made eternal records of every conceivable piece of historical information.  All this data was uploaded to the computational complexes on Jupiter to be permanently stored.


Humans were left to do, as they will.  The visitors could grant them almost anything they wanted.  And of course the thing everyone wanted most was to become Gods like the visitors.  And that is what they became.  Together all these ever expanding and growing beings continued to explore the universe and to work towards achieving the impossible.


One of the things that most amused the visitors was how before they showed up there were so many popular stories and religious beliefs about supper beings or aliens.  Yet almost none of the supper beings in any of these stories and beliefs were anything like the ones that finally visited.  None of these beings placed as their first priority the elimination of all death and suffering as the true visitors did.  Such evils as death and suffering truly are incompatible with Deities.  If you have one – you cannot have the other finally seems so fundamental and obvious to all of humanity.