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Mormon Transhumanist Association (

I was raised in the Mormon Church and there is much about Mormons and Mormonism that I love (especially most of my family). I like it when they refer to me as the friendly ward atheist.

Now there is a Mormon Transhumanist Association that got started in 2006. They are an affiliate of the World Transhumanist Association. I think all these guys are very inspired and am thankful to be associated with them.

Hey, one of you 3 Nephites. If you're out there I'm sure you'd be reading this kind of stuff. Could you drop me an e-mail some time and at least say hi?




I am an Extropian. To me Extropy means seeking more intelligence, vitality, life, love, joy or any and all good including a better understanding of what real good is. Anything that anyone really wants is good. Extropians recognize that each generation before them gave a little more of all this to their children than what they had and that we have been created and given eons of generations of such unstoppable progress for free thanks to each of them. We seek to continue this glorious endeavor for our children having eternal hope that some day, some way, all might eventually be possible. We can't know for sure whether all will ultimately be possible, meaning faith is required, but we can know for sure that we will never give up seeking after such until we all achieve it.

Here is a little animated version of the Extropy Institute's logo I did back in '99.

World Transhumanist Association

I joined this group in 2006.

Steven Lehar PhD

I first met Steven Lehar back in 1995 when representational theories of perception were much less popular than they are today. He was the first brain researcher pushing a representational view of perception I've known. There are more now, like Jeff Hawkins at the Redwood Center for Theoretical Neuroscience. But we still have a long way to go before it becomes common knowledge that it's all in our head. I'm definitely a huge fan of Steve's work and he's taught me a lot about perception theory. Does anyone know of any sirious brain researchings or philosophers talking about anything like "effing" the phenomenally ineffable yet?

Heavenly Artwork

I love artwork that portrays heaven or the future. It is so inspirational, emotional, and powerful. I don't understand why there is such a lack of this in the world. If anyone knows of any other heavenly artwork besides this small collection at the future wiki, I hope the'll let me know about it.

Brights are any people with a Naturalistic world view. Unfortunately, many people think that if this is "all there is" and that if there is nothing "supernatural", like a God, then that would be terrible. I've even heard people with a naturalistic or "bright" philosophy support this view and make statements like: "It would be great if there was a God just like it would be great if Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny were real. But I must accept reality as we rationally see it." Many people with supernatural philosophies believe in the supernatural because they are unwilling to give up "faith" and "hope" for anything "less" even if the overwhelming rational evidence against their beliefs being true makes them a very remote possibility. Because of this it's easy to see why there are obviously so many deluded people. After all, what is wrong with just wanting to hope for something good - even if it is against the odds? The problem with this view, that so many brights and super naturalists both buy into, that it would be great if there was a God, is just backwards from rational reality. If there is already some powerful supper natural being hiding from us, while there is still evils like death, isolation, and such, then we are screwed, evil wins or is necessary or can't be completely overcome. For even if we become as powerful as Gods, like them, and for the same reasons, we will be unable to completely overcome and eliminate such.

Why hate and denigrate the “worldly”? Why destroy faith in “philosophies of man,” the “natural man” and or anything else manly or natural? It is nature and man, or our ancestors that have truly created us and given us this glorious world. Why steel the credit our ancestors deserve and attempt to give it to something unworldly and unnatural? All the time trying to twist things and blame all the problems on man? If our ancestors could create and give us so much while having so little – surely we can do a little more and make the “world” and nature a far better place for our children than any primitive ideas about supernatural heavens that I've ever heard of.

Not all brights are Extropian but I think all Extropians are brights. Now if everyone could just realize that brights are the only ones that can have true faith and hope we could really straighten out this twisted primitive world of hopes and beliefs of ours. Then maybe with such true faith and hope we can finally realize that it isn't all that hard to overcome evil and that good, through our rational, understandable, and naturalistic efforts will soon triumph completely over it. And with such true faith, finally get on with doing just that.

I think these StemPAC folks are doing great work! It seems to me those "extremists" just want diabetics like me to suffer and die, er.. I mean go back to "be with God"? Richard Packham

Richard Packham

While I've never met him in person, he has been a great friend on line. His great chock full of information web page is here. He's got a page containing a post I made entitled "A New Baby, God's Miracle?" here.

Methusila Mouse Prize

Will someone win this prize? It's not a question of if, but when!

I'd love to hear from you!