2009 Infield 2009 Defense Projections for Infielders
2009 Outfield 2009 Defense Projections for Outfielders
Infield 2008 Defense Projections for Infielders
Outfield 2008 Defense Projections for Outfielders
Combined Zone Rating Averaged Zone Rating Runs from STATS and BIS, 2007
TotalZone, a retrosheet based defensive
 estimation, 2005 and 2006 qualifiers
TotalZone 2007
TotalZone, a retrosheet based defensive
 estimation, 2007 qualifiers
TotalZone 2007 shortstops
Detailed defensive data for 
 shortstops with 75 or more chances
1st Basemen, 1985-2007
First base errors saved on throws from 2nd,
3rd, and short, using retrosheet data.  Compares
each 1B on how many throw errors are made by his
fielders to how many they make with other 1B.
Catcher runs, tabulated from Retrosheet
 files, and compared to league averages, 
 1956 to 2007 (excluding 1999).  Each catcher is
 compared to average separately for his work with
 lefthanded and righthanded pitchers.
Projections 1/06/2007
2007 CHONE Projections - They did very well 
compared to other projection systems
 last year, especially the pitchers.
Hitter Projections 11/12/2007 CHONE Hitter Projections
Pitcher Projections 11/19/2007 CHONE Pitcher Projections
Pitcher Projections 12/20/2007 CHONE Pitcher Projections, updated
Hitter Projections 12/21/2007 CHONE Hitter Projections, updated
WAR Calculator
From Colin Wyers of 
Other Fifteen
Plug in WOBA from your favorite projection 
 system, add a defensive rating, and calculate
 wins above replacement level.