Electric Offroad Go kart

This page shows my electric powered, aluminium framed go kart with 4 Wheel Independent Suspension. The kart is not complete in these photos. The wiring you see is temporary, and was just for testing. The performance numbers below were with the kart in this condition. Here are some basics. Photos and some more information follow. The system voltage is 24 volts. There are two 24 volt batteries, wired in parallel. There are TWO electric motors. The motors are Magmotor C40-300 's, special ZP winding for battlebots. Purchased at www.robotbooks.com One motor drives each rear wheel. Each rear wheel is on its own halfshaft, mounted on its own swingarm. This gives INDEPENDENT REAR SUSPENSION, with both rear wheels driven, but there is no need for a differential. The kart now has dual Curtis speed controls ( 275 amps each.. model 1204-201 with no A2 connection. The front suspension is simply a spring over the kingpin, which provides for suspension of the spindle. The main frame and rear swingarms are made from aluminium. There is a front subframe that is made from steel. It bolts to the main frame. This allows it to be replaced in case it is damaged. But will also allow a new front subframe with motors for each front wheel to be attached, once I design it. this will give ALL WHEEL DRIVE, with each wheel having its own motor. The tires are 14.5" tall knobbies, front and rear. These early photos show one Magmotor and one old test motor. A 3 point seatbelt was added shortly after this photo was taken. One rear disk brake is shown, the other was installed later.
Here are some PERFORMANCE FIGURES with dual Magmotors. 0 to 60 FEET in 4.2 seconds. Top speed so far 25.2 m.p.h. (with 4:1 gearing) ~ could be better, with better batteries for more amp draw. 'Off road' gearing of 8.2 : 1 gives 17.5 m.p.h and good climbing ability.
Detail of the front suspension.

Length: 75" Width: 47 1/2" Weight: 260 pounds Seat height: 13" aprox. Rear travel: 3" very plush, well dampened. - Lots of possible adjustment. Front travel: 1.75" no dampening, but better than nothing. Weight distribution empty: 60% rear 40% front. With me on it: 55%rear, 45% front. Needs: -- A floor pan. -- More batteries for better run time. Better batteries to supply the current draw these motors are capable of (330amps each). Eventually, most of the wiring will end up inside the frame tubing for a cleaner look. Future Plans: Bolt on roll cage. - Larger rear wheels, or all wheel drive. .

Page 2 -- see stills from video that show the rear suspension in action.
Page 3 -- see some general action stills from video.
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