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Celebrating Brother Wayne Teasdale's Life

Dedicated to furthering the work of Brother Wayne Teasdale, world-renowned spiritual teacher and scholar. A Catholic lay monk, Brother Wayne took a vow to make interreligious dialogue his ministry. He was a passionate activist who worked throughout his life to create dialogue and mutual understanding among the world’s religions.

News and Events

  • InterSpiritual Dialogue in Action (ISDnA) is a new international umbrella network of groups and programs inspired by Brother Wayne Teasdale's interspiritual vision. Activies include the annual Common Ground conference in Austin, Texas, the electronic newsletter Infinite Sensitivity, and an on-line forum. See their website for details.

See Links section for more details on all upcoming events.

Br. Wayne Teasdale
Brother Wayne Teasdale

In Memorial

Brother Wayne (1945 - 2004) was a spiritual teacher, scholar, activist, environmentalist, advocate for the homeless, and a good friend to all he met. Please join us in celebrating his life and work.

You can read Russill Paul's eulogy, or share your stories in our Memory Book, in the Remembrances section.

"Every one of us is a mystic. We may or may not realize it, we may not even like it. But whether we know it or not, whether we accept it or not, mystical experience is always there, inviting us on a journey of ultimate discovery. We have been given the gift of life in this perplexing world to become who we ultimately are: creatures of boundless love, caring compassion, and wisdom. Existence is a summons to the eternal journey of the sage - the sage we all are, if only we could see."

Brother Wayne Teasdale, The Mystic Heart

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Created in loving memory of our friend Brother Wayne Teasdale
by Bill Epperly and Claire Prucher Epperly

Last Updated: 10/24/07