The following item was sent in by Milton McDermott. It shows the passengers on the Bristol Merchant as it left England in 1685. As noted by Milton McDermott, the list also shows the abscence of John Scull*, who was, in some circles, thought to have accompanied Nicholas.

The Bristol Merchant Passenger List

Source Information

TheBristol Merchant John Stephens Commander Arrived here the 10th of 9th Month 1685
The Passengers names are as followeth viz.
Jasper Farmer, Senior, his family1
Mary Farmer, widdow, Edward Farmer Edward Batsford, Sarah Farmer, John Farmer, Robert Farmer, Katherine Farmer, Charles Farmer.
Jasper Farmer Juniors family.1
Thomas Farmer, Katherine Farmer, widdow, Elizabeth Farmer, Katherine Farmer Junior.
Their Servants are as followeth viz.:
Joane Daly, Philip Mayow and Helen his wife, John Mayow, John Whitloe, Nicholas Whitloe, Thomas Younge & his wife, William Winter, George Fisher, Arthur Smith, Thomas Alferry, Henry Wells, Robert Wilkison, Elizabeth Mayow, Martha Mayow, Sarah Binke, Shebe Orevan, Andrew Walbridge.
Thomas Webb and Danniell his son.
Thomas Webbs servants are as followeth:
John Beltshire, John Robinson, Richard fford, James Banbury, Thomas Case, Thomas Burke, John Garrett, John Mebone, David Quinn, Mary Widdam, Prudence Stuart, Katherine Robinson, Richard Muske.
Nicholas Scull, free
his servants are as followeth:
Samuell Hall, Cornelious Davye, George Gooding, Miles Morin, Daniell Morin, John Ward, Mary Cantrell.*
Tho: Carters family.
Thomas Carter senior, Frances his wife, Thomas his sonn, Henry his sonn, John his sonn, Ann his Daughter.
Jonathan Thatcher.

1 The will of Jasper Farmer, Sr., is dated 7 mo. 25, 1685, and was proved second of 11th mo. 1685. Letters of administration to the estate of Jasper Farmer, Jr., were issued 19th day of 11th mo. 1685. It is probable that they both died on the voyage.

Notes from Milton McDermott:
* A John Scull did arrive in VA in 1645, forty years before. One story has John as overseer of Jasper Farmer's vast land holdings, yet the (previous) footnote supposes both Jasper Sr. & Jr. died on the voyage.
* Nicholas & Mary ???'s son, Joseph, named a child "Cantwell Scull". I don't think you'd name a child after your father's servant.

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